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R7 3700X | RTX 2080 | 16GB | 240GB NVMe | 750W 80+ Bronze Gaming PC: $1799 // R5 3600 Version $1499 + $29 Delivery @ TechFast


Following on from the higher-spec R5 3600 | RTX 2080 system recently, we've added the new Ryzen 7 3700X to the lineup, with some more nice inclusions and a big chunk off RRP for the OzB community.

Ryzen 7 3700X | RTX 2080 8GB | 16GB DDR4 2400MHz | 240GB NVMe SSD | B350 Mobo | 750W 80+ Bronze PSU | Leaper Pro White or Esports Pro Black Case
$1799 with code R73700XRTX2080.

  • RTX 2080 will most likely be MSI Ventus, NVME SSD likely Crucial, B350 Mobo will be Biostar B45M2, PSU most likely Thermaltake Smart BX1 750W.
  • Upgrades: B450 and X570 mobo upgrade will not be Biostar but something like MSI, Asus, Gigabyte etc (local stock). 80+ Gold PSU likely Thermaltake, Corsair, Antec or similar.

If you missed the previous higher-spec R5 3600 | RTX 2080 Deal, it's linked here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/474320 and details below:
Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 2080 8GB | 16GB DDR4 2400MHz | 240GB NVMe SSD | B350 Mobo | 700W PSU | Leaper Pro White or Esports Pro Black Case
$1499 with code R53600RTX2080.
(Note the bundled power supply in this system is Allied 750W or TechFast approved 700W.)



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  • Luke out here with some awesome Ryzen 3rd gen deals. Props mate.

  • Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 2080 8GB | 16GB DDR4 2400MHz | 240GB NVMe SSD | B350 Mobo | 700W PSU | Leaper Pro White or Esports Pro Black Case

    $1499 with code R53600RTX2080.


    using the code makes it $50 more?

    • +14 votes

      Derp, wrong link pasted. Fixed, thanks.

      One of these posts might be 100% correct before posting.


  • Holy shiet….RTX2080 and R7 3700X is like basically the price of the computer itself…lol

    • I am building a pc too and bought evrything from ozbargain links::
      Ryzen 3700x=$469
      B450 tomahawk=$158
      Psu 850w gold fully modular=$120
      Rtx 2080=$850
      Corsair 460x case=$175(not ozbargain link)
      16gb 3200 cl16=$111
      1 Tb crucial nvme=$129
      Which is $2012 total

      So not too far…the thing is the parts are all high end except for the rtx 2080 which is not from a good brand. I think person who knows how to build can try to build better pc for themselves.

    • because they are using a 300-series mobo and barely enough storage

      and who knows what PSU probably not any of the top brands

  • I"m so torn on these builds

    Such great value but I don't need a handful of the parts and would love some higher speed RAM.
    Sounds like the Biostar B45M2 supports up to 3200mhz RAM which isn't bad but not amazing if you were to just get an aftermarket kit.

    Would love a 2070/2080 Super build though!

    • As a previous poster said, the price of the entire computer is basically the cost of the RTX2080 and R7 3700X alone.

      Buy the computer, take out the 2080, R7 and RAM and sell the rest.

    • You can tweak your 3700x infinity fabric and the slower 2400MHz ram can perform pretty good.

  • What's the delivery times like?

    • We're at 7 business days for the majority of systems. There are exceptions but we're working through them with customers individually.

  • Is this the max Ryzen system you can get now?

  • Good price but that RAM speed though… 2933MHz CL16 bare minimum to get the most out of Ryzen chips in gaming.

  • 3700X is $200 more than 3500 i guess the extra $100 is for better PSU

  • I should have waited another 3 months and bought now. lol

  • this is an amazing deal for the avg joe whos going into HN and getting ripped off.

  • +2 votes

    I really dont wanna upgrade my current e5-1620 first gen + 1060 3g workstation.
    But all those deals from tech fast are so attractive…..
    I dont how long can i resisit now.

    • Honestly, I'm just waiting for me perfect combination to appear from these guys and I'm buying. Pricing seems better than buying the parts separate.

      • What would be your ideal combination?


          I am sold for this 3700+ and 2080……combo

        • R5 3600
          Rtx 2070 super
          750 80+ gold power
          16gb 3200 ram, cl15
          X570 mobi

          Although that combination was because the 2080 was too expensive.
          This deal the 2080 seems impossibly cheap

          • @Salmando: whilst the items you list are better specs than what tech fast typically offer, x570 mobo & the ram specs will have a very very small advantages. Assuming the PC is mostly used for gaming & not worth the extra $$$ - Ryzen 3000 series chips are fine with 16gb 3000mhz cl16 for gaming

            • @Fuff: I'll take that if available, but the ram I can get myself quite cheap, or actually as cheap. The Mobo I want is more fir the future than now - b350 already has compatibility issues, I'd rather not have to replace it completely next cpu get when I imagine things will get worse.

  • Okay, I might be the first one out here but I HATE YOUR "ADD TO CART" POP UP whenever I scroll down and change my preference.

    Changing my RAM option, one scroll down "oops, pop up appear and can not see my option anymore", pull up "oops, too far up, my option is way down the list".

    Please for the love of god fix this.

    • Yeah I had to block the frame with ublock, then unblock it once I was done. Painful workaround.

    • It's a funny thing and it does jump around but I've not had it interfere with scrolling so much to make it impossible to get to an option. Zooming out (Ctrl+-) should fix it as well. Obviously not a great fix so I will get our devs to fix it. Thanks.

  • Seems like a good deal but if you upgrade all the given options then its comparable to the other providers
    Upgraded version costing : $2,236.00 ( $2807 without code , with code R73700XRTX2080, its comes down to $2236)

    Price from Centrecom -
    MD RYZEN R7 3700X, 8C 16T, 36MB CACHE, 65W TDP - $ 519.00
    Kingston HyperX 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL18 Desktop RAM - HX432C18FB2K2/16 -$149.00
    Western Digital WD Green 3D NAND 240GB M.2 (SATA) SSD -$48.00
    Antec DP501 Minimal Mid-Tower Gaming Case -$87.00
    Thermaltake Litepower 750W Gen 2 Power Supply -$73.00
    Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120 RGB Liquid CPU Cooler -$69.00
    MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ventus 8G V2 Graphic Card - $1,049.00

    Total = $2253

    Centrecom do charge an assembly fees of $90 and this comes all assembled

  • It's been a while since I've built a PC. Is AMD cpu mixed with a Nvidia GPU ok to do now?

    • It's what I'm doing. Ryzen seems pretty nice to me. When I bought my gtx1070 the only other option was vega, which was dogshit and more expensive. Even now I'm still not convinced on their newest cards but the AIB models might change that perception for me.

    • Yea it's fine. My first build in over 6 years too (coming from 4770K). 3700X + X570 with NVMe SSD's and 32GB ram running great. W10 installed in like what feels like 5 minutes it's insane.

    • If you can hold for a week or so I'd do that. 5700xt is 10%~ slower then the 2070s/2080 for a lot less. So unless you need a feature Nvidia offers that AMD doesn't, an AIB custom card for that one would be best.

      • This. 5700XT is basically competing with 1080TI/2070S at the $6xx price point making it fantastic value. Once they get cooling sorted with AIB cards it would be an even better buy. Thanks to Nvidia's price gouging for the first time I am actually considering a Radeon card; going to see how CP2077 runs next year before deciding to get a new card or not. Curious to see what the 5800 is going to be like as well, I'd imagine it would compete with the 2080S but at 2070S' price point and perhaps the XT variant challenging the 2080TI. Intel's supposed to be entering the GPU market soon as well which can only be good for consumers. Honestly can't remember the last time we saw this much competition from both CPU and GPU space which is great for us consumers.

      • Yeah my friends got me a X34P for my 30th. So I'm gonna stick with Nvidia to take advantage of the G-Sync. The 970 I have at the moment is falling a bit on 1440p. So probably time to upgrade the rig.

  • I just got go an email from these guys saying that my GPU will not come installed and I will have to do it myself. No mention of this in ozbargain post or website. I have cerebral palsy installing myself not possible, obviously not happy.

    Update : Just got an email saying they will install the card problem solved.

    • +21 votes

      The background to this is the weight of the 2070 made us concerned about damage in transit, so we decided to ship separately. Of course when informed of an individual customer's circumstances we can figure something out.

  • Damnit that's a good deal vs my current approach to build myself. Again if only I could get PCs delivered safely without worrying.

  • Im confused - I get $1,532 for the Ryzen 5 3600 build if I diy. Same price as techfast - what am i missing?

    CPU Ryzen 5 3600 - 315
    GPU RTX 2080 - 899
    RAM 16GB Kit 2400 - 119
    HDD 240GB - 45
    PSU Cheap PSU - 35
    MOBO Cheap Mobo - 80
    CASE Cheap case - 39
    Total - 1,532

    • +9 votes

      Delivery for all those, assembly, dat TechFast flava.

      • Of course Luke, I always appreciate the flava, but usually your price always beats my total by a good 10-20%

        • Man, you got to let business owners have some profit. They have running costs like hiring staff, indemnity insurance, and renting a place. Not only that, you didnt take into account that you HAVE to assemble it and wait for each part to come.

          What Luke's offering is a service for those that dont know how to build and get technical support when they dont know how to troubleshoot computer after it built. Could be for those that dont want to give a crap to build..and research.

    • Im defintiely a DIYer on PCs, so i get where you are coming from.

      But that is already $33 more, probably doesn't include shipping (maybe does for some, or is local MSY prices), doesnt include building (usually like $80+ as a service or 1.5-2 hours of your own time) and doesnt include the time of installing windows plus all drivers and software.
      So when you add all the bits and bobs DIYing is certainly falling behind there.

      These have some problems (mainly PSUs that if they spent/charged like $30 more for they could have something less likely to explode). But are definitely a great option for someone who can't or doesnt feel like building themselves.

  • Motherboard showing out of stock. Is this correct and will an alternative be offered for the deals?

  • Hmmm so I have all the storage I need, a case, a PSU.

    May get this, use the 3700x + 2080 in new build, use the rest as a donor or build a 2600 + Rx580 with it.

  • No $300 extra option for 3900x?

  • Phew, my irrational hatred towards Nvidia is the only thing that stopped me from buying.

    I am going to struggle once Techfast start posting deals with the AIB 5700XTs.

    • Is it worth holding off for later this month for an AIB 5700xt deal?

      • +3 votes

        We will have them later this month.

      • If you can yeah. The reference xt is 8% slower then the 2070s and 13% slower then the 2080, but for $630 (anywhere from $200 - $500+ cheaper then either of those cards).

        Apparently there are custom (read - good coolers) cards coming at RRP. Not sure if that means Aus RRP as well but powercolor/xfx/asrock (all ones I think I've beard will have RRP cards) stuck to the RRP here, so I'm thinking we're fine.

        Apparently the drop is around the 16th. That was confirmed for ASUS, and I've heard that date mentioned a lot so I'm sticking with it (though probably the 17th here).

        • With a custom powerplay table you can crank it up very close to the 2080 but you need better cooling (2 or 3x fan with a good heatsink to do that. I wouldn't buy a blower style card after my 290x's single fan died on me.

    • Irrational? You seen their pricing? Seems perfectly rational to me.

      • Thanks mate 😂

        • nVidia's Super release (while maybe not so super) did cause AMD to drop prices for their 5700 and 5700XT.
          I support both camps to keep the competition going.

          • @netsurfer: Tad funny/sad to think that even if AMD had've kept the pricing they were originally intending on they would've been far better then Nvidia's "super" pricing.

            Ah well. Nvidia's loss and our gain.

  • Which X570 boards do you use?

  • Anyway to choose a different case?

  • Would love it if you guys could possibly get some deals on a 2080 Ti.

  • How difficult is it to add my own second SSD + a HDD into the case Leaper Esports case?