expired [eBay Plus] Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote Control - $293.25 Delivered @ LogitechShop eBay


Seems like a reasonable price, much better prices three months ago but I think the drop in the AUD has had an effect.

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    My TV is cheaper than this remote

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    I'm sorry but I don't think I could ever justify paying this for a remote


    Whats so special about this remote

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      we bought one of these earlier in the year and it's awesome.

      • you don't have to point the remote at anything, the remote control communicates via RF to the hub and the hub sends out the commands
      • it emulates a bluetooth keyboard so you don't have to use IR (we use it on the nvidia shield and HTPC). means there is no lag whereas IR usually has delays
      • i've got ours hooked up via wifi and controls the amp via the network - again no lag from IR

      you can use the app on a smartphone to start activities and control it all from there, but then pickup the remote and continue on that.

      we've got ours hooked up to the google home so we can say "hey google, turn the tv on", hey google, change the tv to channel 70" etc.

      i didn't think we'd make use of any of the above, we just wanted a remote you didn't have to point at all the gear. i just slowly kept finding features to make use of.

      i can highly recommend this thing if you have a bunch of gear in your tv cabinet and love tinkering with tech


        You can also hook up to Philips hue and you get the whole lighting automation.


          forgot about that too! i dont have any philips hue, but we have some xiaomi smart bulbs that are controlled from the remote. when we turn off the living room lamp via the remote after 9.30p, it turns our nest heater off for the night.

          its the little things :)


        This is why you purchase it. I don’t even use the remote (I use a 650), but the automation that ties in with my google home is what makes it worth it. That black pod thing controls my tv, Foxtel, Vodafone tv, electric heater and aircon.


          If you just want the infrared smart hub, you can buy just that device from Broadlink for about $35


    why is this thing so expensive ?

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    I have one and only use the hub for home automation (homebridge + homekit for siri commands)

    I gave up on the remote for the following reasons

    1. Has to be charged every 3-4 days even with light to no usage. The remote is designed to always be sitting in the cradle so if you have no powerpoint near your main sitting area, like me, you will find this remote dead every time you need it.

    2. Touch control not very responsive at times

    3. Physical buttons have a noticeable delay as the command is sent to the target device via the hub


    Does anyone know if this uses the same MyHarmony desktop software for programming and its limitations as the more basic remotes like the Harmony 650? I have a harmony 650 and I find the MyHarmony software a real pain for more complicated commands and device timing when turning on etc (which you can't control).


      It uses the same software if you want to configure it from the desktop, and I too find the software to be pretty lousy.

      You can also use the mobile app to configure the remote, I find that experience much better.


    I clicked on this link yesterday and… somehow it signed me up for a new ebay account linked to Google using my Gmail address?
    Just letting you know LMMV…


    287.85 at jb Hi-Fi with newsletter code.