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American Express Qantas Ultimate 100K QFF Points ($450 AF with $450 Qantas Travel Credit; $3K Spend in 3 Months)


Earn 100,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points when you sign up to the AMEX Qantas Ultimate Card.

$450 Annual Fee payable in the first year with a $450 travel credit that needs to be spent on a Qantas flight using the American Express Travel portal.

Must spend $3,000 within 3 months of signing up.

Must not currently hold an Amex card or have held an Amex card within the last 18 months.

Note: If you click the referral link for the Qantas Ultimate Card below, some lucky OzBargainer will also get some points for referring you.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (6)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (22)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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    • +1

      Yes as long as she meets the usual criteria of not having had an account primarily in her name in the last 18 months.

      Although she currently has a card with her name on it. The account is yours.

  • Every time I see this I'm tempted. I rarely fly but have a holiday for 2 to the US coming up. Best advertised seems to be $850 each economy.

    This seems like a lot of mucking around and lots of ways I could stuff up and not end up better off, but the temptation of cheaper flights, or business class, is high.

    • It's probably not worth it unless you're going to commit to points collecting and learning all the tricks of booking business class reward flights.

      For example, 100,000 QFF points is nowhere near enough to book flights for 2 people to the US in economy, let alone business, class.

      • Good to know, thanks

  • nvm, wrong spot

  • "Must not currently hold an Amex card or have held an Amex card within the last 18 months."

    What's the case if you are the secondary account holder?

  • +1

    Anyone know if a holding a Westpac AMEX card counts as an Amex card under there 18 months condition?

    • +1

      And if that is the case do they reject your application before the credit check or would they still give you the card anyway and just not give you the bonus points? Would be pretty shitty if that was the case to still get saddled with a $450 credit card.

    • Also interested in this.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/480132?page=1#comment-7688...

      No, Westpac AMEX doesn't come under the 18 month exclusion. You can still apply and be eligible for the bonus points.

  • Which is better - OP deal for Amex OR ANZ Black (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/448095)?

  • I already have AMex Essential card. Can i still apply this card and get bonus points?

  • Anyone know how quickly you get the points after hitting the minimum spend with this card?

    • The card i got last year, it was a week or two after the monthly cycle/statement had closed.

  • from the last same promotion I only got 65k bonus point. I signed up during the promotion peroid though. Anyone know why? It's only been a month and my first statement only gave me 65k bonus point. Should I call them up?

    • Lol wth yes call them

      • lol yeah I called them and they will give me the missing 35k points in a few days. they said maybe because i got approved after the offer.

  • I have an American express Westpac platinum card. Would i still be eligible for this deal?

    • yes

      • Are you sure? I have Westpac AMEX Black and it is advertised as issued and serviced by AMEX.

        • +2

          True, but Amex will still consider that as a bank issued card.

          Read the guide here


          scroll down to the section "How the bundled American Express cards from Westpac work"

          It works both ways, Westpac Amex customers can get bonus points on Amex directly issued cards, and Amex customers can get bonus points if they take out a westpac amex card.

  • I already have a qantas ultimate Amex card. can i apply for another?

    • +1

      You won't get the bonus points.

  • Can the travel credit be sold?

    • Not easily but you could book a flight for someone else and hope they pay you.

  • noob question…with QFF, can the classic rewards ticket be booked only under the account holders name or for other family members as well? TIA

    • +1

      Reward flights can be redeemed for a family member.

      • thanks vetopower.!

  • Am I interpreting this correctly, if you use someone's referral link it will be a 60k bonus on top of the 100k points? so 160k points?

    • No. The person who signs up gets 100K. The person who refers them gets 60K (or 40K — there are conflicting reports in the comments).

      • +1

        The 60K promo for referring someone ended 31 aug. It is now back to 40k.

  • What counts as eligible purchases for the $3k spend? I have rego and insurance due next month and that's easily $1.5k towards it

    • Check the t&c's, normally any purchases that earn points (no gambling, cash advances, etc).
      Most government and non-amex insurance institutions have lower earn rates.

  • Urgh, how annoying i need a new CC to churn points and i closed my AMEX Essentials card only about 12 months ago. Any other suggestions for a decent card? I have the citibank and the st george amplify. What else is there?
    https://www.nab.com.au/personal/credit-cards/nab-rewards/nab... $295, 90k points. Seems a bit steep… I dont really trust points hack anymore as it seems to favour certain providers quite heavily.

  • Just applied though the random referal code.
    Any histories from ozbargainers getting those 60k?

  • +3

    Hi guys i applied for this card in January this year and spent the spending limit, got the points credited and cancelled the card before the first statement came out. I wasnt charged the annual fee for those that want to use the $425 travel credit.

    • @bargaincrazy87 - Did you book and actually fly before the statement came?

      This is a great hack for those who can put $3k on the card ASAP.

    • +2

      Its abuse like these that may make amex tighten their rules and put more restrictions in the future.

    • Sorry guys typo, it for those don't want to use the travel credit.

    • So did the bonus points get credited before the first statement came with the annual fee or did you have to cancel the card before it came and hope?

  • It seems with amex the bonus points are credited as soon as you spend the needed limit rather than at the first statement. I got the bonus points credited and cancelled before the first statement came (when the annual fee is charged).

    I didnt actually know about the trick, i cancelled the card when i got the points as i found the fees higher than other cards to pay for bills and just worked out that way which was a bonus.

    • @bargaincrazy87 - Did you cancel online or over phone?

      Weird question, but I wonder if over the phone they'd tell you, you'd have to pay the fee.

      • I called up and told them i would like to cancel due to the higher fees of paying bills. They actually werent surprised and said they are hoping to work that out in the future.

    • Hope it's still the same procedure now that it's September.

    • +1

      anyone else tried this and had any luck?

    • Hi Do you still remember how long it took for the points to show up in your actual qantas account (not just your Amex) after you hit the minimum spend?

      • Mine arrived in my Qantas acc before my first Amex statement was issued…took about 20 days from card issue date from memory.

        • Did you pay off your balance before the points hit your qantas acc or were you waiting for your statement to drop first?

          • @johnjones8: Nah I wasn't planning on churning this card so I waited for the statement to drop.

  • I have a friend looking for a credit card to get Qantas points. This offer looks good. I have the Velocity Platinum Amex. Has anyone had any experience as a Velocity Platinum Amex referring someone to a Qantas Amex card and getting the referral reward? Amex chat was unhelpful and said it wasn't possible, but there are some creative people here :-).

    • +1

      It's not possible.

      • Bugger, oh well. Thanks.

  • Is the bonus referral of 100K over? Seems to be 40k now. Anyone know?

    • Referrer has only ever gotten 40K or 60K, as far as I know.

      The 100K for the person signing up is available until 9 October.

  • do you know if I can pay taxes for the reward flight with that Qantas credit money?

    • +1

      No you can't.

  • How quickly did people receive a response? I've had to send them payslips, just wondering on the average turn around.

    • Sent them my payslips too even though they had a peek at my bank account through their system, got approved the next morning.

      • @johnjones8 - Wish their online verification tool worked for me. I applied on Friday but still haven’t heard from them.

        Strangely enough St George were much faster at processing than AMEX.

        • Mine bank account check didn't worked either (blank screen on the final submit step). But still got approved after I sent them my payslips

          • @vawiyoci: @vawiyoci - It said I was conditionally approved but needed to verify income.

            I'm just surprised it's taken them so long, since I thought AMEX would be quick.

            • @StonedWizard: Update - Even though I was conditionally approved online. I called up today and was told my application was declined.

              I have applied for a lot of cards recently, so i'm assuming it's that. I am surprised though as I thought AMEX was easy to get approved for and even with this card, my credit limit wasn't super high.

  • Does anyone know if the invoice shows the travel credit or without the travel credit applied?

  • -1

    kinda useless, don't 99% of ozbargainers own some sort of amex card currently or in the last 18 months? why so much interest? did you guys find a loophole to get around it or something?

    • yeah i kept my amex discovery as an everyday card and cancelled it last week so i dont miss out on this in 2021

  • People who have managed to receive referrer points: when were you able to receive the points? Was it as soon the as the referee successfully opened their account or wasn't until they received their first month's statement?

    • Got the points as soon as referee's application was approved.

  • how long after spending the $3k did it take people to get the points?

  • Looking at the T&Cs, the $450 travel credit must be used within the "anniversary year". Can anyone confirm if that means one year from membership start, or whether Amex's "anniversary years" are calendar years? Googling has given me mixed results.
    I'd hate to apply in October, and find that I only have 2 months to use the credit before it expires.

  • +2

    What are the chances that this offer will get renewed/extended like it did June to August to now?
    Or will there be a bit of a drought like at the end of last year between September and Feb 2019?

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