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Australian VPS Hosting with Pure NVMe Storage + 1Gb Link - 50% off First Invoice (from $2.50 1st Month) @ Quantum Core


Get 50% off your first invoice on all VPS's using code "DISCOUNT50".

VPS start at $5 per month for Linux servers and $15 for Windows VPS (standard pricing - no promotion).

To see more information and plans go to

Quantum Core is 100% Australian owned and operated and the team behind Quantum Core has over 20 years in experience in the Web Hosting industry.

Our servers have a 1Gb link, Intel GoldLake CPU's with clock speeds of 3+GHz and is purely NVMe storage.

Quantum Core servers are located in Equinix Data Centres in Sydney.

Our ping/tracert IP is:
Looking Glass:

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    Quantum Core Customers may not initiate the following (below), if any customer does Quantum Core may terminate the account with no refund. Depending on the situation there will/won't be warnings sent.
    a) Use of any kind of distributed computing software, including but not limited to [email protected], Node Zero and [email protected]
    b) Run any software that interfaces with an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.
    c) Run any file sharing, bit torrent or other P2P network services, client or server software.
    d) Run any gaming servers such as counter-strike, half-life, battlefield 1492 etc

    So this is really just a web server not a VPS?

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      Worthwhile noting those exceptions but the reasoning behind each of them is also pretty obvious/understandable.

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        How is not hosting game servers reasonable? They use bugger all traffic.

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          Because if the wrong 12 year old gets killed on your server, they are likely to DOS it for fun.

          • @Buzzard: Yep! Exactly. This post has sparked up internal conversation and we are going to review our AUP - in specific the line about not running game servers is gone. More changes to come.

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      Hi gorillainwild,

      Reach out to our support and let us know what your intended use is. We have made many exceptions for legitimate, non abusive users and happy to make more!

      We've had to implement a strict AUP as we found a lot of signups were purely to abuse our network and generous bandwidth allocation.


      • It sounds like you don't want people to use the all the allocated resource. Overselling?

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          Hi gorillainwild,

          Not at all. We want our customer's to have the best experience possible.

          We can't offer that when there are customer's signing up for the sole purpose of sending out attacks/torrent seeding, etc.

          Just this week we have installed new node's to ensure there is no overselling.


          • @Quantum Core: What is wrong with someone seeding Linux ISO's if they are within their bandwidth limitations?

            I can understand DOS attack/spam/virus. But none of these can be found in your AUP.

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              @NoGiveJustTake: Hi gorillainwild,

              This is why I mention reaching out to support for an exception. We are fine with people using their limitations.

              *You may not engage in illegal, abusive, or irresponsible behaviour, including

              DDoS attacking is not legal, it is abusive and it's definitely not responsible! :)


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      Just thought I would comment here and mention I have had exceptions made and I have been fairly treated, my server is currently suspended until the end of the month after exceeding the usage quota. It was my fault, I flipped a switch to do something quickly and went to bed and forgot a few cron jobs that relied on that switch being off. Next morning all data used. Support let me reactivate so I could get to my files.

      When they first opened I set up a plex server, it used bugger all data as it was more for testing purposes being a VPS with low bandwidth quota. I was suspended and after answering basic questions support reactivated my server (and I disabled the plex server).

      • Thanks BaryGusey. If you're still suspended due to being out of data, you can open a ticket and we can help you out.

        • I know :) It's only a few more days but thank you.

      • So I'd your running plex up there how are you getting your media content in there? Is this use case allowed?

        • No - not allowed, I was suspended for it. :)

          Media was on a remote drive, not on the vps itself. With one of the methods I used it did not even pass through the vps.

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            @BaryGusey: Hi Bary,

            Just to touch on this, if you reach out to support and let us know what you are doing we can make exceptions.

            Our AUP is in the process of getting revised, anyway due to the feedback :)


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    So by converting to the units usually used to measure speed we're getting an 8Gigabit connection?

    That is assuming, as a VPS provider, you know the difference between GB, Gb, GigaByte and Gigabit. Because your title states 1GB connection which translates to 8Gb.

    • Sorry potplanty, honest typo. The boys in the office are bullying me now :(

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