expired [Pre Order] Samsung Note10 Series $1499-$1999 + Bonus AKG Wireless Headphones (RRP $499) + $100 EFTPOS Gift Card @ Harvey Norman


Starting from $1499 with the Note10 256GB 6.3” FullHD+.

The pre-order bonuses apply to all the models. For value for money it is better to go with the standard Note10 for $1,499 with the same bonuses.

All models available here. Love the Aura Glow one ;)

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    RIP Note Series

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        No headphone jack, the note series has always been the "I have literally everything" phone for power users.

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        Simply… an s10 with a pen minus the headphone jack and low res screen and no expandable storage with the regular note 10


          Well the + still has expandable storage. And the Notes will have UFS 3.0 storage which is twice as fast as the previous modules.

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          low res screen is the minus version.

          I would say reducing the size of the camera hole and moving it to the center is a welcome change.

          The S10+ has a pill shaped hole with two lenses and it looks like an eyesore. A single small hole looks better.

          The stylus is smarter now than it was before so that's something.

          But I personally think the S and Note series should release day and date, and the S10+ (and S11+, S12+) should not need to exist. The Note should replace where the S10+ was in the lineup. By the time the Note releases, the S will have had significant price cuts and sales, making RRP difficult to justify at time of release.


            @lostn: i agree especially from a pricing perspective but the non plus note seems to compromiose a bit to fit in the same price range as the s10+ model to swap out some features for the pen

            i know people trivialise it, but incorproating the pen involves:
            - additional engineering including software and hardware, testing and QC
            - licensing with Wacom
            - screen technology to accept the pen input
            - additonal new bluetooth software, battery and hardware aspects

            thats where the cost comes in. its not your $1 capacitive stylus

            that being said i keep reading varying opinions on the camera hole. so its really a personal preference thing

            i do get annoyed knowing the s11 is 6months away but i have been waiting to upgrade my note 8 for ages and this looks worthy

            have been using wireless earbuds for 4 years since the OGs first came out on kickstarter/indiegogo so have no need for headphone jack. and car has bluetooth and i have backup $1 USB-C to AUX adapaters in the car, bag and around the house

            ppl complaining about nothing


              @furythree: I agree, Samsung has provided users with time to adapt to the new era of wireless audio unlike some companies cough apple cough, and they're throwing in the pre-order bonus wireless headphones as well.

              Pricing is reasonable if I'm honest. iPhone XS Max is so much more expensive for a lot less.


            @lostn: The minus one is the regular $1499 Note 10. That's the same price the fully featured note 9 was. To get the high resolution one you have to step up to the $1699 Note 10+.

            $1499 for a phone with a FHD screen, smaller battery, missing features is ridiculous.

            If the regular note 10 was cheaper, and the note 10+ was $1499 than it'd be fine. But they just released their 'budget' flagship at their premium flagship price and bumped up the price of their actual premium phone.


              @Ark94: I don't have Note 9 pricing on me but I can compare to S10 series.

              The Note 10+ has a cheaper RRP per GB than the S10+ RRP.

              S10+ 128GB = $1499
              S10+ 512GB = $1799
              Note 10+ 256GB = $1699

              S10+ 5G 256GB = $1999
              Note 10+ 5G 512GB = $1999

              So the Note 10+ is about the same price as S10+ which has no stylus and the electronics and software that go into that. And the 5G version is same price as S10+ but with more RAM and more storage. The 1TB S10+ which Note 10 does not have goes up to $2400.

              Also, is your Note 9 price based on 128GB or 256GB?


              @Ark94: i didnt know u can see the difference between resolution. 1080p is alot less power usage the higher res is just waste of power.

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      Where's new smartphone with headphone jack?

  • +26 votes

    Single sim and $2k. No thanks

    • -2 votes

      With headphones worth $500 and $100 gift card. And it's $1500 for 256gb.

      • +51 votes

        An RRP of $500 doesn't mean something is "worth" $500.

        • -1 vote

          There is possibility they will release dual sim variant few months later like note 9 which was initially launched in Au with single sim then dual version came ?

          • +1 vote

            @Javin: Wuht? note 9 dual sim was available on launch if I recall.


            Looks like only the 5G version is non dual sim and the non 5G version has dual sim… odd decision.

            • +1 vote

              @KBZ: I want dual sim and 5G and none of them available.


              @KBZ: Probably have to pay a fee for 5g (patents) and are extra expensive.
              So pay cheaper for x2 4g patents or 1x 5g.

              Still a $2k phone is ridiculous, esp. as Samsung were always painful with updates (Mi Max 3 has had more updates!).


          It's recommended to be worth $500:) Similar to all iStuff.


        With headphones worth $500 and $100 gift card. And it's $1500 for 256gb.

        If you want to take that line, it assumes you actually want those things over a $600 price cut. If you didn't want those things, you're forced to pay an extra $600 for them if you want a $1500 phone.


          Then you would be stupid to consider this deal if you could make nonuse of the additions. I for one could always make do with headphones as a gift, and I will buy something from HN in the future. At no point is anyone forcing anyone to do anything. You could go pay full rrp with no inclusions if you want!

          • +1 vote


            I for one could always make do with headphones as a gift

            Seriously, that's what you think these are? A gift?


              @aja12: Yes, as in I gift it to a friend, I saved money

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                @OnlinePred: If you drop $1500+ on a phone at launch (and nothing against anyone that does), one thing you are absolutely not doing is saving money. These preorder bonuses the OEM’s offer are just to justify the insane launch prices, that with the exception of iPhones, tank hard very quickly.


                  @aja12: I am a person who pre order devices or things. Where else can u get it for cheaper right now? If I was going to pre order or right now, please tell me how I would not be saving money by choosing to buy the phone at rrp and not get any discount or bonus items



                    please tell me how I would not be saving money by choosing to buy the phone at rrp and not get any discount or bonus items

                    Wow. I'm sure this made sense to you as you typed it.

                    Where else can u get it for cheaper right now?

                    Amazon is cheaper after Cash Rewards. Considering preorders opened hours ago, you're not really giving yourself much of a chance for a better deal. If previous Note and S launches are anything to go by, there'll be plenty of better deals.

                    The headphones come with all preorders, so the only thing your getting with this deal is the $100 eftpos card and you're paying 100% RRP. If you think that's a great deal, good for you. I'll happily point all the better preorder deals as they roll out.


            @OnlinePred: All I'm saying is, you consider it a $1500 phone, and that's one way of looking at it, but it comes with asterisks. You wouldn't be able to advertise the phone as $1500 by OzB rules.

            For those who don't want those things, people are calling this an expensive phone since you are paying that $2k price whether you want the headphones or not.

            I think it's a fair price in today's market, but can see why people think it's too expensive.

            It's a great deal for me as work covers the bill.

            Well that does change the consideration a lot. It work covers it, you don't even need to go bargain hunting. Just pay the RRP and send them the invoice.

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      Harvey Norman says the Note10+ (non-5G) is hybrid, like the 512gb s10+ models

    • +1 vote

      can someone explain why dual sim is so important to alot of people? is it having work number and personal number on same device or something?

      • +3 votes

        That's one use case, the other would be for when travelling. Some of us use our Australian number on roaming as we can't turn it off for reasons, and a local SIM for cheap data/local calls. Plus not having to carry/charge two phones during a trip.

      • +3 votes
        1. Lotta people sim hopping so great way to just have sim 1 as main number sim 2 has simhop number for data etc.

        2. Like you said work number and personal on one phone useful.

        3. Travel can recieve sms verifications and not fiddling removing sims.

        On top of that what I love about Sammy is having dual messenger function as standard so can have two whatsapps wechat kakotalk (well 3 technically if you include secure folder)
        So very easy to keep work and person comms on 1 phone instead of 2.

      • +1 vote

        data/traveling overseas.

      • +2 votes

        Companies like Catchconnect keep giving away 40GB sim cards (after cashback), so you can use a second sim for some free data. I'm using one now. I can't even use up 40GB in a month.

        I started hotspotting it to my desktop and downloading with mobile data.


      Looks like the Note 10 is dual sim and the Note 10+ is single sim + microsd or dual sim.

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    Yeah, Nah… also headphone jack is out and now Note10 and Note10 Plus.

    • +3 votes


      When everyone started copying Apple because it's the cool thing to do, Samsung seemed like the last holdout. As long as Samsung continues to support it, there's a future for 3.5mm still. With Tab S6 and now Note 10 dropping it, the future looks grim for wired headphones.

      I've had Samsung phones for 3 gens straight. Going to switch to LG or Xiaomi when my current contract expires I think.

      • +1 vote

        whats so hard about buying a $1 3.5mm to usb C adapter?

        if youre going to buy a $1500 phone whats an extra $10 to buy 10 of them and leave everywhere


          It's just a hassle to take a dongle with you everywhere you go, along with your headphones, when it could simply be solved by adding the 3.5mm jack. They can clearly include it without losing anything, they have a pen inside the phone for crying out loud. Feels like being strong armed into it. Paying that much money for a phone, may as well have the option of using it however you'd like.


          It's an extra thing to carry, which you will lose because there's no convenient place to store it. Also some added wear and tear on the dongle.

          if youre going to buy a $1500 phone whats an extra $10 to buy 10 of them and leave everywhere

          I think you're looking at it the wrong way.

          If you're selling a phone for $1500, how hard is it to include the same hole you've been including on every device since the first phone you've ever released? Don't tell me it's an engineering challenge. You've beaten that challenge with every other device before it. Anyone removing it has ulterior motives (e.g. trying to sell you expensive wireless buds). They are not doing it because it's in your best interests to not be able to use your existing wired earphones. There are no positives in taking choice away.

          There's also another issue with USB C dongles and USB C audio in general. They aren't guaranteed to work on every device because there's no universal standard for them.

          And buying 10 of them to leave everywhere, I guarantee losing at least 5 of them. If something is small and doesn't have a socket to tuck it into, it's going to be easy to lose.

          • -1 vote

            @lostn: i dont understand, how often do you change devices that you cant just leave them attached to your earphones?

            unless you use your 3.5mm for multiple devices, which isnt a common use case. there are also different variants of adapters that can be detached from your audio jack but hooked onto your cable line so you never "forget" it

            the hassle is being greatly overstated. you either use your accessory frequent enough that you shouldnt forget it, or you use it infrequently enough that it can remain attached

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    I do agree, the 3.5mm jack kill-off + single-sim only just make me want to keep my Note 9

  • +7 votes

    First look at the pic and colour it looks like Huawei?


    Waiting for EPP deals!

    • +1 vote

      50% for Telstra ..same as S10 launch offer


      I just checked my EPP preorder deal. It's 20% off but you don't get the AKG headphones.

      Not worth it imo. Post release there will be better discounts if S10 was anything to go by.

      • +1 vote

        there was only 1 offer and that was an EOFY special

        and EPP never includes the bonus offer

        the flat out discount is better than the inflated RRP of the akgs

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