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Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Outemu Red, Blue or Brown Switch) $39 Delivered @ Kogan


Greetings everyone, this deal is back again :)

Previously shipping with $5.99 or above, the free shipping brings this back to a great deal.

All Switch types are $39 this time around, which is awesome and all are in stock ready to ship in 1-2 days.

Description: Thanks to KayDat:

Game and code like a professional without the heavy price tag thanks to the Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard, helping you win every battle with style and ease.

  • 104 backlit keys
  • Outemu Red or Brown switch
  • Aluminium top keyboard
  • Fully customisable RGB backlight with software
  • 13 Preset Light Patterns each with 8 Colour Options
  • Full anti-ghosting and n-key rollover capabilities
  • 5 Onboard customisable profiles

The Kogan RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a must-have for both amateur and serious gamers, giving you match-winning fully responsive mechanical keys without hurting the wallet.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Not bad for a keckl

  • Great price

  • pretty good, got 2 brown op, ta.

    • whats the difference between the brown, blue and red??

      • https://www.keyboardco.com/blog/index.php/2012/12/an-introdu...

        Blue = clicky
        Brown = tactile but not clicky
        Red = Linear, non-tactile

        • These aren't cherry though…does that make any difference to the reliability of the switches?

          • @lasterato: AFAIK all the other manufacturers use the same colour:behaviour standard.

            Being off brand could mean they don't last as long, however, when was the last time you had a key on a keyboard fail (without physical damage)? And would you care if your $39 keyboard only lasted 7 years instead of 10?

            • @macrocephalic: my cherry blue died at 5 or so years, with quite a few of the (commonly used) keys that had stutter i.e. e became eee. same for w, f, d so I'm really not convinced some of these will last more than 5 years - if the cherry one didn't even last me that long.

              ended up needing to clean it every few months or so with alcohol or lens cleaner and spraying it with an air container… got too much effort after a while and gave up.

              currently using razor blackwidow green and I'm loving it. Not really concerned how long it'll last for… if it gets 5 I'll be quite happy but in all honesty 2-3 is all I'm expecting.

      • the difference is blue is the best

  • Good deal, but I think you need Kogan First membership for the free shipping

  • I assume this is like previous deals where we'll be waiting 3-4 weeks?

    • No, the previous deals had Presale, whereas all 3 keyboards this time around are in stock and ready to ship within 1-2 days.

      This is as at the time of posting, and might change once the warehouse stock is sold. So best to get in early if you want it now.

      • I actually got it within a week last time anyway. Using it right now. It's pretty good, though I find even the brown switches to be quick 'clicky'.

    • yeh got mine within a week too

    • How tactile they are vs how easy to press.

      Red=easiest to press (least pressure, least tactile)
      Blue= opposite (good for typing)
      Brown=In between.

      Gamers usually go Red.

      • It's more than just activation pressure.

        Blue = clicky with a bump at the activation point
        Brown = non-clicky, but still with a bump
        Red = linear, no bump

  • This or a second hand G413 FOR $60??

    • +11 votes

      Keyboards can get pretty gross. Probably one item I would avoid second hand.

    • This. I have both and am currently using the kogan. The Logitech is fine, but no better. The kogan has better programmability and fancier lights (if you care).

      • Awesome, in terms of aesthetics they look quite similar, does the kogan feel "cheaper" at all?

        • The keys have a little more lateral movement (rattle) to them I think, but not enough to affect typing. The Logitech keys feel much 'duller' than the cherry (or cherry copies in this case).

          One thing to note is that you can use standard keycaps on these - as they're cherry copies. The logitech ones have their own key cap fitting method, so you won't easily find aftermarket keys. I have broken the clip on the ESC key on mine, so the key fits on, but doesn't clip into place, so can be removed too easily now. The keyboard came with a few spare WASD keys, I guess I''ll just put one of them on the escape key.

  • It's a pretty good deal, replaced the keycaps on mine and it's going strong. although seeing this makes me want to buy one with browns

    • Do you currently have reds or browns? I have browns and find them too loud for the office (oversensitive person sitting opposite) thinking of trying reds.

      Mind sharing what replacement key caps you bought? Thanks!

      • blues.

        browns and reds are both silent and the only noise you'll get is you bottoming out the keycaps, consider buying some o-rings


        I picked up these for about $20, they feel less strange on my fingers than the ones that came with it do, but i don't even have the backlight on anymore so i probably should have just bought the cheapest pbt keycaps i could find.


        • Sorry meant the blues. Thanks for the links, quickly adds up to a circa $80 keyboard… those keys look very bright!

          • @Master Bates: I also have the brown switch keyboard. I agree with the recommendation for dampeners. Search e-bay for keyboard o-rings and key puller. You need to remove every key and put an o-ring on each one, and it will reduced noise from bottoming out when typing. On e-bay, the o-rings should be around $2-3 including delivery. Pretty cheap option to reduce noise.

            I've got another keyboard at home, with cherry brand switches, and I think it is quieter than the kogan switches. The brown outemu switches in the keyboard are not silent. I've tested this by removing the keycaps, and typing.

      • I have all 3, and the reds are definitely quieter but anyone telling you they're silent needs to get their hearing checked. Still louder than a membrane keyboard but not by a lot. If you have sensitive co-workers I'm sure they'll find it convenient to complain about.

        • Do you prefer the clicky activation of the browns and blues, or happy with the reds for office use?

          I find the click of the browns satisfying, but have no experience with reds (again for office use).

          • @Master Bates: Short answer:
            The reds really aren't that "clicky". There is a sound but there's no click in the middle - more a tap.

            Some background on me and my preferences:
            I prefer a red and to be honest I am still not use to a mechanical keyboard. I program software for a living and I've become very comfortable with good quality membrane keyboards. My keyboard of choice is the Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard, which I am faster on. There seems to be less key travel on that keyboard. I guess this makes me a bit of a dinosaur as the keyboard is no longer made. Ironically they're switching to chiclet style everywhere and I can't stand those!

            Detailed answer to your question:
            I tried a blue when Kogan first got them. I loved the programmable colours but it was a bit heavy to use, and loud for no good reason, so didn't try it for long. My daughter loves and it's hers now, but she doesn't touch type yet (She's only 9). I have been using a red for a few weeks now at home as an experiment. I love the look and the smaller profile on my desk. I still prefer the media keys on the MS Digital Media Pro, especially the volume keys. Having to press function plus F-Key for volume is a real pain.

            Keyboards are a very personal thing. The only way I found to work out what I liked was to buy one of each. Hey at least they're cheap and the kids love them.

          • @Master Bates: I thought both the browns and reds are linear? So no tactile click. I like browns though. In a good mechanical keyboard like the Anne Pro 2 or something they are still great. I would love to try levelling up to the blues though at some point.

            • @sAmiZZle: The reds are linear, the browns have a tactile click, and the blues have a tactile and audible click.

              I have this keyboard with the browns, but it is still too noisy for the (over)sensitive people in the office. This is me bottoming out the keys due to having used a membrane keyboard for many years. I will be trying the o-ring solution Dubsys suggested above, but with dirt-cheap o-rings to start with.

    • where did you get your keycaps from?

  • Is this noisy as I am looking to get one for the office.

    • big time…

      • How else can you state your nerd-dom?

        Typed on my Kogan Brown from the office.

      • That's not true. The brown type switches are not any more noisier than a normal keyboard.

        • Errr that's not true. Brown switches ARE noiser than a normal keyboard.

          Source: I'm typing on one right now at work, and some of my workmates have them too. People at work WILL hear you typing on one of these.

          EDIT: Don't care though, I love the keyboard and it's so much better to type on than the usual HP/Dell keyboards my work provides.

          • @webbiegareth: I've one of these at work, and I do not think they're noisier enough than normal to be noticed. For reference, I'm using a standard dell issued keyboard, and an old Microsoft ergo keyboard in addition to this at work. However, the blue ones I use at home does get quite noisy with the very audible clicky sounds. Might as well be me having become used to it, but it's just my opinion.

            • @aussieolfaction: I'm not just being rude: Get your hearing checked. If you can genuinely hear both but they sound the same you might have a hearing loss in one set of frequencies. (Or it might be nothing, I'm not a medical professional - that's why I'm suggesting a hearing test.)

              Even the red is louder than most membrane keyboards. And if you compare it to one of the newer chiclet style ones it's no contest.

    • Only if you get the blue switches. I use a brown in the office, and it's comparable to a lot of the non-mech boards around the place in terms of sound.

    • The brown type switches are tactile (you'll notice tactile feedback via a bump at a certain point as you push down on the keys) but aren't noticeably noisier in comparison to the other normal keyboards you may use. The blue type switches could get noisy OTOH.

      You should be able to use this in an office.

    • I got the brown switch version last deal. It's passable for the office.

      At home I have a corsair keyboard with cherry brown switches, and they are MUCH quieter than the Outemu brown switches in the kogan keyboard. To my ears, they have a very "springy" sound, so they are a bit loud, even if you don't "bottom out" when typing.

      For the price, the kogan is great. The LEDs are great. It would have been even better if the switches were as quiet as cherry brand switches. Still I'm happy with my purchase. I do recommend.

  • Best color for gaming?

  • Cheers Doweyy - got a red and brown

  • Put money down for a brown. Thanks, Op.

  • I go the brown version from the last deal, mine was delivered within a week as well and I'm typing on it right now. I got it to replace another keyboard that sported Cherry Browns and I can say there's a noticeable difference between them. The Cherrys are heavier so I find I tend unconsciously to bash the Outemu switches a bit harder than I should, plus I find you do have to press the keys further to hit the actuation point so I occasionally don't get SHIFT if I'm trying to type too fast. I've fitted mine with rubber O-rings which I think makes them marginally quieter, certainly no worse than any other keyboard used in the office. Other than that, it's an awesome 'board. I like the colour options and I rather like the typeface on the keycaps, the build quality is pretty good, and I'm a real fan of the island layout that helps to reduce the footprint on my desk to save space.

  • Excellent deal. Remember when gaming keyboards cost a bomb?

    • Most still do. This is an aberration. Cheap but you get 80-90% of what you get with a high end model.

  • Thanks OP. Got a red stuff.

  • Whats the best for FPS gaming? I wanna get one for my son… don't know much about the colors.. Thanks!

  • What's the best option for predominantly word processing and casual gaming?

  • Go BLUE - assert dominance in your office

  • I got one of these, wouldn't buy again.

    • reasons please

      • I got in total 4 mechanical keyboards and I hate to write on this one because the keys are very tall and not as smooth as one would expect from a mechanical keyboard. Can't put my finger on it but it's not pleasant to type on it at all. It's just unpleasant.

        I got the brown version.

        For the price, I would get a normal $10 keyboard from Officeworks and be more satisfied with that than this.

        Source: I use it every day at work.

  • Would not recommend. Mine pinged a lot and the red switches were less than smooth. I mean, for the price it's great but you may want to avoid red switches in my experience. The blues will be louder than Cherry/Gateron. Best bet would be browns IMO.

  • Damn, price is cheap. Bought the Tecware phantom with outemu browns early this week for $69 as this kogan one was $99.
    Used it for 1 day so far and liking the brown switches better than the reds on my other kb.
    Make as much noise as my old Logitech Wave membrane keyboard id say. The tactile it self doesnt make much noise, but when i bottom out thats where the bulk of the noise is from.

  • Thanks mate, that's another Doweyy purchase added to the list.

  • Do I need yet another mechanical keyboard? Absolutely not.

    Will that stop me? Not likely.

  • Can you adjust all the effect without installing any software?

    • Yes you can. There are a few built in colour options you can chose from. You can also adjust the brightness, and also how quickly the rainbow type ones move. All this is done just using the function key and pressing on the certain keys - eg FN + Insert, to change effect, FN + up arrow to increase brighness etc.

  • Can you use this keyboard on a Mac?

    • This is too late for you to get the sale price but, yes, you should be able to use any mech ‘board on a Mac. KBs are one of the few devices which are truly multi-OS compatible. The only difference is the left-ALT and Windows keys are in the opposite locations to where ALT and CMD are for Mac. You can either learn to live with it or go to the trouble of remapping them, there are plenty of how-to articles on the web.

  • Thx OP. Bought a blue. Was waiting for another promo.

  • I want to get one for my son, along with custom keycaps.. does anyone know what keycaps fit this? Just the regular mx cherry caps? Thanks

  • got one of these

    the prices are too good if you know what i mean.. like they are selling them at a loss because the product isn't really the product if you get what i mean

    like those amazon spy boxes

  • I ordered keyboard with Brown switches. Box says brown switches. I place next to my actual brown switch keyboard and notice extra clicky on Kogan. Take off key cap and Kogan keyboard has blue switches! May be worth checking to all those whom bought one..

    • Hey I have the exact same issue as you! I too got Blue switches instead of Brown switches.The box on mine says brown switches as well…

      I've lodged a case with them to get it replaced.

  • Maaatteee I must be the biggest idiot, purchased item and completely forgot to put in the coupon, just take my ozbargain card away.