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[eBay Plus] $79 Samsung T5 1TB External SSD (100 Every Hour from 10am-4pm) @ Bing Lee eBay (Excludes Regional WA)


Just saw this banner on ebay. (thanks urbancartel)

100 SSD every hour from 10am.

Drops at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm.

Shipping terms updated @ 1PM AEST

Ships to all states except for Regional WA

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  • think I got one ~10s early:

    Although, not showing in order history…. :'(

    • Same, it then said order was unsuccessful. :(

    • Had the same thing… you didn't get it. Sucks hey.

      • hsgfjhsgdfjhgsadjfhgasjdhgfajshgdfjsahgdf

        ….sad words

  • didnt get one

  • Gone in seconds…

  • +1

    Wow. 150 sold in like 2 seconds. No chance. (profanity) these dodgy deals.

    • Does that mean they had 150 this time? Because 50 people might have paid full price otherwise…

      • No idea. It just went from 603 to 753!

  • got one thanks

  • +1

    OMG, finally, after 3 attempts, got it !!!!

  • Missed out, oh well

  • Just lost $49 to eBay Plus

    nicely played eBay… nicely played…

    • same here mate .. sad

  • Wooohoooo After 3 attempts finally managed to snag one on my 4th attempt!

    Big thank you to the posters who suggested to stay on the place order page.

  • +1

    wow no chance :(

  • God damn it I couldn't get one. Was this the last draw?

  • This was so freakin' annoying. The site's delay ruins it.

  • FINALLY GOT ONE!!! thanks

  • +1

    how the (profanity) did people even get it, I was at the checkout page and i still didnt get one ugh

  • +2

    Got it…. Pretty sure using CC > paypal was the true secret to success

    • +1

      yep! Paypal was killing it!

    • +5

      Same. I'm keeping my neg cos this practice shouldn't be encouraged.

      • Practice of using CC > PayPal? PP requires authentication prior to commitment of purchase, whereas CC doesn't, hence the delay in a time critical deal.

        If you mean the whole lucky draw, then yes agreed this shouldn't be encouraged.

        • I meant the whole lucky draw.

  • hahaha SOld out in seconds…

  • finally snagged one! Cheers for the tips guys!

  • Looks like they did 150 for the last hour

    Still missed it

  • Got it after 2 attempts! Would have first thing this morning if they didn't initially block Regional VIC on shipping but super happy :D
    I legit actually need this for my camera, so could not have been a better deal as was on a shoot with the 500GB two weeks ago worried about running out of storage! nice upgrade

  • Damn it.. i've been trying since 11am now.

    If anyone brought one and has 2nd thoughts about it PM me I'll give you a bit extra for it :)

  • Thought I got one but the order's come up with "This order was not successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount. "

  • Got one, thanks. Now I need to buy a laptop with USB-C interface ^_^

    • +1

      You don't need one, it comes with 2 cables (1x USB-C to USB-C and 1x USB-C to USB-A).

      • Nice, thanks for confirming this~~~

  • +3

    Got it finally….. Needless to say today was not the most productive day at work

    • same here ;)

    • Same here now I will be working late into the night, glad I finally got it but not sure it was worth the stress and time

  • Not enough quantity to satisfy demand.

    • So many women on the planet, yet there's only one Crusader.

  • +2

    Finally got one…..Thanks!

    • +1

      Was your heart rate increasing as the wheel spun? Mine was, I finally got one also.

  • +2

    Just cancelled my membership. I'm disgusted with this promo. This has to be some form of predatory practice.

  • +2

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions, got one! :)

  • This order was not successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount

  • +2

    I can't believe it but I managed to get one following the instructions posted by the helpful folks

  • +3

    Solid deal but can't back it especially if eBay plus users have to pay $49 just to get access to a 2% chance of nabbing this deal. Will not be renewing my subscription.

    • Don't they have 1 month free trail for new users?

      • After the $289 Sony WH-1000XM3 deal, I was pretty stoked as I figured if deals kept rolling like these, I'd be in for it. Not the best ROI so far.

    • +2

      2% chance? I'd have said probably 0.02%.

      • After I viewed the page and it went out of stock, the page count noted 557 views per hour. Given how many people have gotten it here, your math might be on point lol

  • Managed to apply the code but got the following: "We noticed a problem. Please review: your items" Fck it, didn't need one anyway.
    PS: You can now use the code PINEAPPLES for a $10 discount.

  • +1

    Got one at 18th second after 4pm :)
    Samsung portable HDD is pretty bad. Very slow read of files but not die yet. I hope their portable SSD is better. Can't complain at this price.

  • Well that sucked. I tried and failed every single hour.

    • +1

      It took me since 11, sorry to hear you had no luck

      • +1

        Cheers. Good on you though. I use a 500GB Samsung T5 as an external HDD on my Xbox, and it's awesome. Would've loved a 1TB at that price. Enjoy!

  • +2

    Got it, although I had to use the hour-before preparation trick

  • Lol gone in seconds… I give up

  • Got a message as following, but I can't find it in my account. So, SCAM?

    Block-quote Thanks! Your order was placed.
    Estimated delivery: By Wed, 14 Aug
    We got your order, and we're processing your payment.
    You saved AU $190.00 on this purchase.

    • Happened to me as well.

      Maybe they have to add the transaction to the account manually, or need to do some further verification?
      Anyone know the reason why?

      • I ended up using live chat, took a full screenshot of the session id in the URL bar as well as the success message. Apparently they'll get back to me in 72hrs. I gather it'll just be "sorry, no." Can't hurt a guy for trying though!

      • Chatted with online Rep.They quoted the item was OOS already. So the order was not placed and nothing would send out…Totally SCAM

        • I experience the same issue as well. I paid using eBay GC, and the original GC amount is still intact and not deducted at all.
          Unfortunately I only have session ID, but forget to take a screenshot of the success message :(

  • +1

    ok back to reality now

  • got one at 4pm round..lucky..

  • -3

    Phew got one, loving eBay plus for these deals. First AirPod and now this.

    • Finally got one as well (If they didn't cancel it for some reason, since I haven't seen the transaction appeared on my account), but I still doesn't like this style of eBay promotion.
      Made me do too much effort (from 12pm to 4pm).
      Not to mention anyone which doesn't get to buy and have to pay for eBay Plus membership…

      EDIT: Turned out I got tricked by eBay (see my comment above). I don't think I will get it after all…

  • Think I got one…. but who knows if we will actually get one after this whole shitshow

  • can anyone confirm the previous Airpod deal gen 1 or gen 2?

    • They were gen 2.

  • so no more at 5pm?

  • Managed to get one. I guess I got lucky; used PayPal instead of direct card number entry and it went through, with a "view order details" link right after checkout.

  • just received an order confirmation from Bing Lee, thanks for the post I never believe in these promotion but good that its real

  • It took me three tries, 12pm, 3pm and 4pm.
    Using tips from other OZB's
    Finally got the following message:
    Thanks! Your order was placed.
    Estimated delivery: By Wed, 14 Aug
    We got your order, and we're processing your payment.
    You saved AU $190.00 on this purchase.
    eBay Money Back Guarantee See details
    However, 25 minutes after 4pm, nothing by email, nothing in purchased items and no payment processed in PayPal.
    Keeping the screen capture.
    Anyone else with same issue from the 4pm sale?

    • Check purchase history, generally BingLee submit the buyer feedback as soon as the order is received. I paid via CC and it was instant, May be some delay with PP.

    • Check history here and see if you appear: https://offer.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidsLogin&ite...

    • +2

      Didn't work mate, you wont be getting anything. Got that multiple times, eBay live chat are no help. I could have pushed it further but I got them to hold on the line whilst I tried again at 3pm and luckily managed to score on. I was getting really frustrated with them, they should not be giving out false hope with these order confirmation messages.

      You can try your luck with live chat and push it as far as you can, if you got that message you should be entitled to one IMO.

    • The Same here. :(

    • I got an invoice from BingLee in my email. Did you get one?

  • Got one. Thanks for the tips.

  • +2

    Useless. Literal lottery.

    • never won the lottery but I got this one

  • +7

    I tried all 6 times and followed the advice given but did not go through… Ah well lesson learned as that's the best of a day I will never get back….

    • +4

      yes, it's a waste of time promotion.

  • +3

    It's a completely waste of time

  • Finally got one at 4pm after thinking I got one at 3pm (never got confirmation email). I ended up changing from Paypal to CC (I missed this step earlier. Had 4 windows open and started clicking confirm one after the other.

  • My friend got an order confirmation email from Binglee but I did not get any.

    I could see the order in my order history and money has been deducted from my CC…. what could be the reason?

    • +4

      Junk Mail? It should be OK - if it's in your order history & money has been deducted.. 99% it will be oK :)

  • Just rang ebay on 1800 322 928
    Told them I had a screen saying Thanks! Your order was placed.
    Estimated delivery: By Wed, 14 Aug
    We got your order, and we're processing your payment.
    View order details
    You saved AU $190.00 on this purchase.
    However, no email or purchase history or payment confirmation.
    Gentleman seemed to be well aware of the issue.
    He began by giving excuses of what occurs behind the scenes,
    told him that excuses are not a customers concern cause it says "order placed".
    He said he had the same issue himself and it also occurred with the ipod sale.
    He said they are taking down names of ebay plus members for management to respond to.
    Seriously, really?
    Enough is enough, this is now worth my time to lodge a Department of Fair Trading complaint, here is the link https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/help-centre/online-tools/...

    • +8

      Completed an eBay feedback on my call to customer service
      Explained the above and my reasonable expectations.
      Complaint was escalated, just received a call at 6.30pm from senior officer who acknowledged some technical issues but bottomline wanted to make a one time offer to make good on my order.
      Bing Lee also had "Rose Gold" ones available so he put it in my cart and created a one time voucher code for me to apply and waited on the phone whilst I put the order and code in for $79.
      DONE, on it's way.
      Now a happy eBay Plus member & OZB
      Kudos to eBay for making up on this order :)

      • +2

        Lol, great effort. I am on the same boat, but just don't wanna waste time to deal with them. Too many hassles.

  • +3

    Really hard to get one. Waste one day for this.

    • +1

      same I cancelled work and lost $200 from staying home.

      I thought I would win from the $200 sale

      • +7

        Dude, that's not a good move - if you went to work you could have purchased one at full price and ended up in the same position financially as staying home and buying one at reduced price (but not earning). Why take the gamble?

        • Me think aussiemark was after the feeling on a "rush" from scoring a deal (or he hoped to anyway) lol

  • eh, none for 5pm? i thought i can (finally) get one at 11pm

  • Terrible join ebay plus just for this but could not get it

  • -1

    I read some terrible reviews for this product with USB-C port failing, and some even reporting a device which just bricked & failing to recognize when connecting again after backing up all their files to it.

    I recently read online about Amazon being quite aggressive and ‘stealing’ sellers from eBay by luring them with a better option / conditions etc (with eBay threatening to sue).
    So I think eBay is really on their back leg here with desperation. These strategies (like this deal) are most likely to generate ‘hits’ or ‘accounts’ rather than actual sales (which I think are a bare minimum).

    I was late to view AirPods deal / thread as well, and after seeing that one after it was all over this is my opinion.
    Regarding Apple products, Apple usually keeps a tight grip on the pricing of their products (especially new products such as the AirPods 2) and I find it hard to believe Apple actually cooperated in eBay’s $99 deal.
    If anything I think Apple told them otherwise, and eBay went to work trying to find loop-holes and technicalities in order to make it happen. I am guessing eBay went to Apple and said we will only sell XXX units, and Apple refused. Then eBay went to work and figured out something like selling XXX units and using a seller which was a independent long-time seller would allow them to do so without any repercussions.
    I do think the number actually sold was well under what is shown. It all seems really desperate and I am thinking this is an early death rattle from eBay. As much as I like eBay as a website, I think they really reached their peak a long time ago.

  • Looking at the ebay history:


    It shows the last 100 purchases.

    First purchase made at 4:00:13, 100th purchase was made at 4:00:24.

    So looks like all 100 were selling out within 25 seconds.

    • on other time/hour, i think the record was like sold out within 20 secs

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