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We Love To Party Party Sparklers 16 Pack - $0.50 (Clearance) @ Big W


On clearance for $0.50 (was $1.00).

Plenty of fun with Sparkles!

Add spectacular sparkle to your next celebration with these Party Sparklers from We Love To Party. Glitzy and glamorous, they'll add a bit of magic to birthdays, New Year's Eve parties and even weddings. Whether you use them as cake toppers or simply to light up the night, this 16-pack is a real must-have for any celebration.

Product Features:

Pack of 16 sparklers
Not suitable for children under 36 months of age
Use only under close adult supervision

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  • +7 votes

    Good old flash blindness fun…

  • +19 votes

    Sparkler bomb 💣

    • +3 votes

      as a kid used to put them in the nozzle of our small town memorial artillery cannon which still swiveled at the base. kaboom!

    • +3 votes

      Spent many hours filling coke cans with these for the 10seconds of fun at the end lol

      • +1 vote

        these are the comments i came here for :D

      • +8 votes

        Haha yeah those were the days. I remember they were clearing them out at Crazy Clarks before they went under for 10c so me and a few mates cleared out all the stores and got about 80 twin packs and spent half a day with pliers crushing the dust off them into a big pineapple tin. We then poured a trail of the dust around a concrete slab a like a dominos course into the pineapple tin and lit the fuse that night and watched it snake it’s way around the course until it got to the pineapple tin and then when that went off it was just a massive roaring flame that went higher than the house and left all the neighbours shitting themselves

        Hours and hours of work for 3 minutes of pyro heaven and it was magnificent!

        • -1 vote

          I bet QFES and the bomb squad weren't impressed :p

      • +2 votes

        same! we use to get toilet roll tubes & pack them full over sparkler dust.

        my friend had the great idea of filling a small empty fire extinguisher with sparkler dust… you can probably imagine how that went. i've never heard a louder explosion

    • +1 vote

      As a kid me and a mate bought a whole shopping trolley of these and crushed them up and filled a large nescafe blend 43 tin. Was the most fun we had for about 30 seconds and looked like a supernova lol.


    these things set off your smoke alarms

  • +5 votes

    these things will brighten up your evening.

    always light these individually. At my eldest daughters first birthday at a restaurant with extended family I decided to speed things up by lighting the entire pack at once. it was like holding thermite


    I like to party

  • +4 votes

    Shave the pack of Sparklers onto a sheet of aluminium foil and wrap it up tightly into a ball. Use one Sparkler as a wick. Fun times ahead. For extra fun, throw in a soda bulb.

    • +1 vote

      Lol we did that with a big nescafe tin full, not only does ot go bang the sparklers melted out the bottom of the tin into the soil rofl

  • +1 vote

    Where's the cheapest glass coke bottles

  • +1 vote

    good for diwali

  • +15 votes

    The most dangerous firework most Australians are allowed to use.


      not for long - clearance deal :D

      you will have to get the fire dept's permission to watch a fireworks video soon

  • +6 votes

    .. don't light this over a cake or use them as birthday candles.. ingesting metal fragments is not a good idea

    • +2 votes

      Amen to this! Never understood people who did that shit!

  • +5 votes

    Finally, a deal I can afford. Got 1!
    Thank op

  • +3 votes

    I don't want to party party.

  • +2 votes

    Started a fire with one back in the day 🤪

  • +3 votes

    The Vengabus is coming!

  • +5 votes

    this was from ten years ago. my mates & i got a bit carried away to say the least https://i.imgur.com/mKmvVQB.jpg


    Anyone know if this would likely be reduced to 75% off soon. Like they do with Easter and Xmas 'clearance' stock.


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