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Free Six-Inch Sub/Wrap & Drink by Registering for Subway's 'Subcard' Loyalty Program (First 100,000 Customers Only)


As a promotion for Subway's new 'Subcard' loyalty program, the outlet is giving away a free six-inch sub/wrap & a drink to the first 100,000 people who download the Subway app and sign up to the program.

Not exactly sure how you can redeem the free meal though - have signed up myself but don't see anything in the app about the offer

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  • To pick up your free meal, download the app, register yourself as Subway loyalty royalty and show your local sandwich artist.
    You can pick up your Subcard at the restaurant, and the free meal offer can be redeemed up to a week after you register.

  • i thought subway cancelled their membership program

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      They cancelled the eat fresh club for this

      • What were the benefits of eat fresh club? Never knew they had a loyalty program.

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          the free 6 inch and 600ml coke or water on your birthday was the sole reason for me.

          you also didn't need an app.

          • @tdw: But you needed to print it out.

            And every time I used it, the sandwich "artist" always got confused and didn't know what to do with it, as though they'd never seen it before.

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              @lostn: i preferred to print it out (using my cheap printers from ozbargain deals) or 8c at officeworks

              i tried a few times just showing them from my phone and they always have to touch your phone. or they think it's a scam.

  • I register and whats n3xt to claim?
    How do we know if they reached their limit if there is no control number or barcode provided after registration.

    No proof to show subway employee you are claiming free sub

  • Probably meant to be: https://www.subcard.com.au/

  • My existing email/subway account doesnt work or accepted by subcard.
    I use the same email to register as new customer. Still no info or mention of free sub.

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    According to


    "To pick up your free meal, download the app, register yourself as Subway loyalty royalty and show your local sandwich artist."

    At least the Subway app is now accepting registrations now (it had been faulty in previous weeks…)

    • How to register as royalty loyalty? I can't see anything like that mentioned in the app…

  • A reminder that you can join online, and have Google Pay store the SubCard code on your phone. One less app to be cluttering up your phone/slurping data.
    Not sure how that'll work when wanting to redeem some points. But I'll work that out later.

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    miss the days of buying subway stamps on ebay

  • Didn't work at the Westfield Parra kiosk..It came up with the full price and the app doesn't come up with a special offer code or something..what a waste..

  • I registered earlier this morning and got a (second) email this afternoon about the free sub - it appeared in the offers section of the app only after that email.

  • Signed up yesterday. Scanned QR code at register.

    Received email in app today for triple points for the next 2 weeks…no.offer of a free sub

  • Only got triple points 😣

  • Can anyone confirm a free sub? Or should we start neg voting it?

  • Yes it works and you also receive triple points for like a week as well. The website also replaces the old subway catering. Little dodgy week one when I used it back in July with double charges and a crashy app but no worse than the original Maccas app.

  • Free Six-Inch

  • Participating stores only ?

  • Subway is quickly losing the market. You see how many subway businesses are actually on sale? More than Gym business on sale.

    • Same with Boost Juice and Coffee club.

    • quite a lot of stores have closed in Perth.

    • their boost in the 90s was a McDonalds franchise costs millions and Subway only cost 100-200k. Plus there was the whole SuperSize Me doco and the instant shaming of Mcdonalds, KFC, pizzahut, etc.

      Subway was boosted as the healthy option. Jared Fogle became their spokesman basically. Huge mega boost out of nowhere.

      McDonalds, KFC, etc all came out with "healthy range" shit and started making food as it's ordered rather than letting it sit for an hour to get their heart foundation scam ticks.

      Jared Fogle got busted for 'fiddling' kids. It's almost like Ronald McDonald being done for being a pedophile. Imagine the face of your company is a convicted kiddle fiddler.

      when the number one selling point in your business is "healthier" and "freshly made" when stores get shit delivered once a week if that, and all competitors now make stuff on the spot and get things fresher…. what's going to happen

    • I also noticed that hardly any Australian stores have changed over to the new logo yet, whereas in the US most have already. New logos been out for what, nearly 3 years now??

      • Their breakfast is the worse ever. McDonald's probably got at least 60% of the fast food breakfast market.

  • Maybe the free sub is only for customers that ring HP and ask for one? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/474336

  • This is what I received in the email when they moved to Subcard.

    "As you’ve been a loyal member, we want you to be the first to enjoy all the benefits of Subcard®, with an offer exclusive for Subway Eat Fresh Club® members".

    So only triple points (NO FREE SUB), if you were not a part of Eat fresh club.

  • Can vouch for getting a free one. Might be selected stores.

    “We’re stoked to have you on board. Now it’s time to reach out and grab your FREE meal.

    Just for registering, you can now claim your FREE Subway 6-Inch® sub or wrap with a refreshing small cup drink or 390mL Coke variety. ”

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    I got the email just now about ‘thanks for signing up’ and that I’m entitled to a free sub and drink within the next 7 days (since registration) So that took about 5 - 6 hours…

  • I signed up and selected "DO not send me promotions/exclusives etc", but in the fine print it says you should select this to receive the free offer.

    After I changed this in my settings on the website it sent through the free meal offer shortly after. Also the fine print says it may take up to 24 hours to receive

  • I wonder how franchisees are getting paid for dishing out free subs for HQ?

    • My guess is they don't, my local Subway refuses to participate in most promos.

      The only time I've ever encountered the "not available at all stores" clause in a promo!

  • Got my free 6-inch sub an hour after signing up - triple points was instantaneous

  • I got the email too. It expires in 7 days by the way.

  • Signed up a couple of hours ago. No email yet, but offer is in the app. Thanks OP.

  • My nearest pickup is 16000km away hahaha

  • App Requires Android 7.0 and up :-( Should have got the Razor Phone with pricing error. I'm missing out on this. Is there a way to get the deal without the app? I am on Marshmallow :-(

    • Maccas also increased the version of Android required. :|

      I cant get Maccas or Subway deals. :(

    • Try signing up at subcard.com.au?

      • Doesnt the description say App download required? Could anyone confirm if app download is required and registration should be thru App to get the Free Sub & Drink?

        • I signed up online, received the email with a QR code. Haven't redeemed it yet but shouldn't be an issue without using the app.

          • @whitelie: The QR code is just your card?

            I don't think it necessarily mean you have a free deal.

            • @random12: In the email they sent, it has this

              "How to redeem your free meal

              Scan the QR code below or in your app at any participating Subway® restaurant;
              or Visit your offers tab in the Subway® app and simply tap ‘add this offer to my mobile order’ to redeem this offer online."

              Then there is a QR code with "Scan to claim your free meal" underneath it.

              Pretty sure that's good for a free meal ;)

              • @whitelie: Just went and claimed, scanned the QR code in the email no issues.
                Free 6" Chicken & Bacon ranch and a 390ml Coke no sugar. Just under $12 worth.

  • I got it last time, is this a new deal?

  • Not targeted, just ate my free sub (worth ~ $7) and drank my drank (Worth $ 2.50). Almost $ 10 RRP of food for 5 minutes of app signup is a pretty good deal! +1

  • My local subway will refuse it.
    The birthday meal doesn't exist, the free cookie voucher when it was on doesnt get accepted.
    They just flat out refuse any of these promotions.

  • No free sub offer.

  • Speaking of Subway, does anyone know why the Australian stores seem to be so slow at adopting the new logo? In the US almost all the stores are already using it. It came out in August 2016, 3 years ago! How long does it take to change a bloody sign?

    • You said that already

    • No one cares, including subway itself

    • Subways are all franchised. Most probably don't want to pay for new signage when their current ones are still fine.

      • Er, I don't think they have a choice. Surely it would be in the franchise agreement that they would have to update signs whenever a new logo came out? I remember when Pizza Hut changed their logo in 2000, all the stores immediately updated to the new one (in under a year), yet I'm sure most of those are franchises too.

  • I get triple dollars offer only showing in app under Offers. My friend got free meal.
    I notice we set different default branch, maybe depending on branch?

  • Looks like it’s impossible for people to abuse the system, good thinking subway, that”lol teach those bastardas a lesson! Haha.

    Doesn’t look like anyone has concrete confirmation that any deals are claimed not suprised subway click and bait!

  • No free sub/drink for me when I downloaded the app. Never used the app before either.

  • Only triple points activated. Rubbish deal.

  • I signed up and within 14 hours it appeared in the App AND I got an email with the voucher to scan. While I have not tried it yet at the store, it appears to work perfectly. Nice work OP

  • Triple points, uninstalled app

  • Singed up yesterday didn't work for me, only triple points…

  • Only triple points for me too

  • Y'all need to subscribe to offers and promotions to get the free 6":

    'To receive this offer please ensure you tick "Send me offers and promotions"'