expired Baccarat Damashiro Emperor Santoku Try Me $24.99 (Was $79.99) + $7.95 Delivery @ Catch


Seems like a good deal for this brand.
Take care of your everyday kitchen cutting tasks with precision and ease using the premium quality Damashiro Emperor Santoku Try Me Knife! Beautifully crafted with a Pakka wood handle, this knife offers exceptional grip for control and precision. Perfectly balanced, the Damashiro Emperor Try Me Santoku Knife is forged from Japanese stainless steel which is ice hardened for enduring strength and durability. Ideal for all kinds of meal preparation, this knife will prove useful for your everyday cooking experiences. It makes a delightful gift for house warmings, birthdays and other special occasions and is the ultimate way to update your kitchen knife collection. Pair with additional premium quality kitchen knives from the Damashiro Emperor range by Baccarat for the ultimate collection of professional quality knives at home.

Beautifully crafted with a damascus style pattern on the blade
Forged from the finest quality stainless steel
Equipped with a stylish wooden handle that offers fantastic grip and exceptional control when slicing & dicing
Traditonal Japanese design
Excellent gift idea for house warmings, birthdays and other special occasions
Fantastic for your everyday kitchen cutting tasks
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1 x Emperor Santoku Try Me Knives

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    Same price at House with free C&C for anybody that’s near one - https://www.house.com.au/product/baccarat-damashiro-emperor-...


    Size? Looks like a 14cm?


    are these knives real good?

  • +1 vote

    I feel like i'd be buying this because it looks cool and no other reason… but is that so wrong

    edit: I caved.. it's cool looking


    Is this a good knife??


    Perfect timing.
    Ordered 2x.

  • +7 votes

    You should give a try on Kiwi knife, the best value knife I ever have in my life considering I have a few Jap knives


      Hi Yaren,
      Thanks for the heads up - Do you mean these ones?


      • +1 vote

        This would be correct. Despite being cheap they sharpen up like hell. BUT the blade is quite thin which is conducive to sharpness on things that are relatively easy to cut through. Also the edge retention suffers due to ~ quality, however in saying this I quite like them as a 'go to' 'common use' or just don't care sort of knife to grab. Easy to sharpen (and again they do sharpen up well) BUT edge retention… meh… not great.
        I am like Yarren. I love a good Jap' knife but with the exception of Globals. The 'thinner' bladed Shun's for example are awesome but then so are many other HQ Jap' knives.

        Thick bladed Shuns are ok, but are more for those who are 'into' sharpening and the better skills of and about sharpening. I would also add that Global make an amazing bread knife and their tomato knife isn't bad either, but their other knives seem to lack consistency in quality IMO. I've used real good Globals BUT I've seen too many that have average to poor edge retention/dependability.

        I should also add that I have only just last week used one of these Baccarat knives and been extremely impressed with it's sharpness. Have not used over a long term but initially have been VERY impressed. Pro tip: With the strange exception of 'Kiwi' knives DO NOT purchase any low end/cheap knife and imagine you'll be impressed over the longer term. ALSO be *realistic' about how long a knife will stay sharp. Folks… they don't often stay sharp for a year (lol), 6 months (lol) and more typically even 1 month. It seems to come as a surprise to some people that a knife gets dull at all after being sharpened 'a while ago'. All I can say to that is… ummmm - hellooooo IYKWIM (sarcasm).


    It's this real Damascus or a cheap pattern that is laser etched on the surface?


      At this price?
      There's a lot of inspired hype with few details like size - which should be a warning!

      My inspired guess is it is just the appearance inspired by "traditional" Damascus😱

      From Robins Kitchen etc…
      The Damashiro Knife handle is inspired by traditional Japanese design, which is favoured by Japanese craftsman and Samurai sword makers it moulds to the user's hand and delays the onset of fatigue. Slice and dice with comfort and style with Baccarat Damashiro Emperor Santoku Try Me! The Baccarat Damashiro Emperor Santoku Try Me surely will make your everyday cooking easier and exciting. It is made from authentic forged Japanese steel, traditional Japanese Hammered tsuchime finish with Damascus inspired pattern creating our most premium level knife. Premium Japanese leather sharpening process has been added to provide an even sharper cutting blade.


        well there were some other damascus knives on sale at the Good Guys a few months ago that were genuine damascus (i.e. forged with the pattern rather than having a printed or etched pattern).

        the "try me" knives seem to be 12.5cm blades… seems a little on the small size, but if this IS genuine damascus i'd be willing to give it a go for the looks alone.


          I've visited traditional knife makers South of Osaka - very expensive for the genuine article!

          Catch description:
          Features a Damascus inspired pattern

          They're promotion is very inspired😱


            @Infidel: upon closer inspection these are cheapo etched blades… i bought a cheapo set off ebay once and i returned it as they were falsely sold as damascus steel.
            In a low resolution website photo the knives (including these baccarat ones) look great, but in person they are a real let down and look cheap.


              @edrift: That's why these are sold as Damascus inspired pattern - pretty deceptive for the unwary expecting Damascus😱

              The real thing is a work of art.
              Met the last maker of traditional handmade scissors in Japan. Had a wonderful chat, translated by his French apprentice. No Japanese person was willing to continue this amazing but dirty craft.


      Unlikely to be real considering it is a lost art.


    Just to give my opinion on these, I'm no means an expert. However I did work as a chef for 3 years, i still cook regularally. I looker at these knives about 18 months ago. They look nice, feel great in hand, however the steel is not the best quality (not as hard as ypu would want) and they are made in China not Japan.

    However at $20 I am going to buy, i know I will have to sharpen every month.

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    ahh the ecstacy and the agony

    It is always like that at OzB

    sometimes and ecstasy of finding a great deal, and agony of it having sold out at the check out stage

    at other times the ecstasy of actually purchasing it, and then the agony of finding out it may not be all that great


      Don’t believe the hype.


        from the House website

        Lifetime Guarantee


        If you change your mind or make an incorrect choice, we will give you a refund within 30 days of purchase for unused products (returned in its original packaging).

        reading the comments I'm not sure whether it is a decent buy at $18.75 or whether I should return it

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      The advantage of OzBargain - different points of view.

      It depends what you want…
      It's a knife (of unknown size, but likely smaller than most think)
      It cuts as a knife should (hopefully)
      It looks pretty (just not genuine Damascus)
      It's not a bad price (bought with 25%off code & c&c @House)
      & can return within 30days for a refund if not happy (if bought @House)
      & lifetime guarantee (guarantee not valid if you end your life with the knife😀)


        It's a knife (of unknown size…

        C'mon Bruce, we've confirmed it's 12.5cm

        …and you even got to give us a couple of stories about the cool things you've done in Japan


          Nowhere in my search by product code is the size of the knife listed. That is very unusual in selling a knife. Crocodile Dundee would be disappointed😉

          It has been suggested as different length. But is most likely 12.5cm, as AaronR said they bought this knife🔪

          As for tales of my second home & it's hidden crafts & rituals…

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