[NT] Xbox One Digital TV Tuner $12 at Harvey Norman (Darwin) / $29.95 (Online)


Saw a xbox TV tuner in a bargain bin at harvey norman priced at $19. Website says 29.95. Scanned at $12.00.


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Ridiculous that every description of this thing still says it can do picture-in- picture. You haven't been able to do that for a couple years now


      I havent used it yet. I got it cause I thought it may be useful. Picture in picture would of been nice though.

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      Miss that shit hardcore. I remember like a month after they got rid of it, I went on there, expecting it to be there, I loaded up Netflix or Stan or whichever had Star Wars 7 at the time, I was playing a game of, I think, Battlefront, and felt like having the movie on in the background too.

      Spent about 10 minutes hitting every button I could before I went to Google and found the sad news.

      Such a great feature gone. And don't give me the OS speedup excuse bullshit, Microsoft. You've changed the entire menu and major features of the OS pretty much every 18 months it seems, just pick a menu and stick with it. The PS4 and Switch's main menus are pretty bland, but they (profanity) work, don't take 10 hours to load if the internet is being shitty, and are actually convenient.

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    Android support will be added shortly

    Uh.. I don't think it will

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    Have they added xbox 360 support?


    I bought one a while back in the hopes they’d progress the recording live tv, scheduled recording etc. unfortunately that fell by the wayside. It appears they aren’t really focussed on improving the services for tv tuner which is disappointing.


      If they can happily throw the Kinect under the bus, something they forced you to have with the console and built a lot of the experience around at first, then they can definitely throw some optional extra not that many people bought under the bus with it.

      Shame though, I loved the idea of this, and the PlayTV (especially the PTV, Remote Playing the TV to my PSP on the toilet in 2011 was pretty great).

      Anyway, there is that Free TV FTW app or whatever it's called you can get, if it's still up. If puts all the live streams of the FTA channels (over the internet, obviously) into one neatly organized app for viewing on your Xbox. It was great for the kiddy shows on ABC in the mornings…before we got Netflix and threw the Wiggles on there…before we got 19 a month Foxtel and threw the kiddie shows on there. Still a great little app though.

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    This is a useful device if your viewing source doesn't have an inbuilt tuner, like a projector, monitor and some Vizio TVs.

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