This was posted 2 years 5 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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12 Months Free Apple Music on Optus Plans


Optus announced 12 months free Apple Music on selected Optus Plans. Decent if you already have Optus or are thinking of re-contracting!

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  • Ok - I'll ask. For someone who already has Spotify premium, does this offer anything extra?

    • Most of the plans have now removed the unlimited free music streaming (which covered Spotify) and have now been replaced by the 6 or 12 months of free Apple Music subscription - which does not include unlimited data streaming and will eat into your monthly data allowance.

    • Probably not. One service may have a licence to something the other service doesn't, but I think that would be a very small percentage of content. If they had included unmetered data usage then it would have been much more attractive, but as it stands now there's little difference as far as I can tell.

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        Where as I used Spotify for 6 months and found it frustrating, switched to Apple Music and has never looked back.

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    But note that the offer doesn't include data-free streaming. Your access to Apple Music is free, but data charges still apply for your use.


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      Interesting, I still have data-free streaming for Netflix, Spotify, etc.

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    Can existing Optus postpaid subscribers activate or get this (without re-contracting or upgrading)?

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    They got rid of data free Netflix, Spotify, Google Music etc

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      No more Do the music and movies free streaming ! I streamed around 180GB on my $36 Optus Mobile plan with 80GB data, unltd International calling and free music and movie streaming and Optus sport. All value options gone. Welcome to 5G

      • Wow. Impressive.

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      For me they haven't - it's still showing under my account

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        I meant for the new plans on their site, not for existing customers who signed up on the previous offers.

        Each time Optus update their offers, it's not including something that I've had on my previous ones.
        First getting rid of Netherlands from the included international countries to call free, now no Netflix data free streaming. Makes me want to stay on my current offer as long as possible.

  • Bit strange they have partnered up with the same service that Telstra has as part of their plans. Also it's not data free so really don't see the point. There's barely any point of difference. The plans before were much better with iHeart radio 100% free and data free also. You had three options in Spotify , Google Play or iHeart.

    Telstra used to give out six month Apple music subscriptions and also data free.

    Apple Music is a poorer service imo , you can't like songs on android or iOS without physically going into the app. Anyway good luck to them.

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      Telstra does not offer free Apple Music anymore.
      This offer is now exclusive to Optus.

      Telstra only offers free Apple Music data streaming only now.

      What do you mean you can’t like songs without going into the app?
      I can like songs on my watch or the lock screen on my iPhone when Apple Music is playing.

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    I chat with the rep, he said I need to re-contract a new plan in order to get the free apple music, but the plans are currently not attractive.

    • That sucks. I signed up to a 12 month plan with Optus 2 months ago, and paid for my annual Apple Music subscription yesterday.

      • You paid whole 12 months up front? Why? Any benefit?

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          It’s $25 cheaper for an annual subscription.

          Monthly = $12
          Yearly = $119

          • @zzzman: Ah ok. If u can get your hands on a Uni email address it’s half price

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    Wait we aren't getting free unlimited spotify streaming on our existing Optus plans?

  • Unpopular opinion but will this mean that Optus won't actually be super slow now? I found that I couldn't stream properly anyway because presumably everyone was doing the same thing.

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    I thought Apple was shutting down Apple music

  • just tried with a fresh account renewed last month June 2019-june 2020 - no soap - offered me another sim and new plan to have the free Apple streaming…LOL.
    Currently on $50/mth 80gb data with free music/movie streaming still.

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    Has anyone noticed that the data-free Netflix streaming is capped at a terrible video quality? To me, it makes it unusable. Very ugly to watch something in SD rather than Full HD. I end up having to download the episodes I want to watch via Wi-Fi at home because the video quality is so much better. And yes, I have already checked all streaming settings.
    It's a shame because I really can't enjoy Netflix over 4G, I can't disable the data-free option so am stuck with it.

    • Hey mate. It is possible to turn the data-free option off when you log into Optus. It's somewhere in the Entertainment section.

  • I know I won't be recontracting once this one's up, no free streaming no bueno

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      Same here, I smell something strange going on at Optus lately. They had some really good deals previously and now they are duds in my opinion. I wonder if someone new is in charge?

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