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[eBay Plus] Sirui Pro Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod (AU 6 Yr Wty) + Ball Head + Case $218.88 + Free Delivery @ SOS eBay


Lowest Australian Price Ever For Authorised Sirui Stock

(Ends strictly Thurs 22nd August 2019) — ebay Plus Deal

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Looking for A Great Present For Father's Day, or for yourself?

"Whether you're new to photography, just want something easy to carry when travelling, saw the Best Travel Tripod awards for our earlier model, want to give Dad a great Father's Day present, or you've heard about Sirui's ingenious design, the best selling Sirui T-025SK Carbon Fibre Tripod with matching B-OOK ball head bundle is the perfect choice for those who value quality, and want to own the ultimate in carbon fibre build-quality."

Selling Out Soon are Authorised Australian Dealers with a reputation for authorised product, a positive attitude and excellent service. If you've been waiting for the right travel tripod, then this is for you….Adventure awaits :)

Because this is an ebay deal with a strict cutoff, the deal is for just over 24 hours - unless sells out sooner

  • 11 units only at this special price (More than the OzBargain required standard)
  • Must be member of ebay plus to get deal - see if you're entitled to ebay's $1 ebay plus offer
  • Free delivery to anywhere in Australia, no overseas orders, no overseas-issued credit cards. Any overseas credit cards will be subject to a 3.5% surcharge before dispatch, due to extra merchant fees we must pay.
  • Strictly one order per household
  • Dispatches in 0-1 business days (no backorders this time, sorry)
  • Guaranteed to dispatch on time, or your money back
  • This model has been well reviewed all over the internet (see Reviews below), and on Youtube - see for yourself why it's our best selling carbon fibre model

"Sirui is the rising star in the photographic market. Super-strong, durable and light. Superb quality. 6 Year Australian warranty, and incredibly good value for money"


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Rating Stars ebay buyers' comment - Product Sirui T-025SK, seller: sellingoutsoon
Positive ***** Super timely! The product is great and everything expected.
Positive ***** Most helpful seller and communication was excellent. Will definitely buy again.
Positive ***** Super quick postage! Great tripod too!!!
Positive ***** All good. Good price.
Positive ***** Item arrived promptly and as described. Thank you!
Positive ***** Great seller. Item arrived on time and as advertised.
Positive ***** Super happy with the product. Smooth and easy transaction. Thanks
Positive ***** very light but sturdy,,, a reversible centre tube would make it even better
Positive ***** excellent seller, fast delivery, product as described,
Positive ***** Great service. Top class product. Happy customer.
Positive ***** great quality, very happy thanks!
Positive ***** items looks and works as described. Good & honest seller. Would deal again. AAAA

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Sirui T-025SK Product Ratings

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Editors Choice Award

PHOTOREVIEW - Awarded SIRUI T-025X Carbon fibre Tripod Kit the Editors Choice

Jack Neubart's review


The best travel tripod I ever had

By Lemi

"It's extremely lightweight, compact and tall but despite that it's very solid with practically no vibration because I guess it's carbon fibre structure. The ball head is very sturdy and capable of holding the weight suggested in it's manual. I'd highly recommend it to everybody who travels a lot and wants to have a reliable tripod attached to his/her backpack or even shoulder bag all the time."
Verified External Buyer Review


the best lightweight option

By roninseattle

"I wanted a decent tripod to carry with me as I walk around taking street photography. It had to be 2 pounds (1Kg) or less and less than 12 inches long (30cm) when closed, and have a Arca-swiss style head.

This is a compromise tripod for sure, note the center column is always up (or taken off, but then you can't reverse fold it). For what it is there is no close competitor. It's strong enough to use for time lapse or long exposure as long as you take some precautions again vibration.

I will still carry my RRS tripod for critical work but it will stay in the hotel room most of the day while this little guy will come with me everywhere else."
Verified External Buyer Review


Amazingly sturdy and portable tripod

By AzianCraze

"I really love this tripod because its very sturdy, decent height, amazingly light and portable, easy to setup, and it comes with a decent ball head. And I use it with my DSLR with a 18-300mm lens and an external flash. Been using it on a regular basis and I'm looking forward to using it when traveling."
Verified External Buyer Review

All our reviews are Verified Buyers.

Ozbargainers who've bought from

  • OzBargainer @Fury who bought this exact item from said of the Sirui T-025X: "I've been looking for an awesome travel tripod to take with me on holiday over new years. This is the lightest tripod I've seen, made from Carbon Fibre, and is reported as being very easy to set up / pack up….the Sirui gets fantastic reviews. For me, compactness and well reviewed product wins out over the unknown ebay one, even at greater cost."

  • Ozbargainer @amts experience buying a previous deal from

All reviews on Selling Out Soon are from real buyers, read them on the deal (bottom of page and there are some good Youtube videos too if you want to find out how other buyers have found this to be in real life. This is one of our best selling products and we hope you'll really like it too. If you're a Sirui user please comment on what you think of the product, and if you have bought Sirui from Selling Out Soon please comment on your experience with us and whether you've been happy with our service.

More Ozbargainers who love this product

OzBargainer @mingofmongo - I have this tripod, love it to bits!

OzBargainer @mrhugo -This is a brilliant tripod…

OzBargainer @impoze - Love this tripod,anything larger and you contemplate bringing one at all for short trips

Don't be Spewing Like Mitch

OzBargainer @Mitch Worthington - Damn, spewing I missed out on this deal!

Google Reviews

Linda Joseph

***** (5 stars)
Purchased my first camera tripod and ball head (Sirui) from Selling Out Soon. Ed & the team helped and advised me to ensure I got exactly what I needed. I was informed via phone calls and emails the whole time, the service I received was probably the best online shopping experience I have ever had, will definitely be purchasing more products from these guy, even upgraded my freight so I would have the tripod in time for a photo shoot. Great prices and great service, Thank you SOS

Great Deal For Father's Day

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We look forward to providing you with outstanding service.

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    $220.25 shipped. Aus stock, blah de blah ($209.25 C&C in Perth)

    Authorised reseller

    Rep, given that $279 is RRP on this, how about you discount a bit better than a few bucks before eBay's generous 15% discount?

    • Love your work Spackbace

      • Rep knows how to waffle. And I guarantee their reply will be a full paragraph, trying to say how competitive they are, when really they took about $4 off RRP and let eBay do the rest of the discounting.

        Oh and obviously this is bullshit, since it took me about 5mins of searching:

        Lowest Australian Price Ever For Authorised Sirui Stock

        Even their own deal was cheaper with eBay plus!

        Sirui Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod [New Model T-025SK, AU 6yr Wty,] Ball Head, Case $247.50 ($233.75 with eBay Plus) @ SOS eBay

    • Oh and the SOS page for this lists RRP @ $299, when it's actually $279 according to Sirui's actual site

      And they're offering 15% off and free shipping on this = $237.15. So SOS is offering a generous $3.27 saving over the official store… though as pointed out, still not the cheapest in town.

      So rep, you might want to fix your RRP price on your website so you don't appear so dodgy

      • -4 votes

        Thank you Spackbase. First up, we really do believe that OzBargainers deserve the best deals. That's why we're here. And that is an amazing price, lower than anything (real) on ebay, and us, and everybody else! $299 is likely the original RRP, which you can verify by getting in touch with Pixel One and asking them, or check google cache. Surprisingly, I do love your work. But I love my work too. So give me 30 minutes to see if anything can be done….get the popcorn…

        EDIT — Now $218.88 = lowest verifiable price we could find from an authorised dealer, worldwide.

  • +7 votes

    Rep, maybe you should spare us the endless lines of reviews and fluff and keep the deal description short and concise. There's no actual product mention or specifications listed in the description and everything else just make it seem like you're trying too hard.

    • -3 votes

      Hello m9, thanks for your comment. We do believe in OzBargain and that OzBargainers deserve the best deals. The link shows technical details on the product description. Selling Out Soon is a major seller of this product in Australia, and the specs are fairly well known since we've been doing deals on this item and it's precursor, the T-025X for a few years. So please see the link for all the details. Cheers.

  • For a second there, I thought the photo showed a light saber

  • Independent review:

    In terms of recommended travel tripods this one doesn't rank very high based on his testing methodology.

    • Was that the old model Sirui T-025X, or this new one: Sirui T-025SK?

      • The old one but I would imagine there's very little difference between the two, particularly when it comes to the stability and vibration resistance.

        • Respect your comment, but it might be fair to look at all the reviews, not just one for the old model they superseded. Because it may stand to reason that's why they revised it. The last 14 reviews on ebay, as shown above, are most recent, and there are also Sirui T-025SK Product Ratings on ebay too.

          • @sellingoutsoon: From your original post:

            PHOTOREVIEW - Awarded SIRUI T-025X Carbon fibre Tripod Kit the Editors Choice

            OzBargainer @Fury who bought this exact item from said of the Sirui T-025X:

            Jack Neubart's review <- also refers to the Sirui T-025X

            Bit misleading don't you think?

            • @nandystam: I can see your point; much of this was updated from an older post, and we may be best to omit the non-updated parts in future. But it is a revision of the original item, so ostensibly you're getting a better version, and the latest version at the lowest price, , if you've got ebay plus. Real buyers seem to love the new one, the worst reviews of which are still 5 star positive and actual buyers feel the same way about sellingoutsoon's service, in their ebay feedback.

              Personally when buying, I always look toward the bulk of real buyers' experiences, over a single reviewer. That's why we included so much information.

              • @sellingoutsoon: So why not just update the post now?

                If you can spend the time constructing an elaborate post with a lot of superfluous content, surely you've got the time to correct it.

                Also, a revision doesn't necessarily mean it's better.

    • His test (that’s not a review) is almost entirely pointless. Mean numbers of vibration or damping might be cool if you collect gear and not much more, but only actually getting out and using it as intended will produce a fair review.

      I have this model and a Manfrotto 055 with 410 head, they each have their purpose and the Sirui IMO is one of the top travel tripods available. Ive travelled and shot overseas extensively with it, and it has proven to be a very reliable and dependable unit. Not just using a mirrorless platform for selfies either, medium format long exposures (5-15min) are my normal thing.

      • If you look through his website a bit more you'll find the reason he started testing in that manner is because he was using various tripods and coming back with disappointing results.

        I also have the 'older version' Sirui and it does work quite well, but if you are in an windy conditions or in places where subtle vibrations can be generated then it can definitely impact results. I've seen it myself.

        • I guess that’s an obvious limitation of such a light tripod, nothing hanging a bag or some weight off it can’t fix though.

  • OzBargain Spoke, Selling Out Soon listened

    OzBargainers deserve the best deals.

    Now here's proof — $218.88 delivered — our lowest price ever. Thanks for showing us those details, they're one of a few dealers we don't normally check since they're usually selling closer to full retail, which is OK, but our normal practice is to find the best price available, which is why we typically look other places.

    This price

    We're not going to be able to do this price without the ebay Plus deal, so if you want it, now's the time — and the lowest verifiable price we could find, worldwide.

    Cheers OzBargainers.

    We look forward to providing you with outstanding service.

  • I am a cheapskate…can't justify a 200 dollar tripod as a bargain. So if I sell a piece of gum at listed 20,000 dollars then give ppl a massive 99% off…that's still a bargain right?

    Not an attack on this deal…but just again expensive stuff with too many zeroes in general. Puts on flak vest.

  • This will go perfectly with my new Sony A7 III from Qantas store. Oh wait…

  • The Vanguard VEO 2 Carbon Fibre is a great CF travel tripod for $175.20. Holds my A7ii+70-200 F4 with good stability, and you save yourself about $40 on this deal.

    • I had this in my watchlist but was not aware that the discount code apply for this tripod. I bought it, thanks.

  • +1 for less waffle from OP .. unless its waffle with maple syrup and icecream.

    A real deal sells itself and doesn't need constant OP reassurance.

  • Are these tripods any good for a rifle?

  • no ebay plus…membership..

  • Thank you for your orders OzBargain

    We have positive stock available for you, so if you want the lowest price ever seen in Australia on this award winning Travel Tripod, please go ahead before ebay disables the code, which is sometime today, Thursday August 22, 2019 (likely 11:59:59pm but as far as I know, they can pull it early at their sole discretion).

    Remember if you don't have an ebay plus membership, you may be entitled to ebay's $1 ebay plus offer