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American Express Qantas Ultimate 100K QFF Points ($450 AF with $450 Qantas Travel Credit; $3K Spend in 3 Months)


Earn 100,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points when you sign up to the AMEX Qantas Ultimate Card.

$450 Annual Fee payable in the first year with a $450 travel credit that needs to be spent on a Qantas flight using the American Express Travel portal.

Must spend $3,000 within 3 months of signing up.

Must not currently hold an Amex card or have held an Amex card within the last 18 months.

Note: If you click the referral link for the Qantas Ultimate Card below, some lucky OzBargainer will also get some points for referring you.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (6)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (22)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • I believe the referral bonus is currently at 60k points for this card, at least that is what my email said earlier in the month

    • It has just changed to 100K. Click through the referral link to see for yourself.

      • What is the bonus for the referrer?

        • I think it is 40K, but I am not entirely sure. I don't currently hold the card.

          Edit: Ahh, clarified below. 60K.

        • 60K

          • +1

            @tommynolips: Awesome, gonna try and get a referral through my wife's Qantas AMEX

          • +1

            @tommynolips: Is it? When i log into my amex account online and scroll down to referrals it says 40k.

            "Refer Friends. Get Rewarded.

            Qantas American Express Ultimate Card
            You can receive 40,000 Qantas Points for each friend approved using your referral link. Your friend can apply for the Card you have or can choose from any of the available Qantas American Express Cards.

            Your friend will receive 100,000 Qantas Points if they apply by 9 October 2019, are approved for a Qantas American Express Ultimate Card and spend $3,000 in their first 3 months of Card Membership. (T&Cs apply)."

            • @Poolprouk: If I have an Amex DJ would i still get bonus points if I apply for this?

              • @nightelves: I don't think so but it's not clear. The DJ card is not part of the Qantas family of cards as such but does earn Qantas points. So there maybe a chance if the rule is you can be referred by a Qantas points earning cardholder.

                I suggest to ask Amex direct.

                • @Poolprouk: Even they don’t know their own rule. I ask if I was gonna get points when applying for the DJ Amex when I already have an Amex and they said no, which is not correct.

            • +1

              @Poolprouk: yeh it's 40k not 60k

  • +1

    For those interested:

    Bonus & Eligibility: 55,000 bonus offer is only available to new American Express Card Members who apply online for the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card, are approved, and spend $3,000 on eligible purchases on their new Card within the first 3 months from the Card approval date. This is a limited time offer which may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice. Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited, in the preceding 18 month period are ineligible for the Bonus Qantas Points offer.

    • 55 not 100k?

      • It is 100K if you click the referral link. 55K if you do not.

        • How do I get a referral link?

          • @Stugots: Under the post description, there is a referral randomizer. Select "random" on Qantas Ultimate section.

            • @G77: Sorry I meant how would I get my own referral link (so I am able to send to my mate)?

              • @Stugots: Login to Amex website and find the "Refer a friend" link. Your link should be there.

                • @G77: Logged in, clicked refer a friend, says I will receive bonus 40k points… am I missing something, thought it was 100k?

                  • @Stugots: You will get 40k, the person you referred to will get 100k. Was 60k points until 31/08.

  • Are other card types able to refer this Card. For e.g. Can a Explorer Card Holder refer this card to a friend and still get the bonus referral points?

    • +2

      My understanding is no. Only an AMEX Qantas Ultimate Card holder can refer someone for this bonus.

      • thanks for that

  • Is the referral link you posted your personal link or a randomised Ozbargain one?

    • +5


      Personal links are not allowed.

  • What to use the Amex card on without the surcharge ? I can only think of the big 2 supermarkets, any advice ?? :)

    • +2

      Most large retailers accept AMEX without surcharge.

      As do many online shops and services.

      You should be able to pay for most online subscriptions, ride sharing, etc without surcharge.

      You can also link your AMEX to Paypal and pay for items/services through Paypal without surcharge.

      If you shop at Woolworths/Big W, it is also possible to stock up on discounted Wish gift cards if you need to meet the minimum spend.

    • +2

      I used this guide when I applied for my card earlier in the year, basically switched all my bill payments to Amex and topped up my Opal card at Woolies. I've also used it as my default payment on Amazon and Ebay.

      • My council bills, water and electricity all charge a bigger surcharge for using Amex, that's why I have been resisting in applying for one, I live in Brisbane so not sure our councils and utilities companies are the only ones who charge surcharge on Amex payment.

        • Oh I never used Amex to pay for council, water and electricity bills. I should have been more specific - by bill payments I was referring to mobile plans, insurance premiums and subscriptions e.g. Netflix and Stan.

          • +4

            @Shostaholic: My council and water supplier allow payment by Postbillpay with no surcharge. You can then use Paypal on postbillpay. I just link my Amex card to my paypal account and therefore earn points for these payments. You should check if you can do this in your situation.

            • @Poolprouk: I pay rates on 3 properties with AMEX without surcharge through Postbillpay.

  • I currently have a pending application for a free Westpac AMEX with 40,000 bonus points. Is it worth paying the extra $450 for the extra 70,000 points? I don’t think I’ll get full value from the $450 travel credit as American Express Travel doesn’t seem particularly cheap so I would really only be paying for the two Quantas passes and the extra 70,000 points.

    • +7

      Depends on how you value the 70K points.

      If you are redeeming them for toasters on the Qantas store, you are probably only getting 0.5c/pt, which would make 70K points worth $350.

      If you are redeeming them for economy class flights, you are probably getting 1c/pt, which would make 70K points worth $700.

      If you are redeeming them for business class flights, you are probably getting at least 3c/pt, which would make 70K points worth $2100.

      • Can you use your QFF points to upgrade on the affiliates airline flights? i.e. Japan Airline? or your flight class upgrade is only available for QF code flights.

        • Can you use your QFF points to upgrade on the affiliates airline flights? i.e. Japan Airline?


    • +2

      Amex travel is generally exactly the same price as the QF website. I say generally, there have been some exceptions, but whenever I've booked I've never noticed any difference in price, being an ozbargainer i check!!!

      Don't forget, you don't get the Qantas passes automatically, you need to spend with Qantas first, however I can confirm that spending just a few bucks carbon offsetting flights gets you those passes. I did this.

      You do get Amex lounge passes too. I'm going to use these next month when i take the family away, you can bring the kids into the Amex lounge.

      When you add in the bonus points, all the lounge passes and travel credit + all the AMEX cashback deals and shop small, you get good value for your $450. That's my personal opinion only though.

      • Can you bring your kids into the Qantas lounge?

        • They need their own guest pass (or membership if you're feeling flush…)

      • Yeah, not getting the Qantas Club passes automatically had me curious. Do you buy the QF flights off elsewhere and then just offset the flights to trigger the passes? Also, can that QF flight be the one booked from the $450 credit?

        • +4

          No need to buy any flights to activate the lounge passes. Just purchasing a carbon emission offset alone over $1 activates the lounge passes.

          • @muncan: Muncan is right.

          • @muncan: I just bought one for flight from sydney to adelaid for $1.62. I only provided name and email address. They didnt ask for QFF number. Is that sufficient enough to get the invites?

            • @Nick K: $1+ on Qantas spent with AmEx is sufficient. Give it a week.

          • @muncan: Brilliant, thanks muncan, appreciate it! :)

        • Also, can that QF flight be the one booked from the $450 credit?

          No, the $450 credit is spent at Amex travel. To trigger the passes you need to spend direct with Qantas.

    • +1

      100-40=60. How did you get extra 70,000 points?

    • I also hold the Westpac AMEX, which I'm about to cancel at the annual fee date. So to clarify it said "Must not currently hold an Amex card or have held an Amex card within the last 18 months." , does the Westpac AMEX count? I thought I read here before that bank affiliated AMEX cards are different?

      With regards to value of points, we used 108,000pts to redeem 2x Emirates First Class from Christchurch to Sydney. It was worth it! 3h flight only, but the main idea is to experience the product onboard shower etc. The drinks consumed (quality not quantity) is worth a fair chunk of the price already.

  • +1

    Is it possible to daisy chain or piggy back off multiple referrals? ie I sign up first using the ozbargain referral then have my partner use my referral to sign up for another separate card and get 200k in total between the two of us?

    • +2


    • +1

      Wouldn't that be 260k total? 100+60k referral for you, 100k for your partner.

      • haha even better then, I only wanted to double check that there wasn't some special condition or time limit with regards to the referrals.

  • How long does it take for them to process your application? Just submit my application and got "We have successfully captured your application… and notify you of the outcome within 5-10 working days", really?

    • It could be a lot quicker.

      I will be signing up to utilise this offer soon. I remember it being very quick when I signed up 18 months ago.

      • Yeah, usually, you'll get a response in 60 seconds, but not now.. well, maybe not for me at this stage. My first AMEX application.

        • I got a response in 60 seconds, so I guess it just depends on the details you enter.

  • Can you use any Amex card to refer? E.g. if I know someone who has a David Jones Amex, can they give me a referral link for the Qantas Amex card that will give me the 100,000 bonus points even though they're two different cards?

    • I think it would need to be a holder of a Qantas Amex card, there are a few variations on Qantas amex cards but i think it needs to be from that family of cards.

  • Can the $450 credit be spent on an Emirates flight booked via the Qantas website?

    • +1

      Can only be booked on the AMEX travel portal:

      The Qantas Travel Credit can be redeemed for any eligible Qantas flight booked (i.e. a QF flight number on your ticket) and paid online through American Express Travel in a single booking. All travel is subject to Qantas Conditions of Carriage. For bookings less than $450 any unused portion of the Qantas Travel Credit will be forfeited. The Qantas Travel Credit can be used from the anniversary date and cannot be carried forward to any subsequent year. Your Qantas Travel Credit for that year will be forfeited if you cancel your booking, subject to Qantas Travel Credit, Terms and Conditions.

  • Description needs to change. https://www.americanexpress.com/au/credit-cards/qantas-ultim...

    Does yield 100k too now.

    • +1

      Thanks very much.

      Will update now.

      • +1

        Np. Quick reply. Get back to work!! :)

  • How do I check that my referral code has been added to the random list correctly?

  • Couple of things to be aware of (things i wish i knew - may have changed my mind about this card, may not have)

    1. the $450 travel credit won't go as far as $450 cash booking direct through Qantas website

      • eg flights i'e been looking at to Fiji, for example, were $580 on qantas, vs $700 on Amex travel, similar story for flight from SYD to BNE / MEL

    2. If you get a balance transfer, any spend on the card BEFORE you pay off the balance transfer does not have an interest free period, and you accumulate interest from Day of purchase. This is probably standard - not something i've ever experienced before - but since you need to spend the $3k in 3 months, AND they don't give you details about how to pay off your card until your first statement - you're pretty jacked in there for an interest bill of ~$100 for that first month.

    • +3
      1. That sucks, i've never had a difference in price but have only booked domestic flights with the credit. I would complain to AMEX travel and ask why the price is different!

      2. This is common and I too have fallen foul of this in the past. General rule is never spend on a balance transfer card. Therefore don't use a balance transfer facility on a rewards card where you need to spend.

      • Yeah im going to complain to AMEX travel down the track - in the end i decided to book a package deal for my family to Fiji - worked out alot cheaper than booking flights/accom etc and doing it myself anyway - so i saved in the end.

        Wife is kiwi though, so will certainly be booking flights to NZ a few times in the next 12 months… so i'll see how i go then.

    • Same experience with geoffs87 when booking international flight.
      Amex travel is always at least $100 more expensive. Tax portion is the same. Based fare is more expensive.
      In the ticket I booked base fare on amex travel is more than total fare on Qantas site.

    • Well at least it's not $450 more expensive, but definitely not a complete recoup of the annual fee.

      If I cancel the card after getting the points and booking a Qantas flight for much later through the AMEX portal, will the ticket still be valid or will they cancel it?

      • Agreed, but I was annoyed that they market it as such, and then the value is eroded.

      • I am sure the ticket would still be valid.

    • this is not always true.

      I've looked through a few flights using Amex travel portal ..yes it is slight more expensive but in most cases not by that much. Usually range $10-$50

      • I’m sure you’re right, unfortunately every flight I was looking at was more expensive. It seems the discounted sale fares were not being priced as such through Amex.

        Point of my comment was to make people awareness of the risk. I’ve still got the card, and 100k qf points are worth it for a couple hundred dollar fee. But I like to know the value of things before I sign up!

        • Fair enough..yeh maybe i was just lucky that prices for me have always been somewhat similar but definitely a good reminder.

    • If you phone up the AMEX travel team they will price match whatever price you can find if booking direct through Qantas

      • It is not true mate.

      • Yeah I tried that - they said bad luck, that’s the pricing they as a travel agent receive from qantas.

        Will try again one day though. Anyone else had success with this method?

    • Travel credit was a hassle when I booked my holiday. Made the call to cancel, just not worth it anymore.
      Amex peaked back 2013

  • +1

    Is there an AMEX card which has similar/same points but no fee/travel credit?

    I don’t really have a need for domestic travel and I’d rather accrue points.

    • Amex discovery - but the points earn drops from 1.25per 0.75 per $

      10K bonus points if referred.

  • hello sir. may i have question?

    minimum spend 3000 in 3 months. can i pay my home lone with this account?

    • I don't think you can pay home loans from your credit card.

    • Hello good sir,

      Most banks will not allow you to pay your home loan with a credit card - they need cash money.

    • Unfortunately not.

  • which is better if I am not interetsed in annual flight bonus - Op deal OR citi (https://www1.citibank.com.au/credit-cards/citi-platinum)?

    • Citi points are not QFF points, and to get the bonus 40k you would need to wait until you've paid the second annual fee.

      • yeah saw that, otherwise 80k citi points are roughly $320. The credit card statement can be paid with this

  • I remember I had a CBA amex card and they approved my app…is this normal?

  • Hi Guys. Any thoughts about this deal? https://www.americanexpress.com/au/credit-cards/velocity-pla...

    Which one is better? I sometimes fly between Syd and Mel.


  • +1

    I got this card with the intention to sell the QF Travel credit, but it seems OzBargain have altered there classified rules recently and stopped this from being allowed. Worth noting if your plan was to sell your travel credit as there are instances were this was previously done.

  • +2

    (If you phone up the AMEX travel team they will price match whatever price you can find if booking direct through Qantas)

    I just rang amex travel and they said they don't price match qantas price.

  • +4

    Cannot thank the people who use the referral link enough, you are all saints!

    • Yessss i hope my link gets clicked!

  • Are there any differences booking from Amex portal other than the prices? Will there be a limited choice of flights to choose from? Thanks

  • Yeah… I would recommend waiting for a card which has $0 annual fee for the first year.
    Last year I signed up for like 3 or 4 credit cards with that kind of deal.

  • Does this "within the last 18 months" exclusion thing also exclude current and past additional card holders?

    • +1

      Not in my experience. Only the primary cardholder (ie the account holder) is excluded. Supplementary cardholders have always independently received bonus points.

  • If my wife is currently a secondary card holder on my Amex card (same card as this) and she signs up for this herself is she still eligible for the bonus points?

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