This was posted 2 years 11 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sodastream Spirit $68 (in-Store Only) @ Big W


Hidden in the "Bub & Me" catalogue and $10 cheaper than anything on Static Ice.
The catalogue lists black however they've reduced the white model too. Not listed on their site, there's a red version on sale in store.

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    Great price. For those wondering, the Spirit is the newest SodaStream model. It beats the budget kmart "Jet" model as it has the click-in mechanism, (the jet uses a screw-in mechanism) .

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      Can the Spirit be hacked so you can use the 6kg gas bottles like the Jet can, if not then the Jet is better.

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        Even if it didn't you could use one of these to fill the small bottles with the big ones:

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        All sodastream models can be connected directly to a large exteral tank. They all use identical screw in gas connections.

        The click in mechanism noted above relates to the actual drink bottles.

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          Not all, ideally you need a model that the back can be removed like the Jet otherwise it is almost impossible to try and connect the hose to the unit.
          I had the Play unit and spent hours trying to feed the hose up and connecting it only to find once connected it didn't work.

          • @dryandra: Good point. I forgot about the play. Not impossible, but you'd need a very long-handled spanner to tighten the fitting and you'd need to drill a hole to pass the hose through. All other models I can think of have removable backs.

      • Looks like you can take the back of the Spirit for easy hose connection, so yes this is a better deal than the Jet from Kmart.

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        I have mine hooked up to mains, it tastes funny, but I don't have to worry about those canisters.

        • releasethekr4cken - mains? gas?

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            @cornholyio: yes he means the gas service to his dwelling, its all natural.

    • Does that mean the gas cylinders are different, or both models use the same type?

      • All sodastream and SodaKING models use the same gas cylinders.

  • Any deals of Co2 bottle refills?

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    Can these be used to carbonate juices ?

    • yes and milk.

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        Isn't it dangerous to carbonate anything other than water on these machines?

        • It is more difficult as spillovers are much more likely. I saw a lady on YouTube making sparkling wine and she went very slowly. I haven’t tried it.

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          I do fruit juice all the time when people say it barely works. Your just going to make sure to clean the thing. just don't over carbonate ( and you have to a lot to over carbonate it ) and it wont spill. for whatever reason plain water takes more co2 to carbonate than water with cordial.

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    New world record. Three hours and that anti-sodastream guy hasn't posted yet.

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  • I've always been curious about these things, what are the benefits of Sodastream over buying a regular premixed bottle off the shelf? ta

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      The benefit is not having to buy a regular premixed bottle off the shelf.

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        For the people who want a more carbonated drink(more bubbly) than the store bought stuff.
        You can also control the amount of sugar in a drink and the strength of It.

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      If you don't use the big CO2 bottles the main advantage is haulage and waste. You can buy one ~1kg bottle and get ~40L of carbonated water. The price ends up around the same as buying Coles/Woolies brand 1.25L bottles (75c) each. The big advantage is you don't have to go and get it all the time. If you want some bubbly water and you're out you just make some more. Plus far less plastic, if you care about that.

      If you get the big CO2 bottles then it's ludicrously cheaper. Even the initial purchase cost of a 6kg bottle and it's adaptor, which is a little pricey, sets you at about even. After that it's just recharges and relative to buying the 1.25L bottles from the shops it's pretty much free.

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      You can carbonate fruit juices, tastes just like soda without all the badies of your typical sugar flavored soda

  • Any deals on the sodastream that uses glass bottles? do they still sell that?

  • A bit new to these, how safe are they?

    I'm moderately scared of the idea of using the machine wrong and blowing a bottle up and needing a face transplant.

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      Doubt that could even happen.

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