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Hisense R8 65" Series 8 4K UHD Smart ULED TV $1865, Hisense P8 65" UHD Quantum Dot Smart TV $1094 + Shipping / Collect @ JB HiFI


2019 model

  • Quantum Dot
  • Dolby Vision and Atmos
  • Edge Lit
  • VIDAA U 3.0 AI
  • Ultra Local Dimming

[Clearance] P8 65" down to $1094: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/hisense/hisense-p8-65-series-8-4k-...

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    Geez nice price on the P8.

    Haven't seen a lot of reviews for the R8 but probably not a bad buy given the quality of the P8.

    The prices can only come down from here though.


    How does edge lit local dimming work?

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    There are currently no stores within 200km of your location (Melbourne) for the p8

    Any stock anywhere in Australia?

    Amazing price

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      Just Sydney and Wagga Wagga I can see..
      They said shipping available in VIC but any address you put in says not available lolll

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    Great price…though i am waiting for samsung 65" price to drop.


    No e-arc or HDMI 2.1 on this year's Hisense?


    I just placed a C&C order for 65" P8 at $1288, 1hr before the price has again dropped to $1094. Does JB Hifi offer price refund in this situation? :(


    Has anyone called around to stores in VIC to find a P8?

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      I don’t think you will find any.
      I’m getting the feeling there are only some left in NSW.

      I purchased one for $1288 and they were not able to source it. So I received an R8 instead for staff price.

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    Does anyone do price beat for these?


    Apart from alexa and Dolby, I'm struggling to see any other differences between the two. I know nothing about TV's though.

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      Absolutely no difference like you said. I have the P8 and my aunty has the R7. Apart from those two and the fact that R7 boots up slightly faster, everything else remains the same. Got my P8 for $350 cheaper than her R7.

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      Gadet Guy (who may like to puff-up marketing stuff a bit) offers a comparison/reviews.
      2018 8 (P8), 4K, HDR Plus, Quantum Dot, edge-lit, in 65
      2019 8 (R8), Dolby Vision/Atmos, voice control, edge-lit, Quantum Dot, in 65 inch

      Also an extra kilo in weight difference, which may be better electronics/ better materials/ better speakers and also the energy star rating is now 6 stars.

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        Dolby vision is pretty important I'd say.

        Most noticeable difference on my oled was when I played anything with dolby vision vs standard hdr


          I played some content from Amazon Prime and Netflix that switched between HD/HDR and UltraHD/DolbyVision. I could notice the difference although at the higher end of the spectrum it was not that obvious.

          I think if your living room is small and you sit close to TV may notice difference between a P8 and R8 (if you look for it); but at bigger distances it’s no longer a factor for average users.

          R8 will also soon support Google and Alexa natively via remote and further includes Bluetooth and Amazon Prime streaming capability. I think Amazon Prime is not part of P8 offering but maybe wrong


        Cheers mate. Dolby vision is the only big viewing feature here. Speakers we use the $165 Yamaha 108 soundbar. So I'm guessing at this price, the TV will be worth at 1k. If I sell in two years, would I get much back for it at all?