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Romoss Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W 26800mAh Power Bank $39.19, 20000mAh $27.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39+) @ Romoss Amazon AU


After several months the new 26800mAh SW30 Pro that can be carried safely onto planes is here and on sale. If that capacity is too big for you then the 20000mAh SW20 Pro is on sale too!

The SW20/30 has multiple fast charging technologies including 18W USB-PD via USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0 via the blue USB port and 5V/2.1A via the white USB port. For recharging it has USB-PD via USB-C, QC 3.0 via Micro USB and and 5V/2.1A via Lightning. Other fast charging technologies supported include Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC (Samsung S9/10 might be compatible), QC2.0, MTK PE and Apple 2.4A.

Both support pass-through charging with a display that can show battery percentage, charging voltage (V), charging current (A) and fast charge mode with a press of the power button.

AU stock, AU warranty, free shipping with Prime (or orders over $39) and stackable with your favourite cashback provider!

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  • +5

    great powerbank, been using it more than my xiaomi 20K with the handy display that tells you the remaining percentage

    • +2

      Another nice feature I discovered on mine was that if you press the button again while charging/discharging the power bank, it will cycling between telling you the output voltage, output current and remaining percentage.

      • +2

        Yes! This is insanely useful if you are using it for powering things such as camping lights or are generally just a huge nerd. :D

  • good deal thanks for sharing

  • +8

    I bought the 30000mAh version after Clear posted it earlier this year. I also messaged Clear to discuss a few things. I can vouch for Clear's willingness to communicate and I can vouch for the actual product too. I'm very tempted to buy this 26800mAh one for the discounted price but I'll wait for my old Xiaomi 10K to die.

  • +1

    can vouch for the 20,000 one, great PB!

  • Why is the S9/S10 not compatible? Don't they use samsung AFC?

    • They sure do but the implementation is slightly different and doesn't seem to be compatible with the IC chip used in these power banks. A lot of people have reported issues with them not fast charging.

    • +1

      I have rosmoss 30,000mAh and it can fast charge my s10e

      • +1

        That's interesting. Do you get like the fast charging bolt icon or anything to indicate it is?

          • @superuser: That's interesting thanks! Maybe it is infact compatible afterall. I assume that's a BlitzWolf cable?

            • @Clear: Yes, blitzwolf cable.
              i use Romoss Sense 8+ 30000mAh Power Bank from your last deal, i think.

              • +1

                @superuser: Thanks! I'll have the Romoss team to look into that tomorrow.

        • +2

          I have an S9+ and I can also confirm that fast charging works - I've tried a few different cables, including both USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB-C and they all work.

          • @p1 ama: The last answered question on the Amazon listing for the Romoss SW20 Pro states;

            "I use fast charge cables for my galaxy 8+ and my 10+ and works perfectly"

            What model power bank were you using for your S9+?

            • +2

              @ozhunter68: I'm using the Romoss SW20 Pro 20000mAh. As with Clear, I'm suspecting the Qualcomm vs. Exynos as well, primarily because Qualcomm SoC's have a proprietary quick charge protocol. I'm not sure what Samsung has actually implemented, but I'm hoping that all these issues die out soon as everything becomes USB-PD.

              • @p1 ama: I also have and really like the SW20 Pro and would like my next phone to possibly be a SGS9+,

                so better get the most out of it and get the model with the Qualcomm then lol.

                • @ozhunter68:

                  so better get the most out of it and get the model with the Qualcomm then lol.

                  You mean the model with the Exynos? I wouldn't recommend getting the model that's not the Aussie one, it probably won't support all of the bands we use here. I've heard that the Qualcomm performs better than the Exynos in graphics though, but I game on my PC, not my phone so it's not something I've ever noticed.

              • +2

                @p1 ama: Samsung are a mix bag of different fast charging technologies currently that really doesn't help anyone and gets confusing very quickly. Especially when Samsung in different regions say different things.

                Adaptive Fast Charge is the most common technology and it's based around Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 (5V/9V/12V) but not quite as fast as it only goes up to 5V/2A and 9V/1.67A.

                With the Note 10/10+ they've decided to follow the USB-PD standard with the Note 10 doing up to 25W and the Note 10+ doing up to 45W. The downside of this? They've decided to use the little known Programmable Power Supply standard of USB-PD. Basically PPS tries to reduce power loss and heat by slowly increasing the voltage and decreasing the amperage as the battery nears 100%.

                The other issue with their USB-PD is that you'll need a charger capable of PPS, USB-PD 3.0, reach 45W (15V/3A) and an e-marked USB-C cable. Otherwise you'll be restricted to 15W fast charging like AFC currently is.

                So far there are very few PPS capable chargers out there in the wild and very few USB-C cable brands advertise their e-mark status.

                (Disclaimer: I might be wrong about some of this too)

                • @Clear: Thanks for the info, I actually didn't know they used a slightly weird implementation of PD in the Note 10. I really thought we'd just have everything using PD and we'd finally be rid of this quick charge confusion, but looks like we're still in it.

                  • @p1 ama: In the perfect world but they still find a way to stuff it. Starting with Android 9.0, USB-PD is the defacto standard for fast charging in Android so we should see more in other devices. Especially since Qualcomm made QC4+ backwards compatible.

          • +4

            @p1 ama: Interesting thanks. I suspect reviewers may have been in countries where Samsung use Qualcomm SoCs (QC4+) instead of Australia where Exynos SoCs (Samsung AFC) are used. That could be the reason why!

            Either way Romoss will look into that to see.

  • Cheers OP, grabbed the 26800 one :)

  • I also have one from the last deal. Great powerbank.

    Question though, should it auto detect and charge an iPhone 8? I have to press the button on the side of the power bank for it to start charging.

    • +1

      Having to press the button is normal.

  • +4

    Thanks OP - grabbed the 20k unit.

    Even though the new 26.8k powerbank has a third more power, it's 40% more expensive and weighs over 60% more at 640g vs 399g.

    Much to the predictable disgust of Captain Kirk and Scotty, I let my Ozbargain instincts override any desire for "more power"…

  • I have the SW20 Pro and USB-PD doesn't work.

    • What device are you trying it with?

      • I tried it with a Sony Xperia XZ3

        • +1

          Just to troubleshoot further you're using a USB-C to USB-C cable that is branded? e.g. an original Sony cable. Does the Sony say it's fast charging? And what does the display on the power bank say in volts and amps?

          Reason I ask is because it seems the Sony XZ3 has failed USB-PD compliance tests and there could be an incompatibility.

          • @Clear: Interesting article. When I was reading down to:

            "Sony phones are unique in that they request 7V PDO when going from 5V PDO to 9V PDO."

            Thought that might have something to do with it as this power bank does not put out 7V.

  • +1

    I have the 20,000 version and I love it, has replaced all my other powerbanks

  • Is it not suitable for charging dell Inspiron 14” USB C PD?

    • +1

      Do you know what the specific model is? I get conflicting information with some models that can't charge while others report that it sort of works.

  • So for s8/s9 Xiaomi is still the goto?

  • +1

    Can this charge the macbook 2018?

    • +2

      It can but slowly. I'd recommend something 30W or more.

  • +1

    OP please let us know how they would go with charging the upcoming Note 10. Thanks in advance.

  • Can these also work as a hub? Data transfer between ports?

  • +1

    Op is there any flight restriction for 20,000mah ?
    Cant find any reference for sia flights?
    They just said : Watt-hours exceeding 100 but not exceeding 160/Lithium content exceeding 2g but not exceeding 8g

    • +3

      It's measured in Wh and easily to calculate.

      3.7 X 20000 / 5 = 74Wh
      3.7 X 26800 / 5 = 99.16Wh


      • Thanks man. You are the best.really appreciate it

      • Where do you get the 3.7 from?

        I was thinking that if it’s a 100Wh limit then that should equate to 20000mAh at 5V.

        • Power bank capacity is rated at 3.7V.

    • 26800mAh is the max for flights, which is why you find a lot of batteries with that capacity.

      • Why not 27,000 mAh?

        • +2

          I'm guessing it's because of the capacity of the 18650 batteries they generally use. Technically I guess 27000mAh would be right at the edge of what's allowable.

      • Is that all international flights:?

        • +1

          I don't know if it's for every country in the world, but I know at least in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, that's the rules. You actually can technically legally carry a larger battery up to 160Wh usually, but you need approval from the airline. Also, batteries generally need to be in carry on rather than checked baggage.

          • +1

            @raistlin: Approval for 160Wh is quite easy especially with domestic airlines. Qantas/Jetstar have you fill out a form that can be valid up to a year and Virgin ask that you simply declare it at check in.

  • Do these both work with the Switch to charge it as you are playing? Do these work with a standard laptop as well?

    • switch will trickle charge on 5V/1.5A, tv mode is supported at 15V/2.6A. ideally you want something that can output 15V via usbc-pd. 18w is the max output on this through usbc-pb - i doubt it will charge a laptop.

    • There is this speed chart for the Nintendo Switch to use as a reference since Nintendo didn't follow the USB-PD standard properly. This power bank will be Good up to 12W.

  • Can this be used on a Nintendo switch while it is in the dock? It asks for a AC wall adaptor to use the dock and was wondering if this can replace the AC wall adaptor?

    • Linked a speed chart right above you :) It won't unfortunately as you basically need something that supports 15V/2.6A.

  • don't know why, but I just bought one. Seem like a good product. Thanks Clear!

  • Looking between the 26800 one and the new Xiaomi portable, which would be a better choice?

    • What new model Xiaomi are you referring to?

      • The Power Bank 3 PD 3.0 45W one

        • +1

          Also debating this

        • Portable? It's the size of a brick so I guess a brick is portable.

  • Can you recommend any power banks that definitely fast charge a Samsung s9+? Will happily jump on it :)

  • How are we supposed to charge this without an included charger? What will a charger cost?

    • +4

      Yeah it's an industry standard not to include the charger as the cost would be much higher and you have to cater for a lot of plugs.

      Typically people use their own phone charger, otherwise I can recommend one of these BlitzWolf chargers that frequently go on sale or something like this.

  • +1

    What kind of cable would be best to connect this to a nintendo switch? Bit lost with all the new USB-C stuff

    • +1

      I'm not a Switch owner but some research seems to show that a USB-A to USB-C cable is recommended.

      • +1

        I've charged the Switch with USB-C to USB-C with the 20,000mAh and it works well, charging at a decent rate while playing. Will have to double-check what V/A it charges. Wouldn't C to C be preferred over A to C?

        • +1

          I Googled and that's what it said. USB-C to C is fine too I guess.

        • Thanks @lint and @Clear, picked up a 20000 one and a cable ☺

  • Friends, I find it a bit odd that it only does 5v2a when it can also do 9v2a, I wonder what the logic behind not having 3A is.

    • +1

      In the case of having 9V/3A it would require the USB-PD profile to be at 27W minimum.

      • +1

        Friend, I meant moreo the 5v3a.

        • Yeah for input it doesn't have that unfortunately.

  • Thanks OP. Just got one.

  • +1

    Hi Associate,

    Are the published weights of each device correct? The dimensions are only very slightly different.

  • Hi @Clear, can the SW20 quick charge Note9?

    • According to people above it can.

  • Can these be taken on international flights?

    • Under 100Wh so it shouldn't be a problem. Always best to check the country and airline just in case.

      • How do they check Wh and greenlight?

        • +1

          In my experience customs/security will check the power bank for the markings that state Wh, capacity etc.

  • +1

    Hmm, wanted to grab one but for some reason Amazon doesn't want to accept an Australia Post Parcel Collect address in a regional town.

    • Sometimes Amazon can have glitches with some shipping addresses. Try love chat and see if they can fix it.

  • Thanks OP! Got one to replace my ageing xiaomi PB. Cheers!

  • +1

    Hi clear,

    Is there any marking or notes on the powerbank surface that clearly state the mah and voltage values?
    I'm only asking because last time at Beijing airport, they confiscated my powerbank because it did not indicate the rating on the powerbank itself but it would have complied (even though I told them it was 10k mah/5V)


    • +1

      Damn that's unlucky! These ones will have the markings.

      • Awesome, it won't nicked again. Thanks!

    • Funnily made in China.
      Probably your confiscated one too!

  • Wanted to give this a try but my Xiaomi 10k power bank is still going strong !!

  • Does it fastcharge S8+?

    • Yes.

  • +1

    Are all the output port fast charge or selected one? Say if I charge two phone together will they fast/quick charge them both?

  • Got 1 of each

  • thanks, ordered the 20000mah, just that little bit thinner, still an upgrade to my Romoss Sailing 5