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[eBay Plus] ASRock AMD Radeon RX 5700 $466.65 Delivered @ ninja.buy eBay


Slight discount again from previous Tech Mall deal for the new(ish) Radeon 5700. Still the reference card which bugs some people, but a whole lot of performance for mid-tier money!

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  • How does this compare to an RTX 2060?

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      Better for all current titles, future could be different as the RX 5700 has no ray-tracing support. Still, if I was buying a card today I reckon the 5700 is the pick of the bunch for price/performance for 1440p gaming.

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        TThough, 1440p gaming at medium/low settings and minimum frame rates.

      • Since ray tracing performance hit is so bad right now, would it be realistic for it be even worse performance on future games??

        Using bf5 as the benchmark, not quake 2

    • Definitely wait for partner models, these cards are severely handicapped by the cooler.

      • How do you know? The analysis and benchmarking of the XT model have shown the card to be pushed as far as it can be regardless of the temperatures. That is, the custom cooled cards are not any faster. But are quiet and cool.

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      The 2070 is still a lot more expensive than this.

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        But is the better purchase for value and longevity.

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          That is very much an opinion.

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          ? its nearly double the price at the same performance point.

          • @Unrvl: $200+ more. Isn't the performance better, and power more efficient with the 2070, plus give access to 10bit productivity drivers and better/quieter cooling?

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              @Major Mess: the 5700 non xt actually provides greater performance per watt and is far better value, it is slower, around 12% but also only costs around 70% of the price while delivering 90% of the performance, (comparing cheapest 5700 to cheapest 2070 on PCCG). A better comparison might be the 2060 Super, but even then, that card is only around 8% faster than the 5700 and is still priced at $710 for the ITX version of the card, and around $730 for the cheapest full sized cards. The only way I would be buying a 2060/2060s/2070/2070s is if I was locked into a gsync monitor. Only drawback to current AMD cards is cooling but non reference cards are being released now.

              https://youtu.be/rz47WqRDDK4?t=971 Cost per frame data from Hardwareunboxed.

              https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-radeon-rx-5700/29.htm... Techpowerup review which show performance and power graphs.

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      I would take Userbench scores with a grain of salt, considering their recent controversy. Don't trust a site that changes their score metrics due to 3rd party influence.

      • changes metrics because ryzen smashed intel LOL. It made me laugh so hard

  • Does this definitely qualify for the PANTHER code? Not seeing any mention of it on the item listing.

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      Yeah there's a little box under the price with 'Pay only XXX!' that shows it is eligible.

      You can always test by adding items to your cart and trying codes, without buying it.

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    $100 more for the 5700XT if you want reference, but I'd still wait for AIB models to pop up that are releasing this week.

    Blower coolers are terrible unless you have a small case.

    • AIB is an Add-in board. You are referring to a non reference card.

      • yep, Partner models are coming out with real fans and heat syncs this week, but who knows what the supply will be like in Aus.

        I thought they were called AIB because they take the reference board and add on their own cooling solution, but you're right, it's not the correct terminology.