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Sony A7 III (ILCE7M3B) Camera Body + 24mm-105mm Lens Kit $2567.42 + 2000 Qantas Points Delivered @ Qantas Store


My first deal post so let me know if I've done anything wrong.

I think this may be a pricing error as the body and 28-70 kit lens is the same price.

The a7iii body went as low as $2000 from memory and the 24-105 went as low as 1500. So if my math is right this particular kit is the cheapest by approx $730.

The cash portion of the purchase also earns you 5541 PTS.

I'm not sure if the Qantasstaff code works (from the Sony WH-1000XM3 post), but if it does it could savd you another 10%.

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  • Don’t forget code QANTASSTAFF to get 10% off

  • Very good deal for an all rounder kit

  • Friends, any ways to get points quick w/o bying a ticket?

  • Got it plus 5135 points back. Thanks Op

  • Darn going to fly out on 23rd this month, not enough time for it to arrive for TRS ><

  • Site down for anyone else?

  • Thanks OP

  • Can you claim TRS on the cash portion?

    • yes

    • Yes

    • I only got receipt on the confirmation email. Is email print-out good enough for TRS guy?

    • Dumb question: Do you need to have the camera and lens in their original boxes when claiming at the airport?

    • To claim TRS you need a PRINTED copy of the tax invoice showing the amount of GST paid, for large amounts like this the tax invoice also needs to have your name/address on it. You also need the actual goods, but they don't have to be in the box etc. The amount you get is the amount of GST shown as being paid, as that is how much the business has to forward to the ATO. How you paid for it (points / discount etc) is irrelevant.

      Note there's some times when you don't need a printed copy, but if the desk isn't staffed etc you need to put the printed copy in an envelope where it's processed later, if you only have a digital copy (or tried to claim through the app), you're stuffed.

    • Isn't this over the tax free threshold so you have to pay it back when entering Australia again?

  • bought, thanks OP. Site was extremely laggy.

  • Thanks, ordered.

    Dispatches in 10 days.

  • Thanks OP - Bought one
    Has there been issues in the past with Qantas cancelling orders due to pricing errors or do they honour it?

  • Bought one took me 3 times to be able to process the order

  • I got impulsive and bought one, thanks!

  • I don't need this, I don't need this, I don't need this

    Edit: Ordered

  • Has the price been increased?

  • @scotty would be great if you provide some idea how much money is spent over this weekend. Retail is down but here people still seem to be dropping hundreds of thousands buying earpods and cameras.

    • Yeah, but they're buying discounted earpods & cameras.

      When Gerry Harvey complains about retail being down, he means that people aren't buying at full price.

    • Lol, lots of cashed up impulse buys.

  • Good find, ordered, had 30,000 points sitting there too.
    Been wanting an A7 III or A7RIII, while the lens looks amazing, not sure i need another zoom. eBay will help me swap it for a awesome prime though :P

  • Now there will be an influx of Qantas staff purchases. At least they will know that the staff code get utilised effeciently

  • Qantas staff not working. I m using android phone browser. Could that be the issue?

    Edit. Is working but reloading and rekey many times before it approves.

  • +3 votes

    Want one but don't have any quantas point in account. :(

  • So very tempting! 🤤

    Been out of the game a while, had 2 nex7s, an em1 and a fuji. Always kept an eye on the a7 line up when they were introduced and was very happy with where Sony were going. Where does the a7iii fit in amongst the many a7 models?

    • Best bang for buck.
      They just released an a7r4 but unless you need 50+ mp pictures this is awesome value

      • This is ridiculously cheap in comparison to my old gear that I sold a while back. I actually didn't even end up negative after selling my gear (insurance job plus extra acquired gear).

        Very tempting indeed.

        I have about 96000 points just sitting idle from my retired FIFO work, brings it down to $1920 + points pay.

        Anyone know what the lens is worth roughly on the 2nd hand market? I'd be keen to swap it out for a prime 35mm!

  • Nice deal!

  • I don't have 2000 points to place an order. I'm really sad. :(

  • Thanks OP, just bought one, i have been watching the prices since March and this has been the best combo deal so far!

  • The site is so slow, gotta try a few times get through checkout.

  • Bought one but will sell the lens as new. Only need macro lens and a 35mm prime

  • That increased heartrate when you've just bought something you don't need…..

  • Should i broden it?

  • +20 votes

    Who's gonna be the first Muppet to call qantas to ask if the price is correct and get flamed?

  • Ordered x1. Hope the deal is honored. This product retails at over 4K.

  • Wow what a scramble, had to get minister of finance approval, buy 2000 worth of Qantas points (cost $86) but I finally got checkout!

    Site is slow as dog shit and errors but finally got there. Hope it's not a price error. Also travel overseas next month so should get TRS back.

    Should be able to sell my M4/3 Olympus E-M1 and lenses to make up some of the cost

    Can you still use the A7 for landscape stuff? Or is the A7R better?

    • You can use any camera for anything.

      A7III for landscape is fine too, in fact if want to do night time landscape/astro then it's better.

  • Thanks OP, planning to sell the camera and keep the lens.

    I bought this camera from a previous JB Hi-Fi 25% off deal.

    Great camera, I sold my Nikon D750 + 3 lens (all f2.8) and haven't looked back.

    The pros of this camera:
    - Camera + Lenses are light weight
    - Fast auto-focus (you can set it to slow/med/fast in the menu)
    - Get approx 3 times extra zoom range with any lens in 4k video mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY73QC-lsBo
    - Electronic View Finder (EVF) lets you view what your image in real time (majority of DSLR's don't have this)
    - Great battery life
    - Dual SD slots (please note slot 1 being UHS-II, and slot 2 UHS-I)

    - Menu systems is tedious, easily over 30 pages of settings. You can't scroll through the menu with the touch-screen.
    - Camera is shorter in height compared to DSLR, you will find your pinky finger loose. I had to buy an attachment "SMALLRIG Camera L Plate Bracket": https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07DCM2721/ref=ppx_yo_d...
    - Sony f2.8 lenses are crazy expensive compared to Canon and Nikon equivalents. F4 lenses are great, but you're sacrificing a bit of bokeh and low-light performance
    - Only 4k 30 FPS. Be mindful you have to set your SD card/camera to NTSC or elase PAL will be 24/25 FPS

    Other recommendation:
    - Upgrade the the latest firmware. They add lots of new features/functionality
    - Great convenient camera strap: Peak Design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOY03ICKvSI

    • Why would you want 4k 30p? it has a crop in the A7III where as 25p 4k does not. plus most people want 24/25p to get a more "cinematic look".

      • @BigglesKDH
        Let me clarify, only 4k 30 FPS vs. 60 FPS.
        I was just pointing out if people want to use 30 FPS then they will have to switch to NTSC.

    • My current camera is the Nikon D750. What do you find better about the Sony to justify the price difference?

      • @bigrizz
        In terms of images the D750 has great dynamic range and low light performance, therefore you won't see much difference on that front. Obviously the glass you put on it will determine the quality of images.

        The electronic view finder and weight of the Sony is convenient, but not a necessity.

        The only thing I can justify for you is if you're into video, which I am.

        Hope that helps.

        • Thanks Ausdave. Yep, helps. I'm not a big video shooter. This is a cracking opportunity to switch camps but my biggest beef is the price of Sony glass. I've got a bagful of top notch previous gen Nikon glass I have slowly bought secondhand for less than the price of this kit lens. Might stick with the D750 for now.

          • @bigrizz: The a7iii's best value lenses are the third party tamron lenses: 17-28 f/2.8 and 28-75 f/2.8. Both have some very positive reviews. While there are sigma and samyang f/1.4 primes about, they don't seem to do as well with video AF compared to the native sony options. You also don't have anything cheap in the 70-200 range.

      • image quality not going to be whole lot different, better low light, much better video. image stabilisation. eye auto focus, much faster shots per second. lot of features. if you want a big leap in picture quality go for the a7riv. or wait for their next one

    • Bonus recommendation: This sort of adresses the expensive 2.8 lens issue. Tamron make a great midrange zoom the 28-75 f2.8 with sharpness that rivals the Gmaster 24-70 (which is more than double the price). Great alternative for people that don't need the Gmaster.

      Tamron have also just come out with the 17-28 to fill in the wide angle side of things thats also a 2.8 and an alternative to the gmaster 16-35 2.8 that costs you a liver.

  • Tempted to buy it, sell it for a profit, then grab an X-T3 instead…

  • Anyone know if Canon lenses useful on the A7III (with adapter)? Just dawned on me I may be switching to Sony unintentionally.