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[eBay Plus] $79 Samsung T5 1TB External SSD (100 Every Hour from 10am-4pm) @ Bing Lee eBay (Excludes Regional WA)


Just saw this banner on ebay. (thanks urbancartel)

100 SSD every hour from 10am.

Drops at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm.

Shipping terms updated @ 1PM AEST

Ships to all states except for Regional WA

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    Well I scored one at the end (4pm). Thought it was game over for me when I didn't get one at 3 but my boss' a champ and let me camp for that one last shot at 4. Ironically this time around I had just the one single window open and when I clicked confirm to buy as time changed to 4 it didn't go through but I thought screw it I'd spam it a few times and at like the 3rd or 4th try it actually went through?! This would've been like at least 10 seconds after clock hit 4pm as well. Can confirm money has been taken out of my account and have received email order confirmation. Today's like the last day my plus trial expires as well so was very lucky. Doesn't change the fact that it's a shit show by eBay and whoever paid for plus membership for the opportunity today should be rightfully furious.

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      Your boss da real MVP

  • Bots lmao. Same thing happens with limited edition hype shoes

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    Signed up to the ebay plus free trial for this and eventually got one thankfully.

    However I already received an advertisement text message on the number I signed up with. SMH wonder how much money they made off of everyone's details today.

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    And the winner is… SAMSUNG!!

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    A good tip for those with 28 Degrees Credit card is just buy the normal price product and then price protect to the sale price. Successfully got a $120 refund in my AirPods 2 a few weeks ago when they had the $99 sale on eBay

    • That's a great tip.

      I really wanted the AirPods.

    • Do they allow you to match prices with voucher codes, especially when it's expired?

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    It's one of those cheap and easy stunts. Not unlike a deliberate pricing error to get your attention but you realistically have a very small chance of actually landing it.

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    I tried every hour on the dot and failed…

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    Thanks for posting OP and for the tips everyone! Had eBay plus for a full year and finally made good use of it! Missed out on the Airpods but managed to snag one this time. Condolences to those who missed out, I'm sure a deal like this would pop up again soon!

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    Merged from Dear eBay

    Dear eBay,

    Please quit your bs practices.

    Yeaterday’s $79 HD deal illustrates what shady business practices you have. You’re well aware that those items won’t be available literally 10 seconds after they’re in stock, yet you attempt to entice new customers victims to your eBay Plus web of nonsense.

    That should be classified as bait advertising and the ACCC should be all over it. You know that existing members have a slim chance of getting one, let alone new users that have no idea what f**kery you practice.

    I managed to snag one, so this isn’t an OZBargainer being salty about missing out. It’s just a consumer, like many others, that doesn’t believe this practice is cool and how business should be run.

    I know you’re competing against Amazon now, after enjoying a monopoly for so many years. But maybe instead you should consider giving loyal eBay Plus customers better deals and treating them with some respect. It might actually help your bottom line in the long run.

    Thanks for not listening,


    • It's a promotion and no one is guaranteed a sale. Sorry I don't understand the point of this post when you actually managed to grab one?

      • entitlement

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        Just because I got one doesn’t mean I agree with the practice.

        It’s like rich people being unable to complain about the disparity between them and the poor and wanting to do something about it.

        It’s not a good practice and eBay need to stop this nonsense.

        Edit: I’m not downvoting you guys btw.

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          It's like a new cake shop offering free doughnuts to the first 100 customers. It's a promotion to entice new business and build a customer base.

          The eBay promotion also gives existing customers an incentive to keep their eBay plus accounts because you get access to those kind of deals. You obviously benefited from it yourself right?

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            @Ryanek: I benefited, yeah. But it doesn’t make it right.

            It’s like a business telling 1,000 new customers to pay a membership, to line up for 6 hours but then in reality give those 100 to existing customers that knew about this dodgyness.

            If it was targeted at existing members (which it wasn’t because the banner didn’t show when logged in) then maybe I’d understand.

            Guaranteed no legitimately new ebay Plus customers got it. This was clearly bait advertising.

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            @Ryanek: It also gives more incentive for those who missed out to CANCEL their existing memberships.

    • Feel better now that is off your chest, albeit no bl….. idea what you are bitching about!

      • It’s about the deal from yesterday. Can’t miss it. 40 downvotes.

        • 40 downvotes from 40 people who thought/think they should be entitled to one. Demand>supply, there will always be losers.

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            @NixMo1: I got one and I downvoted. It’s not just entitlement, it’s shady business practices.

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      I managed to snag one, so this isn’t an OZBargainer being salty about missing out.

      Show us the the proof :P

      • yeah i reckon he's salty lol

    • My view on these sales is that you can ignore them or jump in.

      Like I posted yesterday, this shouldn't be considered the reason to have an eBay Plus membership - just an add-on opportunity. I do agree that you would be disappointed if you started a free trial just for this.

      That aside, I have no issue if they want to do this as, to be honest, they offer some pretty incredible prices and that's largely why the sales are so competitive. And the number of units is reasonable (1000).

      The alternative is higher prices or no jackpot bonanzas so be careful what you wish for.

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    Bing Lee email - order shipped :-)

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    Drive arrived today! WOOT!

    45 GB transferred in just over a minute!

    • Why the negative / downvote??

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        Someone or some people who aren't happy that they couldn't get one.

        I got mine today. Never knew how small these things are, it's cute!

        • I meant @daven1985 got one but still downvoted…

          • @Anubis: Ohhh, I thought you meant the comment having -2 and then you having -1.

            I think daven was unhappy because he/she was trying to buy it almost as soon as they became available and kept missing out, so they negged the deal, even after receiving confirmation their order has been placed.

        • Mine arrived yesterday, also surprised how light and small they are.

          • @raspudala: is it everything you dreamed of ?

            Is it small enough to hold in my hands while i sleep

  • aaaand Facebook marketplace littered with these drives bought from Bing Lee lol!

    • So is gumtree

    • Going cheap, or dreaming?

      [Edit: saw some on Gumtree - dreaming.]

  • Thanks OP! Finally picked this up from post office and it's a speed demon :)