Time to Give Android a Shot?

Hi team,

I’ve used iPhones since 2010 but have only owned three. My iPhone 6 is getting long in the tooth and by all accounts the 2019 set of iPhones will remain incredibly expensive but not be very exciting.

Is now the time to jump ship? I have an education email so I can get an S10e for less than $800 (at least for the next couple of days). I single out the S10e because it’s been widely reviewed as an excellent device, has a nearly identical footprint to the iPhone 6 and has stuff I care about (like a headphone jack) but also expandable storage.

What do you think?


    • I've noticed that on my SO's iphone X. A couple of Android phones have 90Hz refresh rates. I'm wondering if I'll give those a go for the next phone.

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    I have an iMac, a Macbook and was using iPhones for 7 years till I finally switched to an Android phone this year. No regrets at all.

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    When I was working in Telco, the best way to help people decide would be to get them to list everything they want to do with a phone. If everything can be done on an iPhone, without hindrance, then I would always recommend an iPhone. If not, then an Android (with further decisions from there, wrt brands).

    The reason for this is that the benefit of Android is also its downfall; the fact that it can do many more things also means there are many more ways for it to go wrong. This isn’t to say that they’re some unreliable piece of junk; just that they’re less reliable. It’s part and parcel of designing iOS, in house, direct to hardware specs for a handful of devices vs Google developing Android in such a way that it will work on thousands of different devices. Quality vs quantity, to extremely over-simplify it.

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      this! People are so focused on specs on paper they forget about this
      There is a reason why apple is so successful
      I have been on apple since 3G and tried to switch multiple times to andriod (most recently Galaxy s9, P30) and just came right back to ios.
      It's just built too cleanly. Also who said your have to use apple if you use mac and android for windows users. I have windows on PC because I want my PC to be customisable and powerful for crunching my excel spreadsheets but when Im out I dont need all that processing power, quite the opposite in fact - just be able to do the few things when im at a restaurant, watch youtube on the train. In that way the perfect combination I found is Windows Desktop for Home/Work, Ipad for Home/Picnics/Aeroplane and Iphone for mobile.
      Listen to your instincts - if you dont like andriod stay with iphone. Yes its expensive but thats because have no competition

  • As a a Java developer, I really want to like Android; I check back every year or so to look at the ecosystem, but the truth is it will never have the seamless 'just works' experience of Apple. The reasons for this are many, and obvious. It's just a shame

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      I'm curious, can you give examples for what doesn't "just work" on Android?

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        I'm guessing he's referring to Apple being proprietary, defines the environment that apps can work within and apps are subject to apples framework …

        Android tries to be everything to everyone, so app developers don't build to a particular specification, meaning that things can get sloppy or overly bulky (trying to include multiple variations)

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        I’ll check in here too, as an IT professional experienced with both.
        I need a phone to make calls and run apps I want to use. I don’t need to theme it, I don’t want to torrent, I don’t want to code on there. Everything “advanced” is easier to do on PC. iPhones do everything I need, and do them well.

        I tried switching a couple of times. I had a Pixel XL and a Note 8. Both were “good”, and the extra features were fun for a day or so. Apps felt less refined, the screens felt like they had some delay, and I had surprise battery issues with the Pixel. I’m back on my trusty 7 Plus, which has failed once - my earphone speaker failed after a bit over two years, and the Apple Store repaired it for free. Support is second to none.

      • Android Auto on my Google Pixel 2 XL was a horrible experience - constant disconnections. Looked it up online and it was a known issue but there was no sign of a fix in sight despite the monthly updates.

        There was issues with smart lock not working properly at the time.

        All that combined with constant slowdowns on the phone, yeah it just wasn't a very nice device to use.

      • Here's one good example but by no means the only one:

    • Variety is the spice of life. Get use to it.

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    I think it's worth a shot, but take into consideration there will be an adjustment period.

    Instead of flashing $800+ on a new Android though I would recommend just trialling one first to make sure the eco system works for you (1 week would be my recommendation), hopefully someone has one you can borrow, with Android no older than Oreo (8) or maximum Nougat (7). You can also buy a second hand device, trial it and then sell it for the same price.

    If you're happy with the result, try the Samsung in store first to see you really like it. One of the things with Android is the endless selection of devices, and different devices suit different people better. I'm running a Pixel 3a XL, which I like despite not being perfect. I know quite a few people moved to this phone from a Samsung 10 after the Samsung underwhelmed them. I also know many people that love their S10.

    Good luck!

  • All Samsung Galaxy S (Premium) lines since the Galaxy S6 have been excellent phones and way ahead of the iPhone equivalents. (I have used both)

    So I give OP the big nod

    • Except for Bixby I agree, Samsung devices have been exceptional. leading hardware specs and reliable. However Bixby has broken my love of Samsung devices and since the s9 I have sworn I won't buy another. probably switch to an Oppo or other Chinese manufacturer next.

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    I have an iPhone XR work phone, iPad the kids use and Samsung 10+ personal, the s10+ is a far better phone and the google ecosystem far better than apple apps.

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    You've probably already decided on a Samsung, but I would strongly recommend a phone which takes the stock version of Android, called Android One I believe. Nokia is a good one.
    A number of manufacturers add a layer of their own apps on top, which you cannot remove, which also means longer till you get new Android versions IF you get it at all.
    Example: Sony add their own apps for photo gallery and find-my-phone, which aren't as good as the stock Google ones, and you can't remove them.

  • From what you have listed as common uses I don’t see it worth changing over.

    On the other hand, it’s only a phone, you could always pick up a used High enough spec android phone cheap to give it a run.

    An often touted virtue for Android is its flexibility and hackability, Surely if you aren’t inherently aware (not aimed at anyone) of this then you won’t Be needing to test those boundaries.

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say most users enjoy Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, eBay, etc as there most used apps, and will not use any added functionality that may exist.

    For me the Jailbroken iPhone works fine, and I always buy used.

    I would ignore any view from either side that feel strongly that one platform is superior.

    Apple was cool/trendy or not whatever until it became mainstream, now your just a sheep if you have one, at least that’s what I assume is behind some people’s decision making, again not aimed at anyone here.

  • I can definitely recommend the s10e. It's my first samsung. Long time Sony user.

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    These days any 300-500 dollar android phone does anything and everything you need it to just fine. Absolutely no need to spend any more than that.

    Im still using my s3 with no issues. Bought a new genuine battery for $7 and it is good as new.

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      S3 as in galaxy s3? Wow Im amazed that it can still handle today apps which seems to get bigger and heavier for no reasons.

      I use Twitter and the app is laggy on a snapdragon 845 device.

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        Yes galaxy S3. As long as you remove the bloatware from your device it runs all fine. Never had issues with it. I save so much money by also using $10 prepaird credit, usually lasts 2 months (yes i use it for work).

        When you try to minimize usage, you realise how little you truly need it, and how much money you save.

    • Wow, that's impressive.

      I had my galaxy note 4 (Released between s5 and s6) up until the start of last year, and I just wanted to throw it against the wall. Newer apps just ran like shit on it. I couldn't even order food on the mcdonalds app.

      Really happy with my s8+ now, samsung has sectioned off part of the battery so that it will never full charge to reduce degradation. 14-16 months into my phones life and it still has 95%+. My previous phones battery would start acting up at 18 months mark and become unusable at 2~ years.

      I reckon s8 is as fast as I'll need the phone to be for a long time

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      For most people, the difference between a $400 and a $1200 phone is the camera. All the rest of the improvements are largely unneeded or unnoticed.

      Since I'm not worried about my camera, I am fine with a $300 phone.

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        In that case id rather a $300 phone and spend the rest on a camera if the camera is the main reason you would spend that much.

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          The best camera is the one you have with you. If you want to carry a dedicated camera, then a sony RX100 plus a $300 phone will work much better than a $1400 phone. However, most people don't want to carry a dedicated camera, so having a decent one in their phone is important to them.

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    I’m actually a former Android user. Well, Android, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Window 10 Mobile, Android again, and now iPhone.

    I’ll probably stay on iOS for the foreseeable future. Look at it this way: your iPhone 6 came out the same year as the Galaxy S5 and it still is a viable piece of hardware that is still getting updated. Hell, the iPhone 5 is still running the latest version of iOS. The Galaxy S5 was last updated more than 3 years ago.

    If you’re just bored of iOS, then pull the trigger and go for Android. But if you aren’t someone who wants a new phone every couple of years, stick with iPhone.

    • Depends

      Example. Xiaomi (HongMi series) promised to have 1 OS update and 2 years security update.
      Flagship Xiaomi normally has 2 OS update and 3 years security update.

      You pay for what you get.
      Samsung used to have that policy for the S and note series, not sure now - i have moved from Samsung to cheaper Xiaomi and huawei now.
      Cheaper samsung will have no OS update and probably only major security update.

      • Also Samsung in term of custom devleopment is dead so after sumsung stop giving update you can't unlock bootloader and flash Los/custom rom to extend the life and keep up with security patches.

        Currently pixel/one plus/xiaomi/asus/Moto has pretty active development team.

        • What do you mean? My last Samsung was an S7 so might be out of the loop but it was bootloader unlockable and plenty of customisations (still is in fact).

          • @AncientWisdom: Some region/model/carrier device cannot be unlock bootloader or have different hardware so developer tend not to buy these device and develop for them compare to other device where at least the hardware are essential the same across model.

            Have look look at some custom rom? They are much more customisation than any stock rom.

            Also no to minimal bloatware.

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      Hell, the iPhone 5 is still running the latest version of iOS

      Actually that isn't true, not even the 5S is running the latest version of iOS. I agree with all your points, though - but just thought I'd chime in here.

      • They’re both running iOS12 as far as I’m aware?

        Edit: iPhone 5 isn’t, but 5S.

        • it of column A, bit of column B, lol - my missus must have th 5, then. I thought it was the 5S. It is a laggy POS, that 5. But it's stood the test of time!

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      This goes on the assumption that updating is actually beneficial to your device.

      Exhibit A: My Ipad from 2014. I had it stuck on IOS 9 and refused to ever update it. I needed to update it a few months ago to use an app for uni, so I updated it to IOS 12. Behold, it is now super slow, super laggy when typing word documents or searches in safari or chrome. When it was in IOS 9 I never had any speed issues.

      Exhibit B: My S3. Got rid of all the bloatware, bought a new genuine battery for $7 and it still runs like a dream. Supposedly no updates but that clearly doesnt matter.

      • Security updates are actually beneficial to your device.

  • just get a phone and get on with it

    • Yes, for new android user, I would recommend android phone with snapdragon processor.

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    You buy an andriod phone because you just want a great phone.
    You buy an apple phone to get a great phone but also join the cult.

    Was an ipod user back in the day until I found out you can get a better product for half the price, never went back.

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      judging by the downvoting of supportive Apple comments in this thread, android users are a cult as well.

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        Oh yeah Android can totally be a cult, but its a much more affordable and less pretentious cult

        • hmmm, not so much. It depends on which of the Android phones you are buying and who is making the comments.

  • As a lifelong Andriod user I never considered Iphone.

    • …because? Come on, don't leave us all hanging! You are not living up to your nick name…at least with bid sniping..there is a conclusion although at the 11th hour. Unless of course that's what you're aiming for? ;)

      • I do what I always do, go for the cheap shot ;-)

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    I've had the following Apple smart phones since about 2009: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone SE, iPhone 7+
    I've now got the Samsung S10+ and I will never ever go back to Apple!!

    • Similar to me although i made the transition slightly earlier

  • Get yourself an Android One device like a Nokia 6.2 & 7.1, invest the difference and you can probably retire a few years earlier!

  • Why not try before you buy?

    Find a friend who has an S9 (or similar) sitting in their drawer collecting dust because they jumped on the S10.

    If they are super nice, as them to format their device for you so you get the semi-new phone experience.

    Go ahead and pop in the sim card, run the device transfer cable and away you go. Maybe after your week or two is up, consider buying if the phone was fit for purpose.

    Regardless, if you have this opportunity, you get to see how this device is set up from launch and you get to play through the user customisation and transition from the apple ecosystem (this bit seems to bewilder anxious apple device owners in consideration phase).

  • Yeah I would suggest trying Samsung galaxy s10, I like Android a fair bit but also like the smoothed edges of the galaxy OS.

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    It's a great time to give Android a shot. Sick of paying $2000 for what a $300 phone can give you? Move to Android. It's not a car, that will keep you safer for buying a better built model. It's not jewellery, that will give you more status for buying from a more distinguished designer. It's a phone. No matter what you buy it's gonna look like dog's breakfast next year and be unusable the year after. Spend the money on something smarter and buy an android ;)

  • My wife is technologically challenged and she swapped from an iPhone to and android a few years ago and is doing fine.

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    our community is based on price to performance
    for 99% of users out there an android device will do just fine

  • I went from Pixel to S10e, so Android to Android, but there was still some getting used to to Samsung's OneUI.

    For one, OneUI has a lot more customisation, a lot more bloatware that you can't get rid of (only can disable it), one physical button that I won't use ever (go home Bixby, no one likes you), conflicting apps that do the same thing BUT I still love the s10e.

    Hardware wise, it's a bloody solid phone. Build quality is top notched and the speakers are amazing.

    Top tip, tap on every single item in Settings and customise your phone to your liking.

  • Andriod - Split screen.

  • +1

    Switch over to Android. Then Decide u love that or wanna be in apple world.
    Personally, after 8 years of apple usage, I switched to android. Huawei 20 mate. For about 1000 bucks. PERSONALLY, I felt something missing as the phone kept rebooting. Also, apps were clumsy and would not respond to the level they used to in Iphone. Said that, I had lot of options to play around with files and ease of integration with other apps.
    However, Got phone refunded and went for iPhone again. Android still holds good for many million people. Just I had slight different experience.

    So u go for it. And decide which holds good for u.

  • all depends on what you want to use it for and what other environments you use …

    if you've got an icloud calendar, just stick to apple or transition everything at once …

    if you use apple for games, get an ipad and go android (i did, circa 4g / newIpad)

    android works for me, if i break phone, i just get a replacement, google transfers everything, no dramas

  • Honestly, it really does depend on what your heavy usages are.

    Personally, I find Oppo's a really good stepping stone into the world of Android from Apple and I don't think I'll ever look to the flagship phones from either side because to me, it's seriously not worth it. The menu is so ripped off iOS but, the actual apps are all Google. I think the best thing about it is that all it comes with are the Google Default Apps.

    My phone has enough storage and it's easy as to upgrade it with a micro SD card because I picked dual sim. Best. Thing. Ever. The only reason why I'd upgrade to the newer Oppo would be the aesthetics (my love of purple is a thing and I would like most things in my life to be royal purple :3)

  • +1

    The main thing I can't get over with any/every Android handset I've ever picked up is how damn unnatural the scrolling physics are on them.

  • Long time iOS user, switched to Android about few weeks ago. I had been waiting for S10e (dual sim) then OnePlus 7 deal came up which finalised the switch. Still adjusting, though missing few iOS exclusive apps which do not have better alternatives in Android.

  • I switched after the iphone 4…Just bored with it as I like to play with phones. Now i'm using the oneplus 6t after using the xiaomi mix series for a while…Love the phone. Camera isnt up to par but i'd be lucky to take a couple of photos a week.

  • I jumped from iPhone to android last year because my iPhone 6 died (would not turn on) and it would take 2 weeks to get an apple appointment. (side not Apple replaced the 20month old phone, which its self was a repalcement for battery issues where it dropped from 20% to 5% to flat in a few minutes). So Apple get full marks for after sales service. But i don't want Bluetooth or lightning headphones headphones and their phones are hella expensive, so i gave the phone to my wife who was still on a 5.

    So i bought a Nokia 6.1 that was fine for a while but the low ram and storage bugged me and it had occasional issues with the camera. I thought id love the Andorid One experience but AO is kinda lacking, i had to install a 3rd party launcher because the default one is kinda poor (and that hit the low memory hard), was unable to change the device name (except for Bluetooth connections) so it appeared as Noka 6.1 HMD on google play (which would suck if you had 2).

    Then a few months ago i bought a brand new S10 (not S10e) on eBay for ~$800 but I'm less than impressed, while i love the space and ram and speed, the screen sucks bum, the curve on the sides suck for pretty much everything i sue it for (video and reading text). Not to mention it came with Asian firmware so Samsung Pay has text i cant read on it and the rewards are not redeemable (ill probably go back to GPay). It also has trouble on some NFC terminals (where as my Nokia 6.1 could seemingly trigger an NFC payment from 1 meter away, and even without fingerprint (which i didn't like).

    I do like the under screen fingerprint reader on the S10 though, but samsung also disable guest account mode on android pie, which i was looking forward to using since it wasn't practical on the Nokia due to lack of space and ram.

  • +2

    Lesson from me.

    Start with MIUI will make ur android transition much easier.

    Google stock rom phones are the wrost for anyone with apple experiences.

    • I agree about MIUI, but not about stock android. I find that almost all manufacturer skins are annoying and needlessly complicate things. It's great that so many manufacturers are shipping Android One now.

      • -1

        I tired nexus 5, shit battery, laggy after half year, even stock camera app crushed few times, have it reboot to make it work.
        Had not rooted. Around 14months, bootloop.
        And then I moved back to iPhone 6.
        Worst user experience among all android phones.
        Will never touch Google stock phones anymore.

        • +3

          The Nexus 5 came out 6 years ago. To put that in perspective, Android really hit the mainstream around the time they released the first Nexus phone (which was basically an HTC Desire) in 2010, the Nexus 5 came out in 2013, and it's now 2019.

          Saying you don't like Android because of an experience with a Nexus 5 (which was produced under licence by LG) is like saying you won't use windows because you had problems with Windows 98, or you won't drive a Toyota because your 1982 Corolla was a lemon.

          Phones have come a long way in 6 years.

          • -1

            @macrocephalic: After that nexus5, I Sswitched back to iPhone 6 and then I am using Xiaomi mix2 now.
            MIUI is so much better than the shitty Google stock ROM.
            And Battery is awesome.
            My mix2 got laggy after a year, but not as bad as per Google stock ROM.

            • @DisabledUser186043: Did you even read the comment you replied to? Your experience with android 6 years ago is not relevant at all. That's an eternity in the tech world. Very, very different experience today.

  • Not really relevant but I would say if you use your phone a decent amount, it's something worth investing in. Just one of those things that you spend so much time using that if you divide the amount of entertainment/utility/function that you get out of it by the price, you will get a great deal even if you buy an expensive ass phone, so it's probably worth spoiling yourself a little if the price is your main concern

  • +4


    Hi team,

    Today I grabbed an S10E from JB Hifi - they were kind enough to price match the Samsung Education price ie $780 for a 128GB model.


    I’m going to stick it in the drawer for just over a week and see what gets announced at the Apple event. I’m 99% sure it’ll be another round of too-big phones at ridiculous prices and I’ll tear the wrapper off the S10e. However, if they do something totally unexpected (iPhone SE 2) then I can take it back no muss, no fuss :)

    Thank you all for being awesome with your ideas and input. Much appreciated!

    • It's an awesome phone! You mentioned having a similar footprint to your iPhone 6, which you liked. You aren't missing out much at all. If you don't care about size, the bigger battery, the telephoto, the extra selfie camera, more ram, increased resolution and the in-display fingerprint reader of the S10 Plus, you're saving hundreds and getting all the essentials. S10e has the same processor, plenty of ram anyway, great screen, same main cameras, faster log in with fingerprint reader, nearly as good battery life, and flat display for better glass screen protector installs etc - you'll be happy with it for a long time :D

      Otherwise, since you keep your phones for ages, a few hundred more for the latest and greatest over the course of a few years isn't much. You could return it and wait for the new iPhone announcement and the Pixel 4 release. The current Samsung prices will only go down haha

  • +1

    One thing you will definitely be missing with most Android phones is the software update support you are currently enjoying on iPhone.

    Your would be just out of their iOS 12 support. I had a Samsung S7 and the free software update pretty much stopped after 1 major OS update which is within 12 months.

    Considering your iOS update on your iPhone 6 came with iOS 8 and still receiving the last mile of iOS 12.4.1 update last week and will continue until iOS 13 is officially out. Those updates keep giving you new software features of new phones, for a 5 years old phone, it’s really great.

    You won’t get the same on Android. You will have to upgrade every 2 years. Factor in the costs and you will find iPhone isn’t that much more expensive in 5-6 years term.

    • My Redmi Note 3 is 2.5 years old. It still gets software updates. It only got one recently. I'm on Android 10.2 now.

      • I'm afraid you're probably still on Android 6.x. MIUI 10.2 is not Android 10.2.

        • Thanks for the insight DonWilson. I really haven't a clue at times. It does update fairly regularly though - probably with things to make Xiaomi more money. :-)

    • +1

      There is a big difference between iOS OS and Android OS upgrades. iOS OS upgrades are generally needed, otherwise latest version of some common apps cannot be installed (i.e. youTube, eBay). Android doesn't have the same restriction.

      While more iOS upgrades are nice, it is a double edge sword. The final iOS upgrade for my old iPod Touch made it a pain to use (too slow) and as much as people raved about iOS 12, the latest one doesn't run perfect on iPhone SE. The calculator app, when you launch it for the first time, has an animation glitch. I really wish I can pick which minor version of iOS 12 I can choose to install. Also, the change that wifi cannot be disabled fully from the swipe up shortcuts is annoying (sure, you can do it through the shortcuts app, but I really don't get the logic why you can only temporary disable wifi from the swipe up shortcuts).

      Not saying Android OS changes are perfect either. Same issue for Google based devices. The final Android OS version for Nexus 7 2013, Nexus 9 and Nexus 5 are all laggy.

      Anyway, so realistically, both camps want you to upgrade after a few years.

  • I just moved to a OnePlus 7 Pro after being on an iPhone since the 3GS.

    Overall I'm delighted, kicking myself for not doing it sooner, the hardware is so far ahead of apple.

    Miss Apple News a little but everything else exists the sane on Android.

    Oh and this phone was $870 compared to over $2k for the Apple one.

  • +1

    depends on how much you are tied to the eco system and how much you rely on things working together… Both operating systems have come a long way and are in strong position. If you're sticking with either platform and want to use the phone for a while, then go with a device with good hardware spec. Nothing kills a platform experience than hardware that becomes a drag.

  • +1

    If u are getting a new android go with samsung. got decent warranty and nice interface. try to stary away from lg. Got an lg for myself but the camera would take 10 seconds to take a photo. thought it was a problem with the phone, had to buy a new phone. got the lg q stylus. The phone build seem good but the software was not. had a bad sd card reading. which also caused the camera to delay a lot.
    Motorola seems nice, got one for my mum. works very well, but i dont really like the look of it (my opinion)

  • +1

    I was Apple user since 2010. I decided to switch to android when apple ditched touch ID in Iphones. I switched to Note 9 last year and I am very happy with the device. Although I use Mac and ipad as well but I am not very fussy about the integration between the devices as many apps are supported across the devices. I use chrome for syncing between browsers, Whatsapp in place of facetime, google maps and latest android Auto is highly improved and remarkable.

    Android is worth a try. Remember to customise as per your needs though.

    • Did you have any issues migrating your whatsapp data from iOS to Android. Finding a bit of an issue at present.

      • +1

        I do not remember exactly for whatsapp but I remember samsung provided a cable in the box which pulled all the data including whatsapp data from iphone to note 9. 64G of data was transferred along with the respective apps in the note 9 in just 1 hr.

        • Please speak to manufacturer support as well, they will fix it for you as well.

  • The Phantom has only ever used cheap Android's from supermarkets, and has survived perfectly fine as a superhero. Everyone says so.

    You'll be fine…

  • I was an absolute die-hard, evangelical iPhone user. I was able to convert even the biggest Android fans to iPhone for a long time.

    I switched to Android (Pixel 1) a couple years ago, after I had recently purchased the iPhone X and became extremely disgruntled with how buggy and unreliable iOS had become (and still is).

    I still regularly use iOS for work, and I can honestly say I haven't looked back a single day. Android has become markedly better over the years and has leapfrogged iOS in almost every respect.

  • I think the move to a Samsung Galaxy is a smart one, especially considering the price. If the headphone jack and expandable storage is negotiable, the Google Pixel 3 is a ripper of a phone. Best thing about it in my mind (aside from the camera) is timely software and security updates which has been something Android phones have struggled with for a while.

    But if a headphone jack and the ability to put a microSD in the phone is important, the Samsung will do a great job

  • +1

    This debate has been done to death in forums, i'm surprised people actually engage in these discussions.

    If you're comparing HW specs between the phones - fine, but OS is way too subjective.

    However, nothing against your financial situation but you have a 5 year old iPhone and wanting to jump to a low-spec Samsung.
    That's not the way to experience the OS at it's potential

  • My wife had always been using apple phones since they came out. She was amazed by the camera on my Pixel 2XL and finally decided to jump ship and bought the Pixel 3. The changeover for the first week was a struggle for her, but since then she loves it. She doesn't want to go back to Apple ever again.

  • I had an iPhone3 and was issued an iPhone6 for work and I found them incredibly frustrating to the point where my work sim is in my dual sim Xaomi Redmi and I leave a brand new iPhone in my drawer.

    My 22yo loves Android. My 18yo loves iPhone.

    I don't think either is better, it's just how your brain works and how you like to use a phone.

    Why don't you get a cheap Xaomi or similar to start with and see if u like it.

  • +1

    Wife and I had iPhones since the 3G and 3GS to the 5s and 6 respectively.

    I jumped because the apple ecosystem was a pain in the butt and I had the feeling I was getting trapped in it without any further choice for hardware. So personally glad I made the jump, learning curve for me was not an issue. I phones do have a good UI though.

    Wife jumped to a pixel and really enjoyed the experience, she had no trouble changing over and is glad she did.

    Also it did annoy we with the updates on Apple made your device useless. Like not being able to watch Netflix app or browser on an older iPad.

  • I use iPhone but I try to be less reliant on the proprietary apps. I use outlook for email and calendar. OneDrive, OneNote, Chrome etc. The only thing I’m really locked into is iMessage with family and their use of ipads. Apart from that it does everything I need now ApplePay is here. I have the watch for health, fitness and applepay too. I feel if I was ever going to swap, it wouldn’t be too much of a shock. It’s more people I connect and live with are on the ecosystem.

  • I was an iphone user from the very start. I imported the first model from the US. I got a new iphone everytime a new one was released up to the iphone 7+

    The last straw for me was lack of flexibility and the ridiculous prices for a minor upgrade.

    • Apple pay wasn't available for my bank
    • NFC is completely locked down
    • Cant broadcast apple music to any of my speakers
    • SIRI is actually dumb.

    At a stage, apple was better than android but now it's the other way around.

    Android absolutely craps all over the apple ecosystem.

    Apple are now just expensive paperweights.

    • +1

      At a stage, apple was better than android but now it's the other way around. Android absolutely craps all over the apple ecosystem. Apple are now just expensive paperweights.

      This sums it up perfectly. There's no argument anymore. Anyone who says iOS is better or even equal to Android in 2019 hasn't used Android.

  • After owning a number of Apple iPhones over many years, I tried Android in-between with various mobiles and I couldn't stand it.
    When my iPhone 6s was getting a bit old, I bought a Xiaomi Note 4x which was ~$150. I thought it had reached a point where I thought it was comparable.
    Unfortunately the car at the time did not support Android Auto only CarPlay. So I purchased a refurbished iPhone 7 and it felt like a step back.
    I ended up buying a new car and a Xiaomi Mi9SE for around $450. It is a fantastic phone, google maps is so much better than apple maps and the same with google assistant.

  • -1

    If you're computer savvy you will enjoy android with the freedom to download torrents etc. No need for itunes etc.

    Unfortunately, one of the only way to enjoy android is with a device with stock or close to stock android although Android skinned devices such as Huawei/Samsung etc have good features which you may like. Some you will find gimmicky.

    Enjoy the ride when you jump ship :)

    I'm an Apple XR user at the moment, way better than super overpriced XS/XS Max.

  • Let the flame wars begin!

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