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BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 - Black $479.20 Delivered @ David Jones


Latest model Bose Headphones take 20% off for Click Frenzy Travel at David Jones. The amount comes off when you add to cart. Offer does appear to end tonight.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2019

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David Jones
David Jones

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    Well that came down quick…

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      Should be quicker.

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    and so it begins

  • +1

    Whats everyones sweetspot?

    • +28

      Sony wh-1000xm4

      • -1

        Not even out yet, and a winner already.

        Most people prefer the XM3 over the QC3 and 700. But doesn't the QC3 come with slightly better: noise cancelling, sound quality, head fitting, battery life, and portability.

        Although the microphone sucks for both the XM3 and QC3. Definitely not a fan of the 700's touch compared to the XM3, but not sure if the buttons of QC3 are better.

        • +1

          If you mean the QC35, then XM3 has demonstrably better ANC and battery. Portability is a tie, sound and fit are subjective.

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      Less than this.

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  • Great price.

    Where is info.on this click frenzy sale for DJ
    Can't for the life of me find it

    • Hey, i only noticed when i Googled DJ's and it came up with "48 Hour Frenzy | Save 20% On Headphones* | DavidJones.com‎"
      They are not an official participant in the Click Frenzy promo.
      Seems to be deals on luggage as well…

      • Ahh Thanks.
        Was hoping maybe it was 20% off site wide!

        Wishful thinking

      • +1

        They are not an official participant in the Click Frenzy promo.

        They never are. They just leech off the name without paying the rights for it, hoping it’ll attract customers.

        You wait and see, they’ll do a Christmas Frenzy when Click Frenzy in November is on.

        Source: ex-DJs staff

  • +4

    Nice price drop
    One step closer to being the essential pair of headphones in the 'OzBargainer Starter Pack'

  • +2

    Even more cheaper via this menthod - Shopback 4% on David jones, will save you ( $19.16 on $479.20 price) plus if you have AGL account , get Davidjones egift cards on 8% discount, you can get $500 card for $460

  • +1

    I like Bose but still trying to decide if these are $150 better than QC35II and 1000XM3

    • I would say no. In general the 1000XM3 have better performance than the Bose. This new iteration is not worth the upgrade if you already have the QC2's - Especially considering the 700's are plagued with software issues that are typical with 1st wave release.

    • +2

      they arent, they are propably $150 worse.

    • Apparently the nc of qc35 was crippled in a recent firmware update, just as this model was coming out.

      So, seems like Bose doesn't even think it's much of a step up themselves

      • +1

        People report that with EVERY Bose software release. I saw no difference with the update.

        • +1

          haha fair enough. I just picked up a pair and got scared off the update.
          There does seem to be a bit of outcry over this one though

  • +10

    Conversation Mode to pause the music and let surrounding noise in -perfect to quickly place a coffee order or chat with a colleague

    And still come across as a tosser with headphones on, while supposed to be talking to someone.

    • Better to use them for eavesdropping

  • damn sold out, that was quick

  • Any feedback from somebody that owns these? I had a pair of QC35ii's and was happy with them but lost them. I'm now considering these. Thanks.

    • +1

      My only experience was listening for 20 seconds on the demos at the airport, but they sounded gooooooooooooood (I own QC35)

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    Do you guys find these headphones ruin your hairstyle?

    • +2

      All headphones that fit nice ruin my hair.

      • +4

        I have no hair left, I hope it’s not very slippery.

  • what already out of stock?

  • +1

    DJ's are notorious for no stock, get ready for the cancellation email/refund!

  • available in store?

    • Not at 20% off; this sale is online only

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    How are the out of stock for preorder ?? someone accidentally let this be part of the sale 😬😂😂

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