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20% off 8 Selected Sellers Inc Appliances Central (Max Disc $1000) @ eBay (LG 70" Smart 4K UHD $1272 + Del @ App Central)


Don't forget cashback

Search link - thanks murpha

70UM7300PTA LG 70" Smart 4K UHD AI ThinQ TV - $1272 plus delivery (thanks ozlegacy)

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00am (AEST) on 12th August 2019 and ends at 11:59pm (AEST) on 18th August 2019 (“Offer Period”).
The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Selected Sellers, up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in five transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).
“Selected Sellers” means the participating sellers listed at the end of these terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.
This offer does not apply to items listed by the Selected Sellers in the following category: Gift Cards (184609).
To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code PUFFIN into the redemption code box during the checkout process. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. You can only use the redemption code five times during the Offer Period. The code is provided to you as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.

Selected Sellers means:
HP Australia
Appliance Central
Grays Online Australia
Factory Direct Nutrition
House Online
Robins Kitchen Official
Toys R Us AU
Hobby Warehouse

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    • Cheers

    • How does one stop it from opening the app?

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        Open it in an incognito window.

      • Open in a new tab (hold on the link)

    • Silly question, but how do I search for a specific item from this search link? I don't really want to scroll through thousands of items..

      • The primary search box is 'context aware', so should maintain the filter if you search for a particular item.

        • Hmm doesn't work for me, how annoying.

          For eg. The search will be:
          Laptop seller:hpaustralia….etc

          Nothing comes up for things I know are in there.

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    Myer pls

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      Great deal. Added to OP.

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      Dang…. I really wish the reasons for upgrading my perfectly fine 65" 1080 screen weren't getting cheaper and cheaper. Sigh

      • Not OLED

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          I think you're right. OLED 75" 4K for ~1500 would be the next upgrade point for me

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        Depends on what you currently have. I have a 2013 60" ST60 plasma and nothing below the flagship LED TVs can come close to this. OLED is another story though…

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          What power consumption on the plazma

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            @rps: It's true old school plasma consumes more power than modern LED TVs. But at an estimated 50watt extra per hour, and using the tele for 5 hours per day, it adds up to less than 100kWh/year. At 30c/kWh, that's $36/year or extra $3/month for superior image quality to any LED TV bar flagship models.

            • @chewkl: Same here. I have an old Panasonic VT50 plasma. The picture quality is far better than many new LED TVs.

              I also don't keep the tv ON whole day. Only watch around 3 hrs/day. My next TV would be an OLED.

              • @dealspider: VT60 is 1 step above the ST60, wish I could have afforded it back then…

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            @rps: Who cares?

            I've never understood this argument to bin a perfectly good TV based purely on its power use.
            Yes plasma's use more power than LED, but the difference in real world power use doesn't justify the expense in replacing the TV.

            I've got an old Panasonic 50" plasma. Still going great after 10 years (more?) of use. It simply won't die…. but it'll give better blacks and overall better image quality than anything but a real expensive TV.

            Power consumption on that is 500w. A lot.

            A new 50" LED screen would be much less… about 175w?
            That's a difference of 325w.

            If you use the TV for about 7 hours per day (2 in the morning, 5 at night).
            At 20c per kWh the LED costs $89.43pa, and the Plasma costs $255.53pa

            A difference of $166.10pa.

            Sounds like a lot, but you need to outlay at least $1000 upfront on a new TV for that 'saving' to materialise. Even on static terms (ignoring the cost of outlaying that $1000 upfront), payback is still a minimum of 6 years… more if you factor in the real cost of money over that period. Even if you conservatively allow home loan interest rates at 5% over that 6 year period (where you could otherwise park that $1000), there's another $300 in interest… which takes payback to just under 8 years.

            And there's no guarantee that new TV is going to last 8 years.

            So from a 'cost savings alone' exercise, binning a perfectly good TV because it uses too much power is folly.
            No… it's marketing to encourage people to buy new TV's.

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              @UFO: You can sell the old plasma for $150-200 though

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              @UFO: In the real world the actual power consumption of a Plasma TV is much lower than the quote consumption. LCD/LEDs are accurate.

              The reason is LCD/LEDs are always back lit, i.e. using 100% of the power.

              With Plasma's, power consumption is reduced when the screen is black.. so unless you're watching a bright white screen, the consumption will be less than quoted.

              The last generation Plasma's used much less than the early generation.

              I'm still rocking a 65inch Panasonic Plasma.

              Everything bar the latest OLED panels still don't look as natural as Plasma when watching Sports.

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          I highly doubt if PLASMA HD screen picture quality is anywhere near as good let alone being better than latest high quality 4K LED panels (i.e. Samsung QLED, LG Super UHD or Hisense ULED). This is from someone who used to have plasma HD TV and replaced it with same resolution LED panel purely based on picture quality. Now that's in 2014 now the gap is even bigger. You are probably emotionally attached to your plasma..😀

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            @npnp: Never said my plasma was "better than latest high quality 4K LED panels".
            I don't think anyone would say that. You're talking about flagship models. No chance my plasma would be as good as those.
            I'm talking about replacing a working TV needlessly.

            Features and benefits of tech aside, if someone is putting 'power use' as their main driver of change, then that's wrong.

            • @UFO: Where are you guys getting your electricity rates??? In SA I'm paying 44c per kWh. I'd love 20c or 30c per kWh

              • @imaDOOFUS: Move to the ACT :). One of the cheapest in the country even on flat rates quoted. But there's regular promo's for 25% off usage too.
                On my plan- peak just over 20c, shoulder high teens, and off peak around 12c.

                Cheap power mate… and with our Labor government signing up to long term cheap renewables, our pricing will remain lower than the rest for decades to come.

                Careful though… ScoMo & Co reckon renewables are the devils spawn ;).

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    House and Robins Kitchen … hmmm … probably cant stack the $10 they gave out to 'cover postage'. Well done ozb on getting them down to 93.5% rating :)

  • 55" tv recommendation (it's for my parents) around the $1k mark??

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    appliance central, they provide free delivery to ground floor, however at ebay store, they charge $50

    • $120 delivery to the West.

  • Cashback says 0%

  • Sucks that HobbyWH has Lego Roller Coaster #10261 for $489 on eBay ($391.12 delivered), but $399 (+ shipping) on sale for the listing on their own website.
    Would've been a great buy if eBay had their website price. :(

    • +1

      Have you met Jack?

      • Wasn't jacked for eBay sale. Been keeping an eye on this set.

        They dropped the price on their own site about a fortnight ago for their own 20% off sale, but left eBay store as-is.

    • Would have spent a fair amount at HobbyWH if they hadn't jacked their prices first :(

  • Anyone know the difference between fridges?

    I’ve been looking for one for ages but don’t understand the price differences.

    This one looks like good value
    With plumbed dispenser.
    Just under $1600!

    • Would love to know as well
      Reviews for this one are mixed but if anyone else finds decent fridge deals please post

      • You’ve found reviews? I literally found a handful for this one.
        The other reviews are for the non plumbed ones.

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    Thoughts on THE LG OLED 55 and 65 C9? Seems ridiculously cheap!!

    • -1

      Which one? The 55in is AU $2,650.00 - 20% = 2120, the cheapest I've seen is 1460 delivered.

      • Where did you see the C9 for 1460? That's crazy pricing.

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    the Kenwood Titanium Mixer is quite cheap!

    • buyer beware: toy replica mixer linked

  • Who is mister Puffin?

    • +1

      Do you not know the Puffin Man?
      He lives on Drury Lane. :-p

  • Wait wait, an eBay sale with relatively few sellers but there are decent bargains and not much jacking?! (Just from eyeballing the comments)

    What parallel universe is this?!

  • Cheers !!

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      Apparently, because Hisense is new to the OLED game, their upscalling and crispines is not as good as LG, the interface is fast but not as intuitive as LG.

      • +1

        Seemed to have pretty good reviews nevertheless but at the pricepoint of course there will be shortcomings against the LG? (I'm no TV expert by any means)

    • Delivery kills this deal.

  • Great deal! Does anyone happen to have a receipt for Samsung 65 Q80R?? :D

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    refurbished lenovo Y720 cube with GTX1080 $1279
    but there is only 1 lol

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    Just ordered the LEGO City Cargo Train for my son's 5th birthday gift (in November). I've been keeping an eye out for it to come on sale and it seems that stocks seem to be drying up (it was released in 2018 so I'm wondering if it is being phased out already).

    $219.85 back to $175.88, equal to lowest ever on Amazon (according to CamelCamelCamel).

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    Right on time.. Looking for 4k tv

  • $250 to ship a dishwasher? lolwot…

  • Looking at the Hisense 65R6 - just under $980 inc postage. Thoughts?