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[Pre Order] Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 - $47.96 Delivered (AU Stock) @ Mi Official Store eBay


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Mi Band 4 from Official MI Store on Ebay for only $48 after coupon code.

Mod Note: Back in stock, under Pre-Order (ETA: Mid September)

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  • Thanks. Ive been waiting for this.

  • Thanks OP, ordered 3

  • Mi band with nfc would make me ditch my smart watch.

    I know the 5 has it, but it only works in china at select places

    • 4 has it as well but only a specific model. That also only works in China.

      • I reckon the NFC pass simulation would work here though. Not having to carry my pass to work and unlock all doors with the wristband is both convenient and cool!

    • Holding out as my biggest use would be NFC payments.

      What makes it not Google pay incompatible?

  • Anyone know how accurate the step counter is? I mistakenly bought a M4 band (cheaper knock-off, but looks identical), and I'm dubious about the accuracy, as it seems to over-count.

    • just walk and count 1000 steps

    • I just got a coffee - counted 64 steps in my head, 51 were registered. This was an office based walk with corners and door opening. So that's not a very thorough test.

      But I do feel it under counts a little compared to my phone's accelerometer over the course of a day.

      • Thanks - I'd rather it under counts than over counts

        • I have the mi3 and I track my steps against my friends apple watch while playing badminton and we generally play fast pace with lots of running. The numbers are about the same every week for the past 2-3 months

      • Sometimes when I don't meet my daily step quota, I just swing my arms back and forth while I'm in my chair to trick it into counting as steps and meeting my daily quota.

        It's been a long time since I've missed my quota.

        • I just lowered my quota.

          • @PepePepeson: That's another way of doing it I guess.

            But mine is left at the default 6000 steps target which isn't a lot really. That's about 4km or less.

            • @lostn: 6,000! My default (miband 3) was 10,000!
              I haven't actually changed it, I just don't hit the target much. I mostly use it for message notifications and time/date/weather.

              • @PepePepeson: I think Xiaomi's default is 10k, Samsung's is 6k.

                I remember I had a Miband 2 which was 10k but it kept falling off my wrist and I had to ditch it. That kind of wrist band design is not secure.

        • Our company used to have a step-challenge. People would rort it by strapping their fitbits to their dogs

    • Most of the fitness trackers doesn't count steps at 100% accuracy. I've tried Samsung, xiaomi, fitbit and Garmin. They all give different numbers. I guess as long as it's consistent that's probably what matters most

      • I guess as long as it's consistent

        They aren't. It's basically a device category that encourages neuroticism over wildly innaccurate sensor readings for people pretending to care about their health.

    • Seems like it doesn't record if there is no kinetic movement (from experience: Pushing a pram on a smooth road, or holding/reading a smartphone while walking on grass). Did a couple of 2-5km walks pushing the bub around the city and it recorded <200 steps.

      • That is going to be a problem with any watch really. You really need the sensor that goes on your shoe to pick up walking if you are pushing a pram, my fitbit did the same thing.

      • Wear it on your ankle?

  • FYI, the official rrp is 169 (around AUD33) delivered in CN.

    asked a CN-speaking colleague checking for me a few weeks ago.

    • That's pretty standard.
      Xiaomi's stuff is always much cheaper in China, for obvious reasons.

      • maybe u haven't purchased on the june joybuy deal which is around that price… hand over your OZB license XD

        so-called official store sale price is much more expensive than a retail.

    • yeah, Auspost charges $8.30 for 500g parcel. makes it $41.30, the price pre GST is $43.64.

    • Bear in mind that is for the CN SKU, which is the same device with English available on set up.

      When it was released Joybuy or someone had the CN Mi Band 4 for China RRP (~$34). Hasn't been that price since.

  • Thanks OP got one also.

  • Good price. Is this the global or Chinese version?

  • +20 votes

    IF anybody's interested in how well the connected GPS and the HRM works, I did a comparison cycling along the local bicycle track. Mi Band 4 tethered to Xiaomi A2 Lite versus Garmin Edge 500 with ANT+ chest HRM.


    Distance: 21.08 km

    Avg Speed 25.0 kmh Max Speed 41.8

    Avg Heart Rate 164 Max HR 183

    Mi Band (with Xiaomi A2 Lite)

    Distance: 20.95

    Avg Speed 23.84 kmh Max Speed 45

    Avg Heart Rate 163 Max HR 189

    Obviously for the Mi Band for speed and distance a lot depends on the GPS of your phone and its accuracy.

    Can't get elevation in the Mi Fit app but my Edge gives me barometric pressure elevation (if elevation's important to you at all while cycling) .

    If you don't start an cycling activity and cycle then it somehow counts steps. A 75km ride gave me about 5500 steps yesterday.

    No "easy" way to get into Strava (there are ways), but even if you could for elevation it would be using (the more "inaccurate"), co-ordinate/elevation mapping which isn't that accurate….especially in Tassie (real 200m = mapped 400m).

  • I don't think this is a genuine 'official ebay store' though the price is not bad.

  • Mainly using this for music control and notifications, any one have any feedback with these two features?

    • My music control just says 'can't get the song'. I don't know why. I'm using the Notify and Fitness App in conjunction with Mi Fit.

      But it did work for the first day. I could press play / pause / vol+ / vol- / Next / Previous. Haven't tried too hard to get it working.

      Notifications seem to work great. I've disabled everything but sms and phone calls. I didn't hear my phone ringing but the vibration on the band is great and I haven't missed a call.

    • Pause/Play, Previous/Next work well (use Google Play). Volume buttons are a little tiny and a bit finicky. Shows song name. That being said I've always just used the controls on my bluetooth headset.

      Notifications work well I've teamed with Mi Band Tools (especially useful for alarms where you can extend the vibrate rather than the standard 3 buzz system ones). Use for Phone, SMS, Messenger, Gmail, Calendar. Handy when I've got my phone in the pocket when a notification comes through can just look at the band and not have to remove my phone and can action (remove phone or ignore) appropriately.

      When it rings, if the contact's in your contacts, it'll show the name and if you want to ignore it you can either close the call or stop the ringing.

      In meetings, silence your phone and discretely look at your messages as they buzz through :)

      Note: the unit does NOT "multitask". If you start a workout/timer/stopwatch you're stuck on that screen until you finish/stop it. So you can't start a workout and go back to say your clock. There's a TINY time indicator on some screens but you couldn't just glance at it to see the time. You also can't use the music control during a workout either…kinda a bummer.

      • Note: the unit does NOT "multitask". If you start a workout/timer/stopwatch you're stuck on that screen until you finish/stop it. So you can't start a workout and go back to say your clock. There's a TINY time indicator on some screens but you couldn't just glance at it to see the time. You also can't use the music control during a workout either…kinda a bummer.

        That's a deal breaker. It means you can't control your music unless you're sitting still. The time I will need it is when I'm out, and when I'm out, I'm going to be walking. Not exercising, just going places where I need to be on my feet.

        I hate it even when my Samsung watch defaults to workout timer screen when I happen to be active. That watch can multi task but I have to press a button to go back to home, and that is already very annoying. I wish I could turn that off.

        You've just save me some money. Thanks.

        • It's not when you're just walking around, but only when you have started a workout where you specifically want to record the time and GPS of your workout.

          • @PepePepeson: So workouts only start when you manually tell it to? It doesn't intelligently detect that you've been walking 15 minutes like my Samsung watch and turn it into a workout?

            • @lostn: Correct, you have to manually start a workout (default on band Outdoor run, treadmill, cycling, walking, excercise, pool swimming) otherwise it's just pure steps! You can start an activity from the band directly or from your phone.

        • Normal walking (step counting) you have access to everything. If you use the workout feature (GPS connected so you get things like more accurate distance, pace, a route map) it's "locked" to that screen. I just do steps, not workouts. Same goes if you start a timer or use the stopwatch, can't go back to watch screen or use music control.

    • I haven't really used the music feature. But, from what I have tested, my only quirk with the music controls, is that it would have been better if it was accessible from the main screen. Instead, you need to scroll into the "more" menu, then select "music" from the sub-menu. Once the screen switches off, it defaults back to the main screen.

      It can be cumbersome to change music during a workout for example. Also, if you are in workout mode, there is no way to access the music menu unless you stop the workout mode.

      • Shortcut:

        After waking the screen up scroll LEFT or RIGHT to bring up the music screen!

      • Cheers for the replies there and the shortcut tip. Need it for work and keep my phone at bay as it'll eat into productivity!

      • I haven't really used the music feature. But, from what I have tested, my only quirk with the music controls, is that it would have been better if it was accessible from the main screen. Instead, you need to scroll into the "more" menu, then select "music" from the sub-menu. Once the screen switches off, it defaults back to the main screen.

        Do you know of any wearable that defaults to the music player when you turn on the screen, if you happen to be listening to music at the time? bonus points if you can see the time in that music player.

  • Thanks, forgot I needed this.

    Look forward to losing another miband charging cable and banishing this to my bedside draw.

  • Bought the new fitbit, returned after 4 days ..If you on android, the sync is either extremely slow or unstable.

    Had Xiaomi over a month now, best thing at that price tag!

  • Do these activity trackers need to be super tight on the wrist for the heartrate sensor to be effective?

    Sorry for dumb question, never had one.

  • Any comments on the sleep tracking function on this?

    • Replying to myself…

      "The Band 4 also offers sleep tracking, and thanks to the slim and light weight design we didn't notice we were still wearing the tracker in bed. It measured a bit less deep sleep than the Samsung Galaxy Watch, but overall sleep times were comparable.

      Unlike more premium devices, it doesn't provide REM sleep details, like some top-end Fitbit products or a dedicated tracker."

      From review here: https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/xiaomi-mi-band-4-review

      • I have a sleep disorder, so, sometimes I sleep during the day, and I was looking forward to this tracking that.

        It doesn't track daytime sleeping and napping. I think there's a night shift mode, I heard that somewhere, but I assume if you enable that then it won't count night time sleeping.

        So that was really disappointing, I hope they fix it. It was very accurate tracking my night time sleeps which makes me sad.

        edit: although someone here says there is an alternative app that can track daytime sleeps. https://www.reddit.com/r/miband/comments/c5pt2x/mi_band_4_an...

        • I'm using the Notify and Fitness App. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mc.miband1...

          I don't use the sleep functions - but apparently this app has daytime sleeping included. Could be worth a shot.

          (Note the app has a free and a $PRO version - but I think the sleep features may be in the free version).

        • I'd have thought having a sleep disorder you would have worked out that "sleep tracking" is a scam because the only way of doing that is measuring the brain's electrical activity and no smart device can do that.

          But you seem to be going along with the lunacy of pretending that smart devices are "tracking sleep".

          • @Diji1: What you say is correct and that no watch can give accurate sleep accuracy. If one lays awake for hours but not move around, it will see it as sleeping. Likewise it would have no way of knowing if you are in a deep sleep vr light sleep unless you toss and turn a lot I find it handy as a guide though but only for times I went to and got out of bed as I dont have a set routine. More a novalty and also leave it on as an Alarm for the morning.

      • I had a band2. The sleep tracking was okay. Didn't seem to track napping (daytime sleeping) as musicinbed69 pointed out. Never tried to figure out why or how to enable that. I also found that I generally had inferior sleep wearing it. It's likely due to subconsciously I know I am wearing it.

        The heart rate monitor is gimmicky.

  • I kinda want this, kinda want the Huawei Honor Band 5, not sure which to get.

    • Great now I'm not sure either 😅
      Especially since the Honor Band seems similarly priced

      (granted, that's the previous Honor Band 4 model)

      Update: this seems like a good comparison review for the Honor Band 4:

      In case, sleep tracking is on the top list of your priority Honor Band 4 is the best you can get. For everything else, Mi Band 4 makes much sense with a cheaper price tag.

      This was the clincher for me:

      Mi Band 4 still supports 3rd party apps. The reason I love Xiaomi is the huge open-source developer community support they get for every product.

      • I saw in a review that the Mi Band 4's gesture wake was much worse than the Huawei. Even with some pretty vigorous jostling the watch wouldn't wake, I think I'm leaning more towards the Huawei because of this, Huawei woke basically every time. Honor Band 5 was about $50 last time on OzBargain as well for a global model, I think end of July.

  • Thanks next four birthday presents sorted

  • Question: i have the mi band 2, does the 4 fit in the same wristband as the 2?? looks the same size.

    • All info suggests the 2 band is different.

      The 3 and 4 however seem to share the same bands.

    • @autolux. No it's a totally different design strapwise. The Mi Band 2 fits inside the strap whereas the Miband 4 has grooves around it where the strap grips around. Also unlike Miband 4 whereby the face was level with the strap however the Miband 4 face protrudes by a mm. I prefer the Mi2 design as it protected the edges of the face as the edges were fully surrounded by strap.
      MiBand 4 is also thicher sizewise.
      Miband 3 & 4 are the same though.

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for a screen protector? My last one (Mi band 2) got totally scratched up.

    Obviously I’ve checked eBay but prices seem strangely high, like $12 for one mailed from Oz and about $7 for ones where the seller seems to be lying about their location.

  • Thank you papa.

  • Damn too expensive.
    MI Band 4 (no NFC) just sell for AUD30 in China

  • Non_NFC version?

  • is this the cheapest price for Australia atm?

    really want to pull the trigger on this one

  • Checking ebay there are many AU stock at $49.99 or similar or buy [email protected] $45.99 each ! So if buying one only $2 saving …

    • Is it really AU stock though? You have to check the seller profile to see their location as they can choose any country in the Item Location field on a listing.

      • Hmm, It says AU global version, no location that I can see on mobile but shipping is via Australia post
        Didn’t let me put the link

        • Desktop site is the easiest way to tell if they're an AU based seller. A lot of the time it's China/HK sellers that dropship quickly using the Auspost China service.

  • Any deal on Amazfit Bip?

  • Had a Mi Smart Band 2 before. Lost it due to the plastic band design. Over time, the selected hole on the plastic band expands so the pin doesn't secure the band on your arm/wrist well enough. Just a bit of force will loosen the band. I already replaced the band once before I lost it somewhere on my way to work. I've dropped it at least 10 times before finally not noticing it slipped off again (was carrying a few bags). It's just a cheap band design.

    Looks like the band design hasn't improved.

    • Early days but I've come from a band 2 to a band 4, and the band seems way more secure. I had to force out super hard to charge it, with so much force I thought I'd break it.

      Again we will see over time but this one fills me with a lot more confidence vs the 2 band.

  • Hmm to buy now or to hold out for a deal like this 🤔

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