expired Woolworths Essentials Queen Size Flat/Fitted Sheets 180TC $2, 2-Pack Pillowcases $0.60 @ Woolworths


Clearance deal from Woolies!

Stack it up with the 7.5% cashback @ Shopback for a bigger discount! See link: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/473987

Woolworths Essentials Sheet Flat Cream Queen Bed $2 each. Was $20

Woolworths Essentials Sheet Fitted Coffee Queen Bed $2 each, was $20

Woolworths Essentials Pillowcase Cream 2 pack $0.60, was $6

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    Not available when I look


    In stock in some stores. Not sure about the price.

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    Strewth. Must be like sleeping on sandpaper


    thanks, shall check out the local.

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    How does this compare to Quilton 3 ply?


    none left 😥

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    You spend a third of your life in bed don't do it to yourself you deserve better


    In stock at Wollongong but not scanning as clearance.


    perfect, was looking for something to cover the spare mattress


    Woolworths South Morang was Brodened, saw it first-hand

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      You must have super vision to be able to read the tiny "180TC" on the packets as people Brodened these😉
      Those were the only ones at these prices.

      I had difficulty seeing the difference in the 3 different thread counts (at different clearance prices) while examining the packets.

      Only visited 1 store - the sheets area looked like a disaster had struck. Empty shelves, stock in wrong place, no tags with these extra reduced clearance prices.
      But staff told me it's been like that for days (long before this Deal) - as stock was on clearance at a fraction of normal prices. Night fill staff member told me it was her job to clean it up, so I offered to mess it up more😀

      Only found 2 sheets & 5 packs of pillow cases from this Deal - after a long search. Staff said I was the first person looking for them at this price.


    Randwick Woolworths is $10 fitted, $8 flat, $3 pillow case - but all full priced on shelf (…as usual).


    Saw some empty shelves with clearence tags. Most others that were in stock were only half price.


    Thanks op. Got about 10 fitted sheets and 3 pillow cases. All locals had stock but only went to one.

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    Only lowest 180 Thread Count at these prices!!
    Good to deter guests getting too comfy😉
    Reported to update Title.

    All sheet stock is clearance & reduced. So may already be no stock at many stores. Reduced again to clear few remaining 180TC. Price tags may be dearer than price scanned!

    The Inspire pictured on Woolies site is the newer stock sheets. Woolies description is Essentials.

    Bought 2 old stock Home Essentials Coffee Queen fitted for $2ea. Other stock is $8. Staff assistance required - found down back of other sheets.
    Stock system online now shows no stock for that store - only one that had stock for about 15km on South East of Brisbane.

    The Inspire pillow cases (2) assorted colours (only grey on shelf) 180TC $1.50 on shelf reduced from $6, scanned @60c. Bought 2 sets. Few were available.
    Other pillow cases scanned at $7!.

    Paid by 7% discount eGift Card.


      where do you get 7% GCs?


        Suncorp Benefits deal a while back. Now 5%, along with Coles eGift cards.

        Better than "7.5% Cashback" - which is 6.8% (as no Cashback on GST).

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          Suncorp is now only 4% for Coles and Woolies


            @albanyson: Well that's a rude shock.

            Bought Coles @5% off 3 weeks ago to do 4 x $50 shops for $50 credit. So I've got over $50 credit with FlyBuys.

            Seems a few sellers have dropped the discount to 4%.
            RACQ dropped Coles to 4% & now don't sell Woolies.
            Lucky I stocked up with over $1k of 7% Wish cards😉

            Oh well there are other sources for those Woolies 5% off eGift cards like CR & SB.

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        7% discount on $2 sheet is only 4c better than using the usual 5% discount eGift Cards😉

        Stocked up on catalog half price groceries - which made 7% more worthwhile😀
        Listed half price specials include:
        Vittoria Chocochino Drinking Chocolate 375g - $2.45
        Byron Bay Cookies 100g - $1.25

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      This guy OzBargains

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        Don't we all😀
        Having a free Hungry Jacks large drink to celebrate - across the car park from Woolies🍹

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      Bought a half price pack of Byron Bay Cookies (with receipt) for Vicky - the senior staff member who found the sheets for me. She's had a hard life & we had a good laugh. Left at front counter for her as a surprise😀


      Why would 180TC sheets deter guests from getting comfy? You do realise that the majority of hotels and motels use cheap polyester sheets just like these? I doubt many people complain about it.


        Strange - I must have missed the ads for luxury hotels listing 180TC as a major feature of a comfortable stay😉


          I never said 5 star hotels would use these sheets. However the majority of hotels are not luxurious 5 star resorts.


            @AussieZed: A quick search would show advice like this…
            Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet, and the more likely it will wear well - or even soften-over time.

            150TC is about as low quality as is sold. So a bit better than that.

            It's not a sign of luxury, hence my comment that more expensive hotels wouldn't want their guests sleeping in Woolies final clearance 180TC sheets😉

            I have very old high TC linen sheets - second hand from a good hotel - very comfy as they soften with use. Bought much higher TC Sheridan linen-cotton sheets last month on sale - so much more comfy than these… & expensive!
            Sleeping on $2 sheet from Spotlight at the moment - surprisingly comfortable.

            Motels & institutions use poly-cotton for it's economical high wear resistance & longer life, not comfort. But likely would be higher than 180TC for best long term use & commercial laundry handling. (These thin sheets wouldn't last long in commercial use!)
            Most guests stay only for a short while & don't expect luxury at the cheaper price.

            Good value at this price, but I wouldn't usually buy these for every night use. I like to be as comfy as possible in bed.
            But for infrequent guest use, why not.

            I think you are taking my joking comment way too seriously😀

            There are easier & more obvious ways to get rid of unwanted guests😉 But my bed-of-nails is a bit rusty😱

            Besides my guests aren't wine / coffee / food / sheet snobs & don't stay for the TC of my sheets (or my pod coffee). 180TC will suit them.


              @Infidel: That's not quite right. The best sheets you can get are high quality 300TC Egyptian cotton, and they are very rarely made in thread count higher than 300. These are far better than 1000TC sheets which use lower quality thread.


                @umexcuseme: That's why the very general Google advice on TC starts with "Generally"😉 (That wasn't the full advice.) That is when comparing between the same fibres.

                Egyptian cotton & some other materials have longer thicker fibers which means a stronger, thicker & softer fabric without the need for a high thread count. Thinner cotton requires a much higher TC to approach that quality.

                However, we were discussing & comparing mainly within cheap poly-cottons, not all fibres.
                Those are threads in the $2 sheets in this Deal. So that general advice on comparing TC within 1 type of material, is appropriate here.

                Haven't seen luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets for $2 - otherwise I'd be buying just them😉


            @AussieZed: Well anyone staying at a 2 start hotel has no cause to complain.

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              @smartazz104: That's just the look I'm going for in my bedroom - 70's era run down motel on country road somewhere. Suspicious stains on the sheets, worn out brown carpet, AM radio stuck just off the station… and the lingering thought that some one had died there😱

              Those are the sheets of my dreams nightmares🌛


              @smartazz104: I'm talking more like your typical 3 star chain hotel.


    Ordering online may be useless, as there is little stock now, and likely to be less by time a packer gets around to your order.
    Staff & I were confused by the range of prices & stock. Likely to be confusion for packers.

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    Out of stock everywhere,….searched every capital city….cept Canberra.

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      Out of stock everywhere

      There are almost 1000 stores in Australia. You searched just a few😱 Have fun checking the rest to prove that claim😉

      Limited stock still available!

      Others & I bought earlier👍
      You should have tried over 6 hours ago, when deal posted!

      At one store, I left at least 3 packs of 60c pillow cases on the shelf at closing time, after buying 2 packs & 2 $2 fitted sheets. Stock system did not show as available at that time - but they're there! The stock system is inaccurate on clearance lines.

      Not a valid reason for a neg vote - by OzBargain voting guidelines.


      Out of stock everywhere

      So much for that useless comment🙄
      5 days later… Stock still available at some stores!
      Bought $2 sheets & 60c pillow case packs today 19 pillow case packs in 1 store!

      It's just not shown as available online. Ask stores to check for stock at their & other stores


    Bought better $2 sheets from Spotlight last month - $30 flannelette sheets were 60% off & had $10 birthday credit with free VIP membership (it wasn't my birthday)🎉

    Also bought much dearer linen & cotton sheets on sale from Sheridan.

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    Money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied👍
    "I'm 98% satisfied - give me my money back"😉

    Not scratchy as some might think, but not luxurious. Not completely see through as I suspected.

    Better feel & look than I would expect from cheap 180TC polyester & cotton sheets.

    Few would guess the pillow case now on my bed cost only 30c😉 Should be even better after washing.
    Good value at this price.


    anyone had luck in WA?

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      Got some from Kwinana last evening. But those were the last ones on shelf. There was some stock in Rockingham as well but not sure if anything left.

      The queen bed quilt covers were also on sale for $5. Not the best colors but for $5 can't complain.


        Unfortunately queen bed quilt covers I've found scan at $24.50. Given the patterns - left them on shelf!


    ffs… ordered online and they were all cancelled :(


      Was always likely
      A more certain way was to go to store showing availability - soon after Deal posted & search for stock. Even then, some here were disappointed.

      I got a senior staff member to help me search. Stock was all over the place & behind shelves. (Packers won't do a search. If it's not where it should be on the shelf - it's not available.)


    Nowhere around near me. Hopefully others have better luck


    They're still out there…

    In Woolies in Brisbane Southside (Mountain View, My Gravatt Central) - found lots of 180TC stuff in cream … Told other customers - who grabbed a few😀

    19 packs of 60c 2 Queen pillow cases (13 left)
    3 sets of $2 Queen flat sheets (stock system showed 1, now sold out)

    Woman who a little earlier bought last of $2 Queen flat sheets at Springwood, was looking for more. Bought pillow cases.

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    “Sorry, temporarily unavailable.”