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[eBay Plus] NetGear Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Security System VMS5340 - 3 Cameras (Bonus 2 Wall Mount Kits) $1095.65 @ Device-Deal eBay


Bing Lee ($1499) and Futu online ($1199.2 with 20% OFF papa20 code).
Mobileciti $1104.15 - $5 extra.

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  • Looking for a Arlo Pro with only 1 camera … I wonder if there are any deals around?

  • Any one own this unit and would like to give some feedback? Can it be hardwired to avoid recharging/swapping batteries

    • Like all wifi cameras they are designed to have no wires and be easy to install. Not sure why people are then surprised or think its a pain that something needs to be done to recharge them. They have Solar add ons available or they can be charged by USB so really you could either run a usb to a powerpoint and plug in a sub charger or have a outlet installed nearby. Arlo even sell 25ft charging cables and an outdoor power supply.

      It depends how you have them setup and how often they are being triggered will determine how long the battery lasts. I know someone that is on the Beta testing for these since the Pro's and he gets 2-3 months before charging. Definitely not a big deal but his is not picking up every passing car or animal that walks past either.

      • I'm just tossing up between a hardwired system or cordless and most importantly the actual quality and usability of the devices.
        If I was to go the Arlo option I'd run a permanent power source to it.

        Cheers for the feedback anyways

        • If you want wired then there are plenty better options at a considerable lower price?

        • take a look at unifi products. good thing about wired cameras are always on/recording

  • I have arlo and I wish I'd gotten a fixed system installed. Changing batteries is annoying for me. I think a wired cheaper system that I pay to get professionally installed would work out cheaper. Cloud storage and the app is excellent however.

    • I've Arlo Pro2 4x Camera for inside the house (not on bedrooms though:) ). Battery on all lasts good 3-5 months. I run on schedule when no-ones home, other time they are turned off. Just charge them while your home.

    • I installed the solar panels because charging the batteries was really cumbersome.

  • Am not happy with Arlo pro 2. Always frames missing.
    I bought from this deal

    • what does frames missing mean? ie, the motion detect record is too slow to start recording?

      • No I mean for example when reversing my car out of driveway, It will record and then a glitch. So in video I saw car coming out halfway, then car just disappear like it have superpowers

  • Just my opinion from someone who had experienced with my house broken in. I had the normal wired system installed by professionals around 6 years ago. Last year my house got broken in while I was on holidays. They ripped out all my external and internal cameras and took the NVR with them.

    Anyway because they took the NVR we did not have any footage and until today (almost a year later) the police still hasn’t made any arrest. They took all our valuable stuffs and the things they didn’t take then they destroyed them. We still have wires for the cameras inside the walls and ceiling because It was too hard for the builder to pull them all out.

    Lesson learned - insurance doesn’t pay for everything and wired cameras are useless unless you have cloud subscription.

    Now we had Arlo Pro 2 and installed ourselves. Free 7 days cloud storage and so much cheaper to replace them if they were to be stolen again. For me the Arlo is much better than the old wired one.

    • They would have covered their faces inside and out and not had car regos displayed. Wouldn't you? The cameras outside are more a deterrent that's all. If you have Arlos outside I guarantee you you are at greater risk of someone stealing those. Check out how many people's Arlos got stolen from outside and with no intention of breaking inside the home. So many homes get burgled with cameras, do you see many being reported on media? No because they cover their faces.

      Take for example my house, you know how many times someone stole my hose connector, my tap handle, and ripped plants? If people are that cheap imagine how many people drive around looking to steal Arlos.

      The best you can do is just ensure you are sufficiently covered with insurance and not advertise on social media you are going on holidays.

      • I don’t think you are the only that knows that you shouldn’t advertise before going on your holidays. There were few houses on our street that got broken in around the same time. We were just unlucky ones. People are insane to leave their Arlo unsecured outside. Like anything else if they can take it easily then they will steal it.

        It’s just my opinions and my experience with the 2 systems.

    • where did your put your NVR? that an interesting concept there people can just take you nvr and its game over…

  • Starting from the Arlo Pro 2 models, you will find that most of the advance features are only available when you install them as wired units. In the wireless mode you get the basic features.

    • What sort of advanced features would I miss out on running these on battery?
      Basically I'm after a camera that can detect motion in a specified area, then send me a clip and notification, and record too

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