expired VIP Paintball Passes for up to 10 People Just $50 at Sites across Australia


For just $50 you get VIP passes for up to 10 people at any on the Ministry of Paintball sites.

What that means is you'll get all the gear to make you look and feel the part; mask, coveralls, hood and battle-pack. Everyone gets a semi automatic gun that fires up to 7 rounds per second. You'll also get lunch to keep the energy up and the action flowing (Available at most locations)!

If you organise the event the you get 200 balls to fire at your enemies, plus 100 additional free paintballs based on every 10 extra people the group organiser brings.

As an added bonus, if you book it in before the 4th of July the organiser will get 1 FREE entry to a comedy club worth $25.

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    See: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/47504

    Neg because I'm pretty sure that the minimum $50/200 paintballs per person apply to ALL Ministry of Paintball deals, which is a ripoff. And not even mentioned in this deal at all!

    For comparisons sake: http://www.ultimateskirmish.com.au/paintball-packages
    $110 for 1000 paintballs + all equipment, vs $5 + $50 per person for 200 paintballs at MoP.


    So, for $50, 10 people get gear only?

    How much are the paint balls?
    Can paint balls be brought from outside?


      doubtful for byo paint balls. it could clog their guns


    this is annoying spam


    sounds like you will end up paying much more for balls


    MoP are the biggest ripoffs for paintballing. Much cheaper elsewhere specially if your pro and don't need too many paintballs

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