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Ozito Power X Change 18V Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner (Skin Only) $65 (Was $99) @ Bunnings


Enjoy :)

This 18L Wet and Dry Vacuum is the perfect solution for cleaning up around the home, garage and car. The wet and dry capability allows you to not only clean-up dirt, dust and debris, but also liquids and spills.

Features include, 1.5m air hose with 3 premium extension tubes, stainless steel tank for durability, blower function and included accessories to reach into tight spaces.

The cordless convenience, light weight design and carry handle makes moving around the home a breeze without having to worry about tripping over power cords or access to a power point.

18 Stainless steel tank
Wet and dry vacuuming
Lightweight and portable
1.5m hose and premium extension tubes
Crevice, brush and floor tool included

Thanks to Pricehipster

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  • +1

    i wonder how long would a 1a battery last on this…

    • +31

      Not long. I use a 4Ah battery on mine and due to it's constant even current draw it depletes faster than you think. I've never measured it but I'd say 4Ah would keep it chugging for about a solid hour so a 1Ah would be 15mins tops.

      EDIT: As below, I'm actually about to test mine with a freshly charged 4Ah so I'll report back here soon.

      RESULTS: I was wrong. My 4Ah battery kept it going well for just under 18mins so yeah a 1Ah battery will only last 4-5mins tops.

      • +3

        Thanks for the valued info. It helps to save 65 bulks :)

      • +1

        Thank you @SteveAndBelle for your effort n time

      • +1

        Bruh moment. 18 minutes. Cheers.

      • An hour seems pretty good to me, how much longer does one need to vacuum for?

  • +2

    Perfect addition for the saw from before to complete the kit

  • +6

    $65 is about right for this. Great little compact & lightweight Vac for quick & easy dust extraction while using power tools. Also good for light duty workbench type cleaning and I suppose its 'wet' capabilities could come in handy for something however they're not match for the larger and far more powerful cheapie wet/dry mains powered shop vacs. I paid $99 for mine when it was sold as a kit and I use it more than I thought I would so yeah, $65 for the skin is really all I think they're worth.

    For those not bothered by having a cable then the Ozito 1250W Wet/Dry Vac is the same price and would be 10x better.

    • Good enough for the car?

      • +1

        For very basic cleaning, yes. Not for lifting heavy dirt or stones from carpets etc.

  • +15

    Highly recommend to NOT to buy this. This is a battery killer. Not sure how the above gentleman/lady runs a 4Ah for a 1hr.
    My 5.2Ah runs out in about 20min. (new battery)
    Check Youtube videos as well.

    • +3

      20mins! Geez, maybe I'm dreaming afterall but I swear I've had my 4Ah run it for far longer than that but again I've never actually timed it. Tell you what, I'll top up a 4Ah battery now and go try it out then report back. Maybe you're right as I've got loads of batteries and I may have swapped them out as they died. Hmmm, more soon…

      • Load would matter also, if you are vacuuming carpet or tiles would be a big difference I would say

        • This can be a fact in my case. I was mainly using this for car. So, its carpets and fabric seats.

          • @AusiMan: How did you find it for carpets etc? I've only ever used mine as a dust collector on power tools so not a massive load.

            • +2

              @SteveAndBelle: Main reason I bought this is to wet clean the car seats (bought a separate head for this) and doesn't seems to suck out much water.
              Doing a good job on carpets with the power it has.
              Still it need couple of batteries to finish the car properly.

          • @AusiMan: If thats the case will pass, I have a few normal vacs that I can use if I stay plugged in

      • +7

        You're right AusiMan. My test cut out just under 18mins non-stop without a load on a fully charged yet 2 year old and VERY well used 4Ah battery. There you go! I WAS dreaming :) Still a good little Vac for various things though. Very handy.

    • warranty exchanges give you a new battery again.

    • +1

      Sounds like this vacuum clean sucks then.

  • 1200W Wet and Dry Vacuum 35L $69.99 might still be available at aldi. went on sale 29 june.

  • Nooooo, ive waited a year for a sale on this and finally gave up last week and bought at full price :(

    • +2

      Buy it again and return the new one using the old receipt

      • I do this alot with Aldi special buys when the prices drop :P

        • +1

          That's a lot of effort though.

  • -1

    Enjoy :)

    Vacuuming? Unlikely.

  • +2

    Oh, I forgot to mention above that these little Vacs also have a functional exhaust port where you can securely attach (bayonet) the vacuum hose and use it as a decent little workbench dust blower. Perfect for gently blowing out Hifi & Computer gear instead of using an air compressor and blasting everything through to the next room :)

    • Compressers take the moisture out the air.

  • bummer, just bought the saw to satisfy my boy's ego. Wanted this as my other wet one has died. However if ones has a flood battery run time is of essence. Perhaps good excuse for the lazy detailer to give up tedious sucking the car after 18 minutes and have a beer while the charger does the work.

  • Do wet/dry vacuums work as shop vacs (i.e. saw dust) much better than "regular" vacuums?
    Our house came with the central vacuum system with the main unit sitting in the garage. It's handy there to just hook up the hose and near the saw or whatever, but I've read about this sort of dust (plaster, saw dust) absolutely wrecking the life of vacuums/filters.

    • +1

      That's true, those shop vacs could use bags so you get more life out of your filters, besides I doubt a regular vacuum would live happily after a wet vac. :)

      • I've got an old Kmart bag-based vac in storage. Maybe I'll try going with that for now to save some pennies.
        (Never needed a wet vac yet, touchwood)

  • Regardless of price difference, how does this compare with a hand-held stick vacuum like Dyson in cleaning cars?

    • The Dyson will attract more blondies

    • no comparison,I have dyson v6,and an Ozito 20l corded,the Ozito can vacuum spider web from a distance of 10,15cm away,Dyson can't do it at all.

  • +3

    I got this as the kit a year ago and would recommend if you don’t have something already for cleaning up real “dirty” dirt. Sure it only lasts 20 mins a charge (have a few batteries so not a problem) but I find it useful for moving around outside and I’m done with cords. Mainly used to keep the deck out back dog hair, dirt and sand free. Powerful enough to suck up decent depth kids sandpit sand in the deck when it spills out. I do use the internal bags so it collects all the fine dust. Wet feature worked well when I was power cleaning pavers and water had nowhere to go.

    Honestly couldn’t fault for the price, especially if you have a few other ozito tools and have batteries available.

  • I've had this for about a year since the last deal and love it for it's cordless-ness.

    Using it with a 4Ah battery and charged it full, lasted 15 minutes constantly vacuuming through a few layers of an old shirt to imitate some resistance. Jaysu above said it does a consistent power draw so perhaps it's due to the battery's old age.

    The only gripe I have is that the dust filter that sits on the vacuum itself requires another vacuum to clean. I just take it off and stick it inside the house wall vacuum.

  • I paid $99 a while back with battery and charger included still good if you already have battery and charger.

  • How would this compare to a Dyson V6 in suction power (not features)?

    I have my old Dyson in the garage but think it's dying as it doesn't seem to go a great job anymore

    • +1

      I have both. Would say Dyson on regular power similar (but the heads make a huge difference for household stuff). If doing a car with no motorised attachments I wouldn’t really rate either for ability to draw up stuff that has a bit of purchase. On Dyson max mode it’s an easy win. I would also feel bad sucking up the stuff I do with the ozito with a Dyson.

      I’d still spend the $ on Dyson for its household functionality, but not if it was for what a wet / dry is usually intended for.

      • Thanks.

        I can't see a user case for me to use the wet vac part. I have an aquarium manual pump if I want to move large volumes of liquids, else if it's a spill then a towel and mop will do the job.

        Looks like I just saved myself $65!

    • I have different experience as above,got Dyson v6 and 20L Ozito corded wet vacuum,it's night and day,Dyson has no comparison in power,only 2 things are better,thr motoriseed head for hair in carpet,and it's more compact.The Ozito can vacuum spyder web from a distance of 15cm away,the Dyson can't do it at all.
      if all you do is vacuum carpet,then Dyson is enough for you.otherwise Ozito,I shave my hair in the bathroom,cleaning up the hair on tile is so easy with Ozito,it's like a tornado,tried Dyson,can't pick up tiny cut hair at all

  • good vacuum for your hobby room. but it's not suitable for your house cleaning. unless you have half dozen of spare batteries… :(

    • the speed of my fast charger amazes me, with 3 batteries you never get a break!

  • +1

    Waiting for a deal on an extension pole chainsaw.

    • yeah, good luck with that :) I waited over 1 year and finally got a damaged box with new ryobi pole chainsaw… pure luck with that.

    • wait for the Aldi one,I used it to chop 2 big tree(thicker than the chain) in my yard,have not killed it yet,and it's cheaper.

  • +1

    I bought it with full price a year ago but almost never used it. here is my option
    1. Its dry vacuum filter is a joke. For smoall aera, the cheaper 18v ozito hand vacuum is more convenient and has way much better filter.
    2. It does do reasonable wet vacuum on flat surface. however why don't I use a mop for this? For tougher surface like carpet, it doesn't have enough suck power. my cheap $50 corded one can suck approx 50% water out form the same wet carpet.

    • Thanks mikehuang.. heres your money saver badge 🎖️️