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Gaming Desktop PC: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 2080 8GB | RAM 16GB | B350M | SSD: 240GB | PSU: 700W $1528 Delivered @ Techfast


Another great offer. Apply code at checkout to get $400 discount.

Also, You can

  • Swap White Leaper Pro or Esports Pro M-ATX case (no charge to swap)
  • Add 27" Monitor for $169 (normally $199).

Base spec - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2080 8GB - RAM: 16 GB [2 x 8GB] DDR4 RAM - Motherboard: B350M - SSD: 240GB NVMe m.2 - PSU: 700W - Case: White Leaper Pro RGB M-ATX. Select your upgrades from the options below! If you require multiple systems, please add each to your cart separately.

Reach out to Rep - Luke for queries if any :)

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  • Anyone comment on their support service after sale or before sale dealing direct ?

    I emailed few weeks back with a simple query back but have not heard.

    • send Luke a message, he should be able to help you out
      ive heard he's very helpful within the ozbargain community

    • Fantastic service, I purchased a system a couple of months ago. Made an ordering error and they fixed it within minutes after ringing the contact number.

      Highly recommend.

    • In my experience they have been really quick at replying and supporting any issues you have encountered. Best way to get a quick response would be to call them during office hours and have a chat with Callum.

    • Extremely good. I had first hand experience dealing with Luke and the support team and found them to be very accomodating and helpful. Unfortunately I didn’t end up keeping the system in the end as it had a motherboard issue which I couldn’t self-fix after many attempts, but I really did appreciate the service and attempts by Techfast to help me troubleshoot and work through it including them even sending me a 2nd GPU just to try it out! I really can’t commend them enough and if I had different circumstances (i.e. where I could get deliveries of large items like a computer!) I would give them another shot and buy again.

    • Not sure how their eBay support is - though I've heard good things - but I can definitely vouch for Luke on these forums (linked at the end of the OP)

  • Finally something to take my mind off the shitfest that is the Shopback "competition".

    This is a decent deal, $200 extra for a B350 upgrade and 2600->3600, as well as 16GB RAM.

    Bit confused, is this a 240GB m.2 NVME SSD or am I reading this wrong?

  • +1 vote

    Located in Adelaide btw, their store isn't too far away from the cbd. good for getting into pc gaming but you'll need to upgrade stuff eventually.

    • What is that comment? Lol that happens to every gaming pc. That said im still rocking a i5 ddr3 with a 7950… It still does everything i want, your need to upgrade is totally based on if you need to have the very best pixel/framerate.

      • +1 vote

        i mean the power supply will be complete garbage & the case is crap

        • Ehh i used a cheap $35 case for 4 years only the last build did i get a decent one. A box to hold it really is a box, especially for people who dont build their pc.

          As for psu, it'll last your warranty at minimum :) or the vendor wears it.

        • the psu isn't the best but i don't see what's wrong with the case?

          • @thorman: i had one and it was terrible for airflow because if you mounted a 3.5" drive in it then airflow gets blocked because it mounts right at the front and mounting a 3.5" drive in it was a pain. swapping to a decent case was the 2nd best thing i did to mine (psu 1st)

            • @HKS: I got the ryzen 2600 with the 1660ti version and I disconnected that fan because temps are fine without it. My pc has been up for 2 days and currently the peak temp of my cpu is 50c, gpu 67c with my ultra conservative fan profile, max temp so far of my 3 ssd's is 45c. The psu is enough of a case fan for this case anyway unless maybe you have a 2080 or something..still doubt temps would be a problem if you disconnected that fan.

  • Finally a balanced upgradable build but would liked to have seen a HDD included.

  • I am actually in the market for a new gaming computer and bit out of the loop.

    I have heard about many issues with Ryzen CPU's.

    Any gotchas I should be aware of or other info I should know?

    Is this a really good deal and should I go for this?


  • Any chance you can post a build with a 2080 ti soon? Or is the upgrade option for $799 the best available?

  • Hi Luke,

    Sent you a PM. I purchased a Ryzen 7 system from you yesterday and wish to purchase this instead.

  • Can someone comment on the benefit of upgrading to the B450 motherboard in this system?

  • Deal without GPU please

  • Do you sell individual components? I'm in the market for a 2070 super or 2080.

    • 2080 is them clearing old stock. The 2080 Super is the same price as 2080. Not that it's much of an upgrade.

  • So I’ve been watching these posts for the last couple of weeks and am never sure at which point I should pull the trigger given the constantly changing market.

    Is this a safe bet for a good gaming rig that’ll hold itself for some time to come? Also wouldn’t mind knowing if it will tick the boxes if I wanted to give VR gaming a go sometime.

    • This is a great gaming rig for anything really VR/1080p/1440p and maybe even some 4k gaming.

      Just need to definitely add more storage aka hard drive space and maybe solid state drive space depending on how many games and programs you want installed at one time and if you decide to record your gameplay or stream.

      Recording gameplay takes a lot of space but honestly a couple 10 TB hard drives will suffice.

      SSD for boot drive is great anything else and personally it is only a couple of seconds saved for like over 5 times the cost.. your call it does help but personally it is like buying a $30,000 watch versus maybe a $3,000 watch.. do you really need those extra diamonds? (I mean yes you do but can you afford it haha lol).

      16gb ram is enough but an extra 16gb ram for $200 AUD does not hurt especially if you plan to do any editing whatsoever or 4k gaming.

      • Awesome, very helpful advice. Thank you!

        • No worries if you need more specific information feel free to keep the conversation going I know a little bit about these things not the extreme top tier enthusiast stuff but enough of the commonly asked general questions mostly usually.

          I wanna get a RTX 2080 Ti (Super OC Extreme Edition maybe in the future praying and fingers crossed) sometime in the future but have not decided which CPU to pair it with or how much ram to kit it out with but definitely 16GB DDR4 minimum maybe even 64GB DDR4 if editing or modelling requires it.

          Gonna be used mainly for gaming though most definitely and some background recording but I may dabble in some game development or video editing but not in the very near future for sure that is more like a long term plan kind of thing maybe in 10 years because for now I am having too much fun just playing but every now and then I feel like I wish I knew more about making actual proper games so one day I can make my dream game whatever that is when the moment of inspiration suddenly just comes.

          I think some people know what I mean we just wanna change the gaming world and put our brains, creativity and inspiration into something but for now it is all just day dreams, visualisations and wishful thinking but you gotta start somewhere and all games out now started first as a simple concept or small idea and well we see the end results now.

          Life is truly amazing truly.

          I am on a 4K resolution 60 Hz computer monitor now so if I can get 4k 60 fps minimum in most games using 4k Ultra Max Settings I will be a happy fan.

          The future of gaming is what keeps me going in this crazy frustrating world.. gaming is my life I really have nothing else much to live for.. food is going against me.. drinks is somewhat not good for me although I feel like that is a myth and feel like I am invincible meh who cares so what you only live once right?

          I hope you reach your potential and dreams Tregetour truly I hope we all do because we all benefit as a whole when we work together and benefit off each other.

          So yeah if you need any more questions on your build or whatever you are thinking give me a message or whatever I will be happy to have a chat with you personally.

          • @AlienC: Do you recommend this for occasional 4k video edit of 15 min duration maximum ?

            • @Question Mark: The CPU is perfect for the odd 4k video edit. The disk you are writing to would likely be the bottle neck. The system comes with a high end GPU and would be a waste of money unless you play games. To help put it in perspective about half the value of this system is in the graphics card so if you aren't gaming or doing
              a lot video editing using software that can use GPU transcoding then you are over spending on this system.

            • @Question Mark: What Fornax said.. but depends on the software as sometimes AMD cards perform better depending on the exact software you are using so best to do a check of the specific editing software being used and go from there.

              Also a large SSD would be hugely beneficial for any editing work 4k or otherwise and generally ram so this is a good base to start from but you will need to do some upgrades and check specifically what you are using because it all honestly depends on what editing software you are using.

    • I'd probably be hesitant to buy before the custom Navi cards in 2 weeks. This is by no means a bas deal considering the hardware, but the 2080 is just a stupidly overpriced card.

  • Not a gamer, but would this be OK or overkill for CAD & video work, also I need to run 3 monitors.

    • It is overkill in the performance sense, however it has plenty of outputs to support 3 (or more) monitors thanks to the gpu.

    • Should be very decent for CAD work and an absolute monster for video.

  • Would you swap out this generic psu if you have a seasonic 80+ gold 550-w psu? Which one better for the PC specs

  • any deal with Ryzen 7 3700x?

  • Ryzen CPUs benefit a fair bit from faster RAM. Consider spending the extra $40 on the 3200mhz RAM.

  • Anyone know which of the two cases is better? (i.e. better airflow, sound levels, etc.)

  • I have recommended this seller to 2 friends, both purchased machines, very happy after 8 and 4 months respectively. I'd go for one myself if I didn't self build 12 months ago.

    • Can also back this up. Will likely be passing it down to my brother when I get around to building a new PC in a few months.

  • To be honest i am completely disappointed with techfast
    I placed an order and paid on the 20th of July and received no update and my order kept saying ‘unfulfilled”
    Yet the description says ready to ship on the product page.

    I had made two calls asking to change my order to the above and they kept side stepping my request.
    Today 1st of August I finally get a tracking number and they send out this deal $300 cheaper and better specced than what I requested. Talk about feeling ripped off.

    • +17 votes

      Thanks for the feedback. No systems are ready to ship as they're all built to order so I'm not quite sure where that info came from, so would appreciate you linking me to that piece of you can. We're at 7 business days or slightly over for a couple, but not far off it for the vast majority. I've always been very up front about shipping times on here so apologies if it's incorrect somewhere else.

      When you say change your order to the above, we came up with this deal literally this afternoon. If there seemed to be sidestepping it was not intentional and I haven't been made aware of any such requests from the CS guys, but please PM me your specifics and if its still possible to change your order I'll help you out.

      • Thanks for your response Luke.
        "No systems are ready to ship as they're all built to order so I'm not quite sure where that info came from"
        It clearly says on your website before you click any system, 'Add To Cart' it says in blue colour below the button" In Stock" so that's why i assumed you have all the necessary parts, as the range of upgrade parts are very limited.

        "We're at 7 business days or slightly over for a couple, but not far off it for the vast majority. I've always been very up front about shipping times on here so apologies if it's incorrect somewhere else"
        Well i can't see it being 'very upfront' from when i add a system to the cart and go through to the payment stage, so its definitely not clear as your suggesting . . But to be fair, I do accept it may well be in the print of the 'terms & conditions, as I did not read the terms and conditions.

        "When you say change your order to the above, we came up with this deal literally this afternoon. If there seemed to be sidestepping it was not intentional and I haven't been made aware of any such requests from the CS guys"
        The order was not for the deal above, but extremely similar and cost approx $300 more and was wanting to change since my order was placed on the 20th July. I had not even been updated or notified for 1 & 1/2 weeks until after two phone calls to find out what was going on. I asked to change/modify the order because i was tired of waiting. - I was denied.

        "please PM me your specifics and if its still possible to change your order I'll help you out"
        Its nice of you to assist and offer, but the horse has already bolted as a tracking number says it shipped on the 1st of august so there is no hope in changing the order now.

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