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Spotify Premium: 90 Days Free for New Customers


I could be wrong but it looks like the last time it was free for 90 days was back in 2015.

Offer not available to users who already tried Premium. Cancel anytime.

Steps to copy your existing playlist to a new account -

1) Make them public on your old account.
2) Sign into your new account.
3) Search for you old username.
4) When you find you old account and public playlist(s) copy all the songs into a new playlist(s).

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  • Spotify needs a new payment method each time, thankfully Google music doesnt.

  • different paypal works. thanks op

  • When does this deal expire? I can't see anything in t+c

  • Can I cancel immediately after signing? Or it will revoke my premium subscription?

  • so many 90 day trial

  • +3 votes

    Heads up, I was a free subscriber and went for a 3 month free trial in late 2018. I didn't go premium. Following the end of the free trial the amount of ads being pushed on me to go premium seemed to go up considerably. Presumably they think that after getting used to no ads, you'd be more inclined to pay to continuing being ad free. Reasonable strategy I guess.

    But if you're happy with free and don't intend to go premium, perhaps it's worth staying free.

    • would signing out be helping the ads-level to go back to normal?


        Staying signed out? Or signing out and then back in again? Either way I'm not sure.

        I'm proceeding on the basis that if you are never tempted by the premium sub, they'll likely leave you alone. But soon as you crack, they'll start hounding you!

    • Just create a secondary account for the trial and share your playlist if you want to save your primary account from the increased ads.


        Good idea. Thanks. Not sure if I could be bothered doing this for 3 months but good idea for others.

  • puts on fake mustache "Hi Spotify it's me, your new customer!"

  • Good dealbot, my 13th Google account expired today.

  • Never used their service before will downloaded offline songs work after trial?

  • This is the new normal
    Spotify put out a press release (they are matching Apple Music's free trial period which has been 90 days since 2015)

    In other Spotify news, The Hollywood Reporter says that Eminem’s label has filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that Spotify streams 243 of the rapper’s songs without a license. The suit seeks all of Spotify’s profits – which might be rather tricky given that the company’s financial position … The suit does specify $36.45M as an alternative.

    • I thought the artist has to give the permission first before Spotify can stream it?
      Don't have anything against Eminem, one of my favorites actually, but I wonder if he gave the permission before and is now regretting it and trying to "lawsuit" for more profit?

      • “Oops didn’t mean to”

      • Not necessarily. There have been many examples over the years of songs becoming available on Spotify without the label's or artists knowledge.

        E.g. https://www.factmag.com/2018/03/11/aaliyah-bootleg-spotify-r...

        • It is not an uncommon occurrence, as rights giver rights for music steaming are often quite Byzantine, enough to make even the most zealous council environmental regulator jealous.
          As I recall Apple Music has had similar suits, and it doesn’t have the same financial pressures as Spotify to stretch the licensing rights.
          It would most likely be accidental on Spotify’s part, assuming Eminem is right and not confused himself.

      • Eminem actually has nothing to do with the lawsuit, it's one of his old music publishers who own the rights to that music.

  • This is great. I'm a Spotify Premium user myself, became one after a deal just like this and instantly loved it. I recommend to give Premium a try, 3 months is enough to decide whether you like it.
    Thanks for sharing OP

  • I still miss Pandora shakes fist but I suppose this will do :/

  • How to get the free trail page? It just takes me to spotify paid premium page.

  • Just signed up then cancelled so it doesnt auto renew

  • My car stereo only has the Pandora app for music streaming.

  • Thank you joined this one as well. So many music offers at the moment.

    Best one is the free $12.00 cashback with cashrewards/apple music ;)

  • For those wondering, the virtual Visa cards from that Ben and Jerry promo work for this 3-month offer.

  • I just took out the 3 month subscription via Paypal. Can I cancel now and still do the 3 months trial? Thanks.

  • Thanks silverrat23. Do I do that via my account? Is it the same for Netflix as I just started a one month trial with them?

  • This looks to be gone now.

  • Just signed up for another free 3 months. thanks!