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eBay Australia - $2 Bonus Cashback with $5 Spend @ ShopBack (via App Only)


Terms and Conditions:

  • To qualify for the $2 Cashback Bonus, you must make any purchase (AU $5 minimum spend, excluding shipping & GST) from eBay Australia ( through the ShopBack app between 11 August 2019 12:00 AM - 11 August 2019 11:59 PM AEST (inclusive).
  • The $2 cashback bonus is in addition to the usual 1% cashback you receive on eBay Australia purchases.
  • The $2 cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 30 August.
  • Offer is not applicable to purchases on eBay USA (
  • Purchases of items excluded from cashback (for example gift cards, charity and non-profit items, eBay Plus membership, Cars, Bikes, Boats, Coins, Real Estate, Services, Tickets, Travel) do not qualify you for the bonus.
  • Returned, exchanged and cancelled orders will void your eligibility for the bonus.
  • If your tracked cashback at eBay AU is rejected, your bonus will be voided.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to dishonour bonuses for members who have participated in this offer in a fraudulent manner (ie. using multiple accounts). Such members may be banned and any cashback on their accounts forfeited.
  • You must have earned at least $10 confirmed cashback from general purchases to withdraw the $2 Cashback Bonus.

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  • Just bought when I found out there is cash back from eBay again.

  • Great post… thanks!

  • @Shopback Rep

    I have a $5 off purchase of $5.01 or more voucher, will this void the cashback/bonus?

  • AU $5 minimum spend, excluding shipping & GST

    So… a $5.50 spend then?

    • C'mon shopback don't confuse people!

    • I think the GST statement refers to the oversea listings, as eBay does not add GST for Australian listings. So, AU listing min spend = $5, overseas min spend =$5.50.

  • Will it be void if using promo code (PATPAT) not listed at shopback

  • What do you mean by (via app only)? Is it a phone app that has to be installed, or the Shopback browser plugin, or do you just mean clicking through from the ShopBack site? (Gee I hate Microsoft for confusing things…) "Programs" were (still are) what you install on a PC or Mac. Then the word "apps" came along and for a couple of years were what you install on a mobile device - a phone or tablet, until they blurred the lines with that awful Windows 8, and tried to discard the word 'programs' for the rest of us. And I'm not sure what clicking through from a site to another site is called… a 'widget'!?

    • Phone app for both sites.

      • Thanks. I didn't even realise they had a phone app now.

      • Does tablet app not count?

        • tablets are just big phones.

          • @damion: That's how silly it was for MicrosoftInTheHead to call programs 'apps' only because it was running on their mobile-phone-on-windows OS… Now we have to specify "phone app", instead of just saying "app" - so people know what the heck we mean. Someone should send the bikies 'round to MS to beat them senseless until everyone on Earth uses the correct terms again.

          • @damion: I only asked coz with the recently ben and jerrys deal. My wife used her iPhone to buy it, I used my ipad. Hers tracked straight away and mine hasn't. Using app for both.

            She also reminded me, with free spotify, ipad app works like PC, you can skip/pick songs or something, but cant with phone. shrugs

  • Haven't got cash back for Amazon deal yet 😒😒

    • I can't find the old post for that deal. I know it was posted on the 15th July or earlier, but cannot find it to check when cashbacks were to be processed, but I thought it was sometime in August. Have you got the link to the old post? [Edit] Is this it? - it says: "The $3 Bonus will be credited into your ShopBack account by 15th August 11.59PM AEST."

      Mind you, what a pain in the neck that was… I ordered a bunch of books due to that bonus cashback + the usual Amazon discount. Amazon later sent emails for two-thirds of the books, saying the seller's time to confirm shipment has expired. They have mostly been shipped since then… But I'm still waiting on several to arrive, and one book still shows it hasn't been shipped yet. The seller says I can either cancel or wait.

      So it's going to be a nightmare trying to work out if the cashback went through, and for which items it worked, because no cashback click has any identifying details other than: "Amazon Australia" - and only one cashback out of about 30 is showing as 'pending' - and what about all the ones that Amazon listed as "not confirmed" but have since been shipped - does that mean I lose the cashback, because Amazon haven't registered it!?

      I don't even know where to begin.

      • Well I left feedback for two of those Amazon purchases that were marked "not confirmed" due to the seller taking so long to ship them (which I suspect means they won't register for cashback purposes)… I thought that might change the item to: "Delivered" on Amazon (because the sellers included no tracking - so Amazon doesn't know they've been delivered). Nope.

        I wish each click would show on cashback sites using some identifier from the shopping site, so we know what each one refers to. e.g. Use the Amazon order number that looks like this: 250-0000000-1234567.

  • Just bought $1600 worth of eBay through the shopback app 0.o lets see if it works. Should get $18 cash back

  • There are many things that I want, but nothing that I need

  • Done.

  • at least this one is not targeted. all those promo codes don't work, waste of time.

  • 36.4% off if you get a $5 item + GST

  • +12 votes

    Hi rep, are gift card payments eligible for cashback as well?

    • EDIT: The app says the 1% cashback is not valid for payments made with gift cards - as for this offer, not sure.

      EDIT AGAIN: Due to this clause:

      If your tracked cashback at eBay AU is rejected, your bonus will be voided.

      I'd say then that the $2 cashback would also not apply for payments made with gift cards.

  • Glad I held off buying last night. Thanks OP

  • Bought a new case from kogan for my s8, thanks OP.

  • in the terms:

    Make sure that you Do NOT add products to the ebay wishlist and purchase/bid over 24 hours later, cashback may not be awarded

  • Whats the limit of this promotion?

  • It sad that new ebay app won't work at all unless you have google services.

    • I thought I was the only one having problems with it.

      • Im pretty sure it because of new feature of google/android pay within the app. As catlog is outputting of safetynet/google services errors.

        I mean apps was working fine before July with no google services or with microG.

        This is server side issues, as different app version won't fix this issue.

    • Hopefully someone will develop a new OS soon to end the Goople duoply

      • LOL. The Android OS was supposed to end such things. Blackberry already did and caved. Android One?

        • Not if google 'force' google services to be installed with android. Android was created to keep google duopoly on the mobile.

          Android one is basically stock android for OEM to install instead of their own rom.

          Windows was only real competitor but it died.

  • Is a one time use promo?

  • Would cash back be valid if payment was made by eBay gift cards?

    • Unlikely. The regular cashback doesn't apply if payment is made by gift card, and therefore the clause

      If your tracked cashback at eBay AU is rejected, your bonus will be voided.

      would likely mean that the $2 cashback wouldn't apply either.

  • Would an iPhone 5 function well as a gps?

    • - maybe? (Not an 'i' anything user here.)

      • Thanks. Was thinking of buying one of those refurbished iPhones posted today v

        • What I know more about is Android… and Sygic. It's the best GPS app I've used (and I've used all of them). It even has 3D buildings - modeled after the actual buildings. I used a sideloaded pirated version for several months and I found it was the best for advanced lane guidance in cities. (Though the 'advanced' part of that still fell short - the lane 'split' often shows RIGHT AS you need to change lanes with no time left, so you have to be either hanging back, or well ahead of other traffic, ready to dart over.) I think it goes on sale pretty regularly for about 7 or 8 Euro - whatever that is in AU - and of course, any Android phone with the memory capacity to run it.

  • Guys please show me some $5 interesting things to buy.

  • Still dont have my $2 bonus from the last Ebay US deal, even though I've logged a ticket multiple times.

  • Does this stack with promo codes?

  • I already have a shopback account. Instead of allowing me to login, the app (looks like) it wants you to create a new account. i.e. You enter your phone number, then it SMS's you a code to enter, then asks you to "enter a password to create a new account". But when you do it rejects it. So I tried entering my SIXTEEN digit password for my account on their website - and the app accepted it and logged me in - after stating it wanted to create a NEW account!? [Sigh]

  • Haven't got the gold coin but thank you

  • Only skimmed through the T&Cs before, but just noticed it has to be through the app. I know it is clearly stated. I just automatically assumed it wouldn't require the app because it hasn't so far.

    That's a bummer. I try to keep apps to a minimum because everything collects data these days. That's a pass for me this time.

  • How does a measly saving of $2 get 400+ votes lol

    • Exactly.

      People realize that there are terms and conditions and can be knocked back on the $2, right??

    • A $2 saving is better than nothing. Considering eBay AU and these cashback companies like Shopback had a hard time negotiating a deal for months.

    • +1 vote

      The negative button should be allowed to be used properly.

  • I haven't got tracking yet, not sure if app tracking works or not

  • Btw you guys might want to double check your eBay cash back. I spent 5.11 and got 4 cents cash back which is not 1%.

  • No tracking yet….

  • Anyone get the cashback from this promo?

    • The $2 cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 30 August.

  • Just received the $2.