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Ozito Power X Change 18V Twin 3.0Ah Battery & Charger Pack $69 @ Bunnings Warehouse


Charger plus 2ah and 4ah is $115, this used to be $99 from memory (PriceHipster has no data on it). Reasonable deal anyway. Not sure whether they are matching Aldi, or just standalone


These 3.0Ah batteries from Ozito’s Power X Change range provide ample power to handle any task. Compatible with any tool from the Power X Change range, simply plug them in and get started on your next DIY project.

The 18V Fast Charger can be used to charge any battery in the Power X Change range. With a 21V DC and 3A output, this is the quickest way to charge your batteries.

2 x 3.0Ah Batteries
1 x Fast Charger
For Home and Garden Use

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2019.

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  • Is this price matching the upcoming Aldi sale? Aren't the Aldi brand batteries 20V @ 4AH?

    • 20v vs 18v, the only difference is marketing.

      • How's that? The Aldi batteries are 20v at 4AH or 80 watt-hours. The Ozito's are 18v at 3AH or 54 watt-hours. The Aldi batteries are ~38% more powerful.

        • tryagain is right, Lithium Ion batteries are rated differently. Each cell has a nominal voltage of 3.6v which when assembled (as a 5S pack) becomes a nominal voltage of roughly 18v. However, some manufacturers claim 20v based on the maximum float voltage of the cell, at around 4.2v. Essentially its just a marketing ploy to sound better.

          Amp hours is different though, that is physically more batteries in the pack. But the Aldi cells are only 72Wh vs the 54Wh of the Ozito batteries. 25% more capacity, 0% more powerful.

          • @porterble: porterble Thanks for the explanation regarding the marketing 'ploy' by using the different cell voltages.

            Regarding the battery amp-hour capacity, would it be better to get a battery-pack that has more lower capacity cells, such as 10 x 1.5Ah cells in series/parallel or 5 x 3Ah cells in series?

            • @Bob81: It would be the same in regards to capacity (Ah), it's likely though the 10x1.5Ah (5s2p) would be capable of more current (A) due to the 2p and therefore more power, but as we are comparing different cells it would depend on what sort of current drain each cell type is capable of.

        • There is a difference in the Ah, but the battery voltages are actually the same, each battery uses 5 cells to get the required voltage, the voltage of the cells differ depending on the state of charge. Convention says the voltage of the cells is 3.6v (this is their nominal voltage). 3.6 X 5 is 18 so 18v. However, when the cells are fully charged their voltage is 4v(+).
          Some manufacturers run with the 4v per cell figure to make it sound better when in reality it's just going against convention to make their product sound better.

          edit, I see porterble beat me to it.

        • Hence the reason Dick Smith hates Aldi!

    • Do you have a link to the Aldi deal? I couldn't find it.

  • Would this be a bit overkill if you already have 2x1.5Ah batteries from the other deal, assuming this is for mostly up to half a day DIY sessions?

    • 1.5ah is poxy. Good for hedge trimming that's about it
      2x1.5ah is ok
      This is much better imho (I have 2+4ah)

      But the batteries come on sale regularly so don't be too worried

    • +1 vote

      1.5 is small :) beside 3Ah could provide more amp to the tools if you need it.

      • Does more amp give more power or just more running time?

        • More amps = longer running time. Power will be the same no matter what battery you use.

        • Both, but it depends. If a tool is being loaded up (eg drilling a large diameter hole compared to a small one) then it will draw more current (which equals more power) if it is available which is generally the case with higher capacity battery. If the tool is already drawing less current than the smaller battery can supply then a bigger battery will not make the tool more powerful because it is already getting all the current it wants.
          For example, I have a drill with both a 1.5Ah & 3Ah battery (both new). When I drive 100mm coach bolts into a slab of wood the 3Ah provides significantly more torque/power than the 1.5Ah but if I drill a 3mm hole into wood then there would be no difference as the 1.5Ah can provide more than enough current for that job

          • @turbodude: Thanks well explained.

          • @turbodude: Ah rating does not equal power. This is physics.

            The reason why you get more power for high current applications is due to parallel banks sharing the load and thus halving the internal resistance over the 18650 cells, so it can deliver a bit more current only IF the motor needs it. This only applies if you compare <3Ah vs >=3Ah (i.e. 1 parallel stack vs 2). A 1.5Ah pack will deliver the same power as a 2Ah pack, and a 3Ah pack will deliver the same as a 4Ah pack, even in high torque applications.

            As you said, power from any pack will be the same in all cases where high torque is not needed. But it is wrong to say a higher capacity pack will give more power than a lower capacity pack.

  • Awesome needed this one. Thanks Op!

  • Do I really need more batteries, hmmmm.

  • Any Ryobi specials?

  • does anyone have any views on the ozito lawnmowers and hedge trimmers.
    I was looking to get an electric cordless mower and dont have any reference point to go by.

    • the whole ozito range is cheap …
      buy it, use it, if it breaks in 12 months, get a replacement …
      if you use it lots and it breaks, upgrade to something better …

      Personally find battery stuff to be too weak, so i opt for corded until i can afford really good stuff

      • Do NOT use the power pass and they throw a 5 year warranty at you!

        • Please explain why not to use pp?

          • @timsmith6: Reports are they then consider it has been used for trade purposes as opposed to the DIY purposes it is designed/warranted for, also there is no additional discount.

          • @timsmith6: Bought the dark red 115 mil grinder, it was absolute junk! Got it replaced, still same junk, could not even cut a roof sheet without constantly stalling. Then after less than 2 hours of total use the gearbox was spitting out plastic and made a dreadful noise. The exchange lady on our city store staunchly refused any further warranty citing my power pass purchase was the reason as it was not for commercial use. Lucky for me we have another store and after they got a demo gladly gave me a new one in light red colour and it is totally different, powerful and goes like a song!

            • @payless69: Interesting, I've got a 115mm dark red one too - lucky to burn it's way through a potato chip!

              The replacement you got was still the 115mm unit? not the 125mm brushless one?

              • @Gareth: you only get things swapped for the same size but if they have no stock they can refund and you can buy a larger one. As I bought the skin I bought the dark red drill and it is still going like a song. These were my first Ozito cordless tools. After struggling to cut a roof sheet they had nobody in store to check the tool and initially swapped if for a new dark red one. So in return I bought a 2 pack of 3Ah batteries but cutting was a very slow task regardless of batteries used. Next task was to work with the woodcarver on a bamboo stick and plastic came out of the gear box. The light red 115mil grinder is presumably from the Einhell factory that supplies Aldi. No complaints. We also have Milwaukee grinders they have a little more power but their charger died for no reason. Their drill smoked after drilling 4 mm holes fitting a license plate. I would say challenge the tool manager for a muscle test!

            • @payless69: My experiences with their corded hammer drill matches yours. Good to know about PP use

  • No stock in any of the stores around Brisbane.

  • Thank you Aldi! Bummer I already have 2 fast chargers!

  • Perfect, I got the battery from the last sale, now I can get the charger, next the tools!!

  • how much would it cost to recharge one of these batteries?

  • I've got 2 x 1.5 Ah batteries and the charger that came with my lawn mower and the batteries don't last through the entire lawn. Ideally I'm just looking for 2 batteries with a higher capacity and don't really need the charger. Would this still be a good deal or do they have better deals on just batteries too ?

  • Worth getting the Ozito drill sets over Ryobi at this price? For at home DIY.

  • Decent deal but surely by now everyone would already have an Ozito charger from a kit so it'd better to just buy the batteries individually when there is a deal?

    If there's one thing Aldi has over Bunnings in terms of battery specials is that if you're lucky enough to have a store that doesn't move stock, they will (hopefully) discount the batteries like this:
    I don't think Bunnings would ever do that.

  • The plastic tabs broke on one of these recently, it's a lot of weight for thin bits of plastic to carry apparently. Feel like abandoning the system if the batteries are prone to breakage.

    • How long did they last?

      • In terms of hours not that long (a dozen?) but I wasn't the only one using it. The last time I used the battery I retrieved it from inside a small sander with the dust tray removed. So it's possible it had been jammed into a device not designed to take the large battery type, partially breaking the tabs in the process. Edit: just checked the manual online and Ozito says that configuration is okay.

        • Were you able to get replacement? Warranty supposed to be 3 years

        • I have used multiple batteries for many hours continually swapping batteries without any breakages. But that is what warranty is for, take it back and get a new one.

  • This could just be my experience but I had 2x 3AH batteries that died within 14 months. They were ok for low power tools but vacuum and blower would die after around 30 seconds. I returned it under warranty and replaced with 4AH as they don't carry 3AH individual stock any longer.

    I don't know whether the 4AH batteries are a 'newer' model or just the same with a higher capacity but the fact that you can't get 3AH individually makes me wonder whether they have been superseded?

    It's a great price anyway and comes with warranty so no real risk but just thought I'd share my experience.

    Edit: For WARRANTY - Again YMMV but sometimes when an item is superseded you may get fobbed off by bunnings (depends on person/location) and I've had situations where they have only offered a refund as the item is no longer in stock and the price difference between what I had originally paid (e.g on sale) vs now is pretty big. Bunnings initially wouldn't swap my 3AH with a 4AH and they simply wanted to offer me a refund. I called Ozito direct and they said they are more than happy to swap. I had to get someonme from Bunnings to call Ozito and get approval.

  • I have a black eagle leaf blower and and a Lennox leaf blower that use a similar battery 18v and 1400 mamps. Is this likely to be compatible? I notice my batteries are the same shape but one has 2 active pins and the Other 3… I am confused

  • Would these be suitable for the Power X brushless chainsaw?
    I know they will work but some people seem to think you get more power from a higher capacity battery?

    Looking to get some batteries before I spend the money on the skin for the brushless chainsaw

    • We got the Brushless Chainsaw in a kit with 2x 3.0Ah batteries (and a multi battery charger). So Yes!

      That said I've always run ours with 2x 4.0Ah batteries, so not sure if there is a difference in actual use.

      • Yeah sadly they don't have the brushless model as a kit I'm sure they must've had a promotion at one point.

  • This or wait for a deal on the 4.0a? I heard it has been $40 with promotion

  • I'm thinking of picking up the Ozito Power X Change 18V Blower skin for $69, how many minutes use will I get out of a fully charged 3.0Ah battery?

  • Gawn…. :(

  • Still available in Brisbane. Just need to decide if I get this or $149 for 2 x 3ah, hammer drill & bits kit…

  • Picked one up today at Delecombe store (Victoria). Has plenty still.

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