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Seagate 4TB Expansion Desktop Hard Drive $99 (Was $133) Delivered or C&C @ Officeworks


The Seagate Expansion Desktop Hard Drive allows you to instantly add storage capacity to your PC. It has plug and play functionality which is automatically recognised by Windows operating systems and configured without any additional software installation necessary.

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            @DisabledUser256231: A friend of mine is asking me for a simple and easy solution to backup his portable hard drive connected to his router. He prefers an automated solution and delta backup (instead of full backup) most of the time if possible. What kind of solution would you recommend? Something cost effective and simple would be great.

            He had to get a hard drive recovered by a pro recently… Costed him nearly $2000.

            Also, 7 drives? To spread the risk?

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              @netsurfer: I play it safe and conduct full independent backups these days. None of this incremental crap, nothing automated, simply as that introduces another level of risk. KISS - keep it simple stupid.

              BTW i don't fully deploy all 7x disks - but there's certainly 4-5x that are fully utilised.

              EDIT: So i have several PC's/laptops/tablets - each has a semi-regular OS backup using EaseUS ToDo backup. I have core files that are also backed up. So if it's time for a backup, i check the spreadsheet to work out which disk has the oldest backup, and then backup to that. I'll systematically kill off older backups as i go to make space, and note this on the spreadsheet. As i said i label them: Harriet, Penelope etc (and the date i bought it) as that makes it easier to recall which if any disks have given you trouble. All disks are encrypted - if one fails, i claim warranty without worrying about them accessing my files. Hard core.

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            @DisabledUser256231: I name my drives too. I have a notepad type program where I write down notes about the general contents of each drive (eg Audiobooks + Skyrim mods) and an older disk cataloguing program called WhereIsIt that I can use for all the files on entire drives or certain directories. Music is also catalogued in MediaMoney.

            I use Locate32 (freeware) to catalogue the drives inside my case that are in flux; it is lighweight and very fast: https://locate32.cogit.net/

            Storage with backup is half the solution; the other half is being able to easily find and retrieve what you are after.

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          I have been backing up data on hard disks lately. It is surprisingly time consuming; for a full 4 TB mirror you really need to start it before going to bed; it might still be going when you wake up. 4TB really is a lot of data, and we have triple capacity drives now.

      • Order to front door delivery took maybe 2.5 hours as well :)

        Of course I've now doomed myself to multiple HDD failures in the coming months.

        • Your HDDs and SDDs never fails. :)
          So, what do you to with those 20 GB HDD from way back?

  • Stocks flying out at Chatswood according to the manager. While I was buying mine, 4 other customers all off ozbargain were there. She told me they have low stocks remaining there now.

  • The OW link indicates it's Seagate Part No. STEB4000300, which is also listed on their eBay listing, which states it's a 5400 RPM disk. The Seagate spec sheet is silent on the matter, but does say it has a 3-year warranty.

    Not clear if it's one of those fat ones that won't fit with an SSD in a Dell SFF, as the dimensions shown seem to relate to the package.

    Might as well go for a 2.5" HDD if so…

    This, that is this 2.5" HDD is the STDR4000302, and their data sheet doesn't specify RPM, though it's probably a 5400 RPM as well and has a 3-year warranty.

    Might as well pay a little more for the 2.5" as packs small, on the assumption it's shuckable…

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    That free same day delivery is great, thanks OP!

    Just received shucked mine, it's a Seagate Barracuda ST400DM004 which sell for $159 at PCGG, so good deal.

    • Was just about to post the same thing! Mine is also Barracuda ST4000DM004

      Fantastic deal!

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      You mean the ST4000DM004 - 5400 RPM. They can't get their listing right.

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      For those wanting to shuck and first time shuckers, is this a good guide to watch?

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        I'd never done it before and that's what I watched, took less than 5 minutes.

        • legend, thank you!

  • Just went to Auburn OW… out of stock for anyone thinking of going in. System says 2 but they could not be found.

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    Good price although I'm not a big fan of Seagate. I was almost outside a JB when I saw this so went in to see. They wanted $149! I hit them up for a price-match and they went with it for a change. So if you are having trouble finding one try your hand with JB. Oh I;m actually going to use this one for back up so my first non-shell hehe.

  • Bought one thanks op! Yes it's shuckable, and yes it's ST4000DM004.

  • Mine's also a ST4000DM004, 5400PM Barracuda Compute. Anyone got a different model?

  • Great price so ordered one.

    Was promised same day delivery for today but of course it hasn't arrived.

  • What’s my better option for use as a media HDD plugged into an NVidia Shield? This one, or the one from yesterday at $125?

    I’m not incredibly fussed to plug it into the wall.

  • Sold out on their eBay store.

  • Product Code: SGEX4000DE
    MPN STEB4000300

    On their eBay store it is listed as:

    Features: Dual-Drive
    Interface: USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Thunderbolt

    So does it have 1 hdd inside or 2?
    Does it have Thunderbolt connection?

    • 1 hdd inside and no Thunderbolt.

  • Are these any good for putting into a NAS?

  • Thanks OP, ordered one!

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    If you shuck it, you lost the warranty I guess?

    I shuck one seagate hdd before, the serial number inside can not get warranty information on their website.
    Only the serial number on the portable case can find the warranty information.

  • Drive is a Seagate barracuda 4tb 5400rpm drive.

    Good drives normally $159, I have 6 others the same in my unraid server haven’t had one fail yet oldest one has over 10000 running hours

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2.

  • All right who cleaned out my local (3153)?

    Ordered one for click and collect and they just called me to say someone had them all on hold and had already come and picked them up!

    All is not lost though, apparently they have redirected the order to another store and it'll come in the next few days :)

  • anyone want to sell me just the enclosure cheap in syd me

    seems that a lot of people plan to just pull the drive out :)

  • What's the largest and cheapest $ per TB hard drive that doesn't need extra ac power and only the data sync cable to keep it alive and powered.

    Looking for storage but also portability and convenience.

    Hate things that require an extra power plug.

  • Mine seem to get hot so I can't leave them running for long - anyone else had this issue?

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    Bought it off their site yesterday and had it delivered free same day. Had to order before 11.30am

  • Can anyone post a receipt that shows the price? 28 degrees price protection :)

  • Damn, too late - they've gone back up to $139 :-(

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      Back to $99

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    Back to $99. I just bought another.

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    purchased, arrived and shucked, all good. hope it doesn't fail, damaged the case a bit.

  • Same, just bought one @ $99

  • Officeworks Hobart out of stock……but JB priced matched …you beauty
    hoping to shuck tomorrow.

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    Hard Drives…

    Please stop me before I buy again!

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      Why didn't anyone stop me? I bought. Again.

  • Seems to be out of stock now

  • Does it come with the Sata power and data cable?

    • It's shuckable(can remove HDD from case), but not intended by manufacturer; so no cable for an internal install provided…. its a usb hdd….

  • last few days seemed out of stock in central Sydney stores, but now just placing an order at Clarence St, Sydney. So seems stock is back in again. Woohoo.

  • Still available from their eBay store but no extra discount code.

  • Does delivery guy handling/drops affect reliability vs buying in store? ;-)

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      at some point, regardless of in-store or delivery, all the items would have been handled by a delivery guy at some point - so I think it would be hard to quantify the handling aspect in overall device reliability. I am no expert, but i would say HDD in box with packging would be reasonably resilient to bumps (obv not being negligently booted around a truck). It's while powered on that they are delicate. Anyway, i am not sure if that gives you any more confidence, but i dont think there's too much to worry about - unless you can see visible signs of carton damage when you collect it, in which case ask for another one.

  • Perfect timing, an old 3TB drive in my N54L is throwing bad sector errors so needing to replace it. Will be running it with Synology SHR but hopefully this won’t be too much of an issue considering it’s a SMR drive.

    • How is your N54L holding up? I've have the older version sitting here doing nothing…..

      • N36L? Still have mine from 7 years ago and running strong. Fitted with 5x2TBs, low profile graphics card and TV tuner (useful back then before streaming took over). Fantastic media machine and flawless for Plex. Wonder if they make an updated version nowadays…

        • N40L with a low profile nvidia card, used to be my alternate kodi box before my NUC. Haven't really used it as a NAS before….

      • Doing really well, surprisingly. Running it with XPEnology with 6x 3..5 drives in it.

        Apart from this drive dying (it went quickly downhill yesterday so ended up having to shuck a 5TB WD Red external I had as backup that I forgot I originally bought years ago to shuck) but it rebuilt fine last night and all going sweet.

        I use it as a Plex server for some friends and family, but only to devices that can do direct play as it can’t transcode in reality without hitting 100% CPU usage.

        But just as a NAS it’s awesome, wish they still sold these type of PC’a still but they’ve gone massively up in price and most can only hold 4x 3.5” drives, which makes it basically useless for me!

  • The million dollar question is:

    If I shuck these drives and one dies can I put it back in the shell and get a refund?

    • very unlikely - i doubt they'll honour the warranty if you open the enclosure. And those cases will likely show obvious signs of force to open, so ….

      • Seagate may not, as I did desktop drive claim before they only required me to courier to a depot, I doubt they actually check it in details as soon as you remove it and put it back carefully.

    • Well I got 4 of these yesterday and opened one last night. Let's just say it wont be going back for a refund if it dies. Even when gently prying the cover all the plastic tabs break. Anyway, was probably worth it for a 30% or so saving.

      • Even when gently prying the cover all the plastic tabs break

        Got one from JB yesterday.

        I only have two plastic tabs broken. You need to be very careful with opening tools.

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    Wow, these are still available. Got one when the deal was first announced, thought they'd sell out.
    Just ordered another 3. Great price, the internal drive in these is $159 at MSY, plus you get a nice long cable, 12v 1.5A powersupply and SATA to USB adapter with these