expired GENBOLT 1080p Wi-Fi Camera $44.99 Delivered @ GENBOLT Inc. Amazon AU


YouTuBe Celebrity Camera is available now!
There is a YTB Video Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFkyK5Fm7Qk

Dogs/Cats feel lonely SO MUCH when people go to work :(

But now we have better solution to comfort them even you're outside.Base on GENBOLT Two-Way Audio function,you can talk to the little loves when them lonely.

Wanna to record the moment to TF card how they excited when heard your voice?Try now GENBOLT DOG CAMERA

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    Seems like a good deal and the reviews are good. Thanks OP, I grabbed one.

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    I'm confused. The product information states:

    'As a good dog camera ,you can tell to stop your dog get away from chicken on desk when you are at office.'

    Why would you leave food on a desk (assuming @ home) when you're in the office and risk food poisioning, and why would you want to stop your dog getting away from said chicken in the first place?.

    Did the chicken (as a potential result of an exotic strain of salmonella) become, a zombie chicken? in which case I'd tell fido to run for the hills.

    I wish marketing people would come up with more realistic examples of practical use like spying on your neighbors rather than an unrealistic scenario…

    Still, for the price, it seems like a very good deal with lots of features.


    I can confirm the camera works well with BlueIris. The only issue I have is a very low frame rate 12fps, isn't bursting up to the claimed 25fps.
    Support have not been good, blaming wi-fi signal, despite repeatedly telling them it's hard-wired and the low frame rates are also to the TD card.
    But certainly usable. The iOS app is also good.


      The only issue I have is a very low frame rate 12fps, isn't bursting up to the claimed 25fps.

      Yeah what with that?


    I have one of these and it's fairly good, i had a xiaomi one(which cut out at random times), some other unknown brand which did the same.

    This one last's the whole night, i use it as a baby camera, quite happy, the only issues is you cannot turn off the night mode, which means clicking during low light situation as it switches between night mode and normal.