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AMD Ryzen 5 2600 | GTX 1660 6GB $699 Delivered @ Techfast


Great price. Got coupon code from Luke which will bring the price down $699 including delivery.
Enjoy :)

Base spec:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600. R5 3600 and R7 2700 upgrades available.
  • GPU: MSI Ventus 1660 guaranteed for first 30 systems. MSI Ventus 1660 Ti guaranteed for first 30 upgrades. Model may vary after that.
  • MB: Biostar A320M. Upgrade to B350 for an m.2 slot. Upgrade to B450 for extra 2 RAM slots.
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz from Crucial/G.Skill/Team
  • PSU: Allied or equivalent
  • SSD: Crucial or equivalent

& You can select your upgrades from the options

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  • So the deal with techfast is you go on eBay for a win10 key…

  • Good price. I feel like almost every Ozbargainer has a Techfast build at home by now.

  • Scooped one right up. Now fingers crossed for an MSI Ventus :)

    • +11 votes

      You'll get one mate :)

      • What an absolute legend :D

      • your webiste is garbage cant change mb options keeps taking me back to cpu

        • +2 votes

          Sorry it's a pain, I've asked our dev to disable it! If you're on a desktop a workaround for now is to zoom the browser out.

          • @luketechfast: FYI your website has been enough to put me off buying from you. Not the only factor but anything painful pre-sale - when you're still vying for my money - is a red flag to me. If you are careless with how you treat someone (their experience) before the sale I have to wonder how I'll be treated afterwards.

            Feel free to downvote, Ozbargainers. I'm doing him a favour with this feedback. I must have had a dozen PCs in my cart (I'm after 2 - 1 for each of my offspring) and never pulled the trigger.

            • +3 votes

              @syousef: Appreciate the feedback. I believe there are dozens of OzB community members here who would and have previously attested to our pre and after sales service, and I'm also aware there are a few customers whose experience hasn't been perfect. If it's just a slightly glitchy website that's put you off I would urge you to reconsider, but I accept your points. Hopefully you'll change your mind one day.

        • Relax princess

  • R5 3600 or R7 2700?

    • I don't know why the guy below you said 2700, maybe he's a troll. The 3600 is miles better while being half the price!

      • That's what I thought, but surprise that it is half the price. Thought I was missing something…

      • I thought he meant r5 2600 vs r7 2700. Anyway save your $$$ and not bother with the CPU upgrade as you will not notice the ~20% performance increase.

    • To put into perspective how one sided this is - the r5 3600 is such an improvement over the 2700 is can perform on a similar level to the 2700 in multi-core tasks. Not identical, but considering it's a 6 core the results are pretty good.

      If you're gaming, unquestionably the 3600.

    • For gaming the 3600 trashes the 2700x.. for workstation use the 2700x is a little better having 2 extra core… overall the 3600 is still better all around.

  • Does the code work on other systems without the GPU?

  • Noob question, liquid cooler is for CPU, wouldn't the cooler be more useful for the GPU?

    • It's for overclocking for CPU (unlocked), and I wouldn't bother with that either. Save your $$$ as you will not notice the performance boost.

    • GPU all in one coolers are
      1. Not common, not much range of options
      2. Pretty pricey due to not having large range
      3. Voids most gpu manufacturer warranties because you need to remove the fan and shroud of the you
      4. Complicated process to install.

      Cpu all in one coolers
      1. Common, large range.
      2. Some are cheap, some reliable brands are cheap due to it being common and lots of competition
      3. Some CPUs run really hot normally, though wouldn't REQUIRE liquid cooling, is best for cpu.
      4. Some CPUs don't even come with a cooler in box.
      5. Installation is easy, and installing a cpu cooler is a mandatory part of building a computer. So you need to install one whether it's air cooler or water cooler.

      Simply put cpu aio coolers are more common, easier, and installing of a cooler is required.
      3rd party Gpu cooling is not common, much much more complex, voids warranty and gpu already comes with a cooler anyway.

  • Which SSD to go for? 120/240? Please advise. Is it upgradable later?

    • I would go for 120gb. Something I would suggest is the upgraded motherboard so you can get the M2 slot, usually cheap these days.

    • Go as big as you can afford. If you plan on doing web browsing and office work 120gig would be enough. If you want to play games which this system can just one triple game would consume half the hard drive. You can add a second hard drive later but looking at their prices it's pretty cheap to add now.

    • Get 240 if you can. If you are tech savvy and you actually already have a USB stick for installing Windows 10 (I actually have 3 of them - different Windows 10 releases), then you can get away with 120 (because you would know how to install Win 10 easily). You can upgrade later.

      m.2 - honestly, it is an overkill for most people. For me, it is mainly for bragging. I compared my 970 Pro (m.2 SSD) and 840 Pro (SATA3 SSD). In terms of boot up, Web browsing, launching general apps, there is no noticeable difference. Sure, I can pretend the m.2 SSD is much faster in sequential read/write by duplicating files on the m.2 or copy files between the 2 m.2 SSDs. However, deep down I know that if I don't run heavy multi-threaded setup to do multiple I/Os on the SSDs, I really cannot feel the difference.

  • Just pulled the trigger! great deal, i hope i get one of the msi ventus ti's wink wink @ luke

  • Great deal, lets play MSI Ventus lottery !!

  • Thinking of getting this, with the 3600/1660ti. Would this be a huge upgrade from my existing i5 4590/MSI GTX 970?

  • Great value - my pick get the 3600 leave 1660 non Ti

    CPU Ryzen 5 3600 315
    GPU GTX 1660 6GB 349
    RAM 8GB 2400 55
    HDD 120GB 36
    PSU Cheap 550W 35
    MOBO Cheap Mobo 80
    CASE Cheap case 39

    Techfast price   780 
    Saving   129 
    Discount    14.2%
    • ๐Ÿ‘

      • Hi Luke,

        I heard you are a great rep with great support for TechFast and wanted to ask you if you can give a rough estimation of when PCs will be shipped out based on the current workload on your end.

        I bought my PC on Wednesday the 28th of August and I am based in Sydney Eastern Subs

        Thanks a bunch. Hope you have a great rest of your week if I don't hear back from you soon.

        Kind Regards,

        • +1 vote

          Hey mate, we are at about 7 business days for the majority of systems. I'm working with some customers from earlier in August who chose to wait for a specific component to come in after a delay rather than an alternative I offered. But 7 business days is about right for the majority.

  • Someone just posted a pc with 1660 TI and B450 mobo for 670. The posted has been deleted saying duplicate with this topic. This one is more expensive and different vga (non ti).

  • You get what you pay for in terms of QC and service.

    I wouldn't buy again from them, I would rather pay a bit more from a business that puts more effort into getting it right and not just churning through as much volume as possible.

    They definitely work harder at selling systems than they do on building, QC'ing and delivering them.

    This is still probably a good deal for someone who is decently tech savvy and is confident in fixing their errors.

    My 2 cents.

    • fixing what errors exactly? How about you tell us your bad experience with Tech Fast?

      • Sure.

        System arrived DOA, later diagnosed as the cable from power switch to PSU not being connected correctly.

        After a week away, it arrived back, the case was packed with air balloons, which is a good idea for shock protection, however they did not notify me of this and when powered up they got entangled in the fan.

        The system I ordered had no HDD, just a SSD, so I paid for an additional 2tb to be added to the build. After I got the system going, I noticed they had only installed a 1tb hard drive.

        Communication during this process was poor and the process slow.

        Knowing now their processes, I would definitely pay a little more elsewhere.

        I am sure it's a good option for some, but wasn't for me.

          • @BongoOB:

            1. I don't get it, are you implying that I am lying? CS rep said they did it to prevent original problem from repeating as it may have occurred in shipping. I've not heard of it before either, hence I did not think to check for it.

            2. No, it is not from this deal but one from several weeks ago. The case is solid with no viewing window.

            3. It was not an upgrade as there was not a HDD with the system to begin with. It shouldn't be difficult to correctly select a 2tb drive off the parts shelf instead of a 1tb.

            I am not sure why you are so invested in making apologies for them? I had a bad experience amplified by the way it was handled.

            • @FilePeter: We don't live in a perfect world unfortunately, and unfortunate things can happen. From what I can gather your problem would be considered a rare incident. Personally, I would have checked all connections when the PC didn't boot up. I would have opened the case to check it had the right brand and size 2tb drive when the PC was returned to you. This would have avoided most of your issues. Anyway, thanks for your story Peterfile :-)

              • @BongoOB: TechFast should double check the build before sending out. From my experience with TechFast (buying parts), I do find TechFast don't provide much documentation (if at all). Their process is, to be honest, sub-par. I get we are getting a good deal / discount. However, when I purchased items from other retailers on feeBay (with 20% discount voucher), their processes are more organised. Even for returns, better than TechFast's.

                I had to contact TechFast after receiving the product to get the AMD promotion code. Other sellers simply included in it with the paperwork they included in the packages. I also had to return a product (while I don't blame TechFast for the mistake, it is still a mistake). I do appreciate Luke's help and he is awesome, but compared to other returns, other sellers' processes are still better (more convenient).

                Process and attention to details, TechFast really can improve. I understand we cannot expect top notch service at dirt cheap bargain price, but it is in TechFast's best interest to improve.

                • @netsurfer: If you look up promotions for msy theyll show many latest promotions and not msy specific.

                  E.g for a NVIDIA promotion I simply followed the recommended steps of providing my serial number for my video card to nvidia and got my games. Didn't need Techfast help despite buying my PC from them.

            • @FilePeter: Where else would you spend?

        • +3 votes

          All valid feedback, and we've taken it onboard from your communication with us. We got some things wrong here but will keep improving.

  • Fairly new to gaming PCs - can someone tell me is this a low-end or mid-range system?

    I'm looking for a PC to run my X-Plane flight sim, and from what I've read the CPU is generally the bottleneck when it comes to X-Plane. How's the CPU in this?


  • For anyone asking Windows key, visit www.g2deal.com

    I bought Windows 10 Home for A$17.45
    Windows 10 Pro is around $19 but I bought in a package with Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for A$57.99

    I found it after looking for the best price and found a reddit post about it

    Yes, I made the same question as you right now, Googled the hel* out about this website and the feedback are 9.2/10 or 4.8/5, etc.

    Bought the keys like "If I don't receive them, the $$$ hole won't be that much" and I got the keys almost right away, activated the Windows without problems. 100% recommend.
    I believe they have some business and sell the OEM licenses which is more than enough for users :)

    • Why not try to get a free Win 10 education edition license?

      I got one, but it was labelled as Win 10 Consumer edition. I'm not sure whether it works. I'm still waiting for my PC shipped by TechFast. I plan to try this key first to see what will happen.

      • I've never heard about such a license edition and I've being working with Information Technology for the last 8y+

        PRO has so many features that no other license has.
        Well, Windows 10 Pro Workstation is the top one if you are crazy enough to explore everything and beyond from your system, faster data handling, more storage, and a new file system that finds and repairs faults.

        For any gaming dude, PRO is the basic one to go.

      • Windows 10 Education can be installed either through Consumer Edition media or Business Edition media. The key entered will decide the features you get and which edition it is. It's just saving Microsoft from releasing 10+ versions of Windows 10 media/install files (because each edition also has normal, K and KN versions - due to regional restrictions).

        However, you can only get education version if you have an .edu or .edu.au e-mail account.

        • Thank you for the explanation @netsurfer
          But for me this edition is useless, special if we are talking about gaming lol

  • How would this compare to a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X.

    Wouldn't mind getting a reasonable PC but don't need the bleeding edge . The above consoles are what I'm used to.

    • It's faster than XB1X. CPU - there is no contest, Ryzen 3600 is way better. GPU is better. However, two things though:

      • Do you actually have sufficient games on PC to benefit from it? You still have spare time with GamePass for console (for GP Ultimate), PS exclusives and maybe PS Plus?
      • Next gen console(s). That statement from Phil Spencer: XB2 will have hardware ray tracing support. Does that mean next iteration of RX 5700 (with ray tracing)?

      I guess this PC feels kinda like buying XB1X at launch price and it can do more than XB1X (except playing UHD blu-ray discs since it doesn't have a UHD BD-ROM drive).

    • I would not compare, special if you are talking about the basic setup.
      8GB DDR4 2400Mhz, are you kidding right? It has to be at least 3000Mhz, otherwise, the memory will limit the processor's performance.
      Don't buy this setup.

      With that said, don't expect it to the "better" than Xbox/PS4.

      I am planning to build:

      MSI X570 GAMING PLUS AM4 4xDDR4/2xPCIEx16/HDMI/M.2/USB3.2/ATX Motherboard —— or similar motherboard
      Gigabyte Radeon (R57-8GD-B) 8GB RX 5700 XT PCI-E VGA Card
      Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB 3200
      AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (100-100000031BOX) 4.2Ghz/AM4/36M/65W Boxed CPU w Wraith Stealth Cooler —— I am still thinking about the 3600+
      Corsair CX650
      Samsung 970 EVO PLUS (MZ-V7S500BW) 500GB M.2 SSD Solid State Drive

      So far it is around $1.7k. If I can find things cheaper online I can bring the price down.
      With this setup you can have a lot of fun. Might added 16GB more in the future, 1 more M.2
      But even without the upgrade I can tell it is faster than the consoles with 1080p way above 100fps —- some games reach 200fps+ —-, and 1440p around 60+fps
      Look at some Youtube videos.

  • Can I play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator with this PC?

  • On the Leaper SFF case is the front case fan meant to go on the top or bottom mount? I've got one PC with the fan at top and another PC with fan at bottom. I would think it's better for fan on bottom?

    • I got it, the bottom mount has holes for HDD, while the top doesn't. Unfortunately I had to move the fan to fit in a HDD urgh

  • I just

  • One in the post headed my way ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

    Cheers techfast team!

  • First system ordered through Tech Fast!

    Spoke to Luke today about the merits of a AMD Ryzen 5 2600 | GTX 1660 6GB combo vs a AMD Ryzen 5 3600 | RX570 4GB combo. Informative conversation that certainly helped me make my decision. Also asked about Tech Fast's after sales support and was satisfied with their procedures should something go wrong.

    Great job Luke and the Tech Fast team! Looking forward to receiving my system.

  • Coupon doesnt work anymore

  • Could someone enlighten me about the MSI Ventus - why is it so sought after for this deal? Are the alternatives not going to perform as well?

    If I was to order now are the MSI units still in the mix?

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