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25% off Activities over $55 AUD or $75 USD @ Expedia AU & US


Expedia activities over $55aud. Buy and pay before 30/9/2019. Activity must be used prior to 31/5/2020. Can not be used to book multiple activities.

Excludes the high end major theme parks like Disney and universal studios. Says you must be a resident of Australia.

Here are the restrictions

Can only use once per account. Expedias in other countries may have similar codes and you cam use multiple accounts.


Looks like it might be available on the us site for items over $75usd. SUMMERSAVE25. In case you need multiple deals.

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  • Damn needed this for disneyland. Nonetheless good deal plus cashback.

    • The coupon code cannot be redeemed against activities at: Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Hong Kong, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Orlando, Universal Studios Singapore, Dream World Bangkok, and Efteling. The list of activities for qualifying bookings may change at any time.

      • Anyone know where to get discounted Disneyland Aneheim tickets? Looking for 4 day hopper pass.

        • Did you try Klook?

        • Try undercover tourist. Purchased 5 Disneyworld tixs a few weeks back. Was the cheapest at the time but the AUD has since gone down since then

        • Unfortunately the exchange rates are poor at undercover tourist and klook don't sell them but universal studio prices are decent. So far expedia seems to be the cheapest. Hopefully there'll be a 4 for 2 deals coming up soon. Thanks guys.

        • I remember going to Disneyland years ago and using Last minute Travel Club (who had free membership through an ozbargain deal actually). Was hands down the cheapest prices but no idea now. Since it's such a big ticket expense though worthwhile exploring all options.

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          I got a great deal through Attraction Tickets Direct - give them a try. They are in the UK and ship to AUS for free. For our Disney World tickets they were cheaper than Undercover Tourist.

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    I seem to remember last time a similar deal was posted for Expedia AU nobody could find any qualifying activities. Any examples of things this actually works for?

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      Worked for 3 day theme park pass in gold coast

      • Where to apply coupon code? I dont see an option.

  • +1

    I just tested it for Champagne & Seafood Brunch Cruise on the Lady Cutler in Melbourne and it worked

  • +3

    Makes it the best price I can find for the Gold Coast 3 park 3 day pass ($82 each). Unless anyone has any other tips?

    • Hi, it looks like the cheapest one week pass to the Gold Coast theme parks $111.75

      • +1

        I paid $385 for Seaworld resort for 1 night (near Christmas), which includes Seaworld, Movie World, Wet-n-wild on the day of checkin and checkout. So it's like a 2 day pass plus resort. That is for 4 adults and 1 child in 1 big room. So it's cheap for a large group like 5 people, since theme parks and breakfast are included.

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    Just a reminder. Travel frenzy is on 20/8/19 (I think). Expedia might have other deals or there might be enhanced cashback.

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    Tried to buy 2x Adult 3 day pass to Dreamworld and said it's not valid

    • I tried too. Same problem. It must be excluded but it's not listed as an exclusion. I tried the other parks. Movie world etc are valid. Such a shame because i think DreamWorks has more kid-friendly stuff

    • Maybe the 1 day is valid?

      • Just tried on

        Dreamworld & WhiteWater World 1-Day Ticket

        Figured it should work since no Skypoint in that one but still rejected on the coupon code.

  • +1

    Thanks. Outback Spectacular is still expensive after a 25% discount, but it's a good discount.

    • +1

      Actually, with the 6% cashback off the full price, and 25% off the full price, it's not too expensive. I see it showing in my CashRewards already.

  • Where do you put the coupling code in? I bought tix to the zoo but there was no spot to put the code in. Just spent 20 mins on a call centre to India cancelling it. They were no help re the code.

    • +2

      Under Payment, just above the credit card logo

  • good discount if you want to skydive or climb the harbour bridge

  • +2

    Massive thanks voteoften. This worked for The Berlin Pass in Germany. Saved $50.32. Hoping that the Cash Rewards APP transmitted details from Expedia APP and I receive the 7% cash back as well. Fingers crossed. Have just upvoted.

    • It’s good for iventure cards and similar sightseeing passes which purportedly already have a discount built in. Really happy to hear you saved money.

    • I don't think cashrewards app would work on the Expedia app. Go into cashrewards app and then use the built in browser to access Expedia and do your checkout from them and it should track.

      • Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to use it next time, as already purchased.

  • Just in case anyone was thinking about getting tickets to rotnest. I ended up going with sealink direct. Was cheaper without codes/expedia.

  • Received a “Please provide a valid coupon code.“ message. Tried many different activities and the result is still the same.

  • Looks like the coupon no longer works.

  • yep expired :( no longer works on US or AU website

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    FFS, should have booked yesterday :(

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    From their T&C

    Redemption Period: 00:01am AEST, June 3, 2019, to September 30, 2019 23:59am AEST.

    And it's expired already?

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    I contacted Expedia twice yesterday and each time the service representative agreed the code should still be valid (T&C said expires 30/9). The first rep said to check in an hours time as they will fix the error, and the second rep said to check in 24 hours as they will fix the error. Still don’t think it works though :(

    • Sigh - so lame. Thanks for letting us know. I might contact them today as well.

    • Thanks for contacting and letting us know - I might try too in the evening if it still does not work

  • Still not working……

  • Working yet?

  • +4

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/478600 new code EXPLORE25 working

    • U the real mvp thanks mate

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