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Telstra (5G Network) $15pm for 5GB Data Only Plan (Casual Month to Month) - 1.5mbps Once Included Data Allowance Is Exceeded


Currently the cheapest plan that slows down to 1.5mbps when going over the data limit.

No contract, month to month. No Calls + Text

$15pm - 5GB
$25pm - 10GB
$50pm - 50GB
$75pm - 100GB

Monthly Data Allowance to use in Australia. No excess data charges in Australia, continue to access data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps once included data allowance is exceeded.

Whats Included

  • 5G Network Access Free and automatically included until 30 June 2020. A 5G compatible device is required.
  • Data-free Apple Music
  • Data-free live sports For details, visit telstra.com.au/tv-movies-music/sports-offer
  • Free Telstra Air. You can access free Wi-Fi data at Telstra Air® hotspots in Australia and Fon spots overseas. Download the Telstra Air app or visit telstra.com/air to activate

Not Included

  • Overseas usage
  • Content charges (including third party charges)

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  • +2

    I tried to watch Netflix at 1.5mbps. It gave me a headache!!

    • +3

      Did it not work in SD?

      • +3

        Optus data free mobile TV streaming caps at 1.5mbps so I don’t see the problem.

      • 1.5 will stream HD 720p, Just drop the rez on the xbox and its all good

    • +5

      I watched Netflix at 1.2mbps for 18 months and was fine on a 40" TV at SD

      • -4

        Whats the point? It would look like Minecraft graphics.

        • perhaps the TV got upscaling

        • +9

          If you think DVD quality looks like Minecraft then your TV and/or DVD player might need to be repaired.

        • +1

          You overestimate how well my eyes work. If I take off my glasses the TV doesn't need to be in SD, it needs to be in braille.

    • +5

      It actually isn't that bad, when the internet drops I just hotspot my phone and since Netflix is data free (but limited to 1.5 Mbps) on my Optus plan, I use that. Granted it doesn't load instantly like my 115mbps cable connection but give it a few minutes of buffering and it can steadily hold 720p and sometimes hops up to 1080p.

      • What's the download speed like in kb/s when shaped?

        • +1

          What do you mean by shaped?

          Netflix's diagnostics popup (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D) shows anywhere between 1000kbps to 1700 kbps when hotspotting my phone.

      • +2

        I think it'll eat into your data if you try to hotspot and watch Netflix. That's what's written on their T&Cs.

        I also use 2nd sim card for and a 4G wifi modem for my home internet and it confirms to be the case.

        • +1

          I think it'll eat into your data if you try to hotspot and watch Netflix. That's what's written on their T&Cs.

          That's interesting. Did a test for a 40 min show, used about 1GB. On my actual phone plan, it only used around 200mb. Meaning 800mb was data-free.

          Disabled the streaming feature on my plan and it went to the max 4G speed I was about 15mbps (which is horrible) and that used all of my data and no data-free streaming.

      • Agreed. We skipped NBN where we are living at the moment while our house is being built. I'm on the $60/200Gb Optus plan and have no trouble at all streaming unmetered Netflix to our 40" Sharp TV. The quality of the picture is fine.

      • Enjoy your 115mbps while it lasts, just had to make the switch to NBN HFC, getting about 95/35 which is fine but it’s already dropped out once, the Telstra Cable never did

        • Thankfully won't be getting NBN for another 2 months… meaning I have about 19 months before I am forced to switch (allowing 1 month for any connection issues/delays)

        • Yea I need to make the switch from telstra cable to nbn very soon. Seriously not looking forward to it.

    • What's upload speed once slowed?

      • 1.5 Mbps and under

        • +3

          That’s 50% faster upload than fixed home Optus cable packages
          I’m sold
          Great deal gingerale95

      • +4
        • Legend, cheers

          I think that should be enough for remote viewing cameras

    • It’s not bad, I use it quite often with 1.5mbps

  • +41

    got a duel sim phone? combine this with DODO $5pm unlimited calls + Text to get $20pm unlimited calls/text/data (at 1.5mbps)

    • Only works for me if Telstra supports esim.

      • +2

        Na, Telstra doesn't. Optus and Vodafone do.
        I feel your pain though.

      • It gives me the option of an eSIM during sign up.

  • -1

    Wouldn't you just get boost?

    • Does Boost slow down 1.5Mbps once included data allowance is exceeded?

      • +22

        Boost slows down to 0.0Mbps once included data allowance is exceeded :)

      • Ah I see.

    • Most would, but this has it's niche case.

  • +3

    What's the upload speed once limited? 1.5mbps too?

    • +1

      Confirmed above 1.5mbps once shaped

  • -3

    This is the normal price, and has been that way for a bit and on going?

  • So what do you do to get calls as well?

    • +6

      get the dodo plan $5/m Unlimited national and unlimited international text, no data plan

      • You can use this sim to call and text.

        It's a dollar a minute though…

  • Tempted to try this instead of being forced into NBN. I can live with SD Netflix.

    • +3

      I just signed up for this so i'm a bit stuck now.

      but I think this plan is the ozbargain way!

      • +2

        saving $25 p/m for 1.5Mbps internet

        not sure i can do that

        • It is unlimited though, painfully slow unlimited.
          In my case it saves ~$35p/m, and supposedly since this building is a new connection I have to pay $300 for some guy to drill a hole in my wall.

          • +2

            @mapax: your landlord should be paying for that… unless you're the owner/landlord.

            • +1

              @SeVeN11: Thanks, I had forgotten that.

            • @SeVeN11: My lease of a brand new house in which I was the first tenant stated I was authorised to have the dwelling altered to connect NBN and/or Foxtel services, but I would be liable for the costs of doing so. Had to pay the $300 new development fee for the NBN.

              • @BradH13: You got taken for a ride then by your REA and LL.

                A one off 'new connection fee' should have been paid for by your LL considering it only needs to be paid once and it's benefiting their property.

                • +1

                  @Nousernamehere: My REA and LL are the best I've ever had. I've been here 3 and a bit years without any increase in rent, I don't pay water usage even though my lease dictates I do, and everything I ask for, I get, plus if something needs fixing, it's sorted within the week. They even put in two additional split systems in the bedrooms without me asking for them, but they didn't do the same for the identical house next door they also own and charge $30 higher rent for.

                  I'll happily cop the $300…

                  • @BradH13: That's all nice to know (considering that most of that should pretty much be standard, but anyway), doesn't change the fact they made you pay for something that only benefits your LL.

          • @mapax: My understanding is that the $300 per unit applies to the owner. If a tenant, the owner pays for the hole drilling.
            Expensive hole, either way.

      • +3

        Optus is also bringing out an unlimited 5G plan (if you're in the right area) https://www.optus.com.au/for-you/5g

        $70 a month for unlimited 5G at 50Mbps *satisfaction guarantee

        • +1

          5G at 50mbps… what is the point of it being 5G then?

          • @OzBerghainer: Apologies I really wrote that funny, 50mbps is the satisfaction guarantee or (pending other terms and service) if you don't get more then 50mbps you can cancel if you bought through a plan free of charge. Unfortunately it doesn't state what the full speeds are, or at least I can't find if its shaped in anyway but i guess its more like the minimum?

  • does this plan allow to receive the phone call and text message?

    • no receiving calls or text. its blocked on telstras end

      • You sure about that?

        • +1

          100% sure

          • @sydracing: I'll take your word for it.

            Seems odd that you can make calls or send texts, but can't receive them.

            • @cheesecactus: Nope, I have this sim in an iPad, both sides of sending and receiving texts are blocked.

              • @sydracing: I find that odd. I have a Samsung tablet with them and it receives texts. But my brothers iPad That's on the same account doesn't.

      • Edit - nm someone answered below

    • +1

      "Your plan doesn’t include a call, SMS and MMS allowance. If you make calls or send SMS using a call/SMS capable device, PAYG rates apply."

    • +18

      Its the cheapest unlimited plan on the market that people on a budget need to know about. and it is a Bargin in my mind

      • +3

        Belong is cheaper and includes Calls/TXT, but shaped slower

        • +1

          1 GB will not go far on Belong.

      • Not true: Belong is $10/month for 1GB, then shaped.

        These are not unlimited plans. Unlimited would have been the old $199 plan: no data limits and no shaping.

        Calling it unlimited shows that we’re ok with companies doing the same. By that logic, every DSL/Cable plan of the last 18 years has should have been called unlimited if you can download as much as you like while shaped.

        I do admit that this is a neat trick though.

    • Yeah, this is a forum post at best. It's not a bargain post, I agree. Standard ongoing prices, that have been in place for while.

  • Has anyone tried using more than 5GBytes of data on this plan?

    speeds of up to 1.5Mbps

    That could mean any speed below 1.5Mbps - maybe 1.5Mbps for the first gigabyte of excess data, then progressively lower speeds as you go further into excess. The 1.5Mbps is a maximum limit, not a minimum, so what do Telstra actually do when you continue using data past the 5Gbyte allowance?

    From the linked webpage,

    We may take action if you breach the FairPlay Policy, including suspending or cancelling your service.

    • +2

      If you are in a highly congested area you may be limited further then 1.5Mbps but this is rare. (Maybe during half time at a football game but you could just use wifi at most big stadiums)
      I have used their speed limit before and it normally sits around 1.5Mbps without any issues. I had a 30gb plan and at the end of the month had used 100gb with no issues or messages from Telstra

    • +3

      https://imgur.com/a/D35kPQ6 speedtest at a cap

  • What's the normal theoretical speed before capped?

    • Whatever is available in your area. I get over 100mbps down most of the time in my home and work and when im next to a 4gx tower sometimes up to 300 down.
      It is Month to month so you could always give it a go?

    • Theoretical probably means no congestion? If that's the case I've gotten 200mbps/60mbps at 2am https://imgur.com/a/Kp57z6S

      It usually sits around 100mbps and can jump down to 30mbps or lower when in the city during peak hour.

  • I guess I have the best deal, 30$ 20 a month plus free temporaryaccess to Telstra air,

    Thank goodness I live next to a phone box. Bargain

    • +5

      Superman, is that you?

      • No smart ass it's not me, try the phone box with the shutters.

    • too slow speed for telstra air,isnt it ?

      • Well when you factor in two things:
        1 I get internet credit including mobile data, and free calls to landlimes and 45 international numbers prepaid

        2 free Telstra air unlimited data, (reconnect every 13 hours and go to work, in two days 50gig has been downloaded) while I don't feel comfortable stating a great deal when Telstra can change it at will, so yes I am a manority and businesses hate manoritys for a variety of reasons unless the majority agreed and Telstra thought otherwise then by by offering.

        So yes it's great but not everyone should get it because I like my bells quite.

        And this's coming from someone who has access to fttp fibre, yet I choose not to use it after the metadata laws became mandatory due to my nerferious activities, however i did use fttp but the cost and overall fact that I live alone does not adequately equate to a great deal, so yes I have the ability to make things work for me.

  • Can anyone recommend a good 4G/5G modem, something with decent 4G pickup and an ethernet port with decent Wifi.

    • +3

      When I was doing research on this a year ago, I bought a netgear nighthawk m1. The m2 has since come out and I'm sure there must be others too.

    • I'm using the Huawei E5186 otherwise known as the Optus Home Wireless Broadband modem.
      $25 off Gumtree, really only a good modem for Optus though

      Heaps of B515 modems (old VividWireless) on Gumtree for less than $50.

  • Wait till Telstra had iPad deals sell the iPad and get data for 24m for peanuts.
    Early this year they $29 for 10g and 32gb iPad.

    • But Telstra is running new month to month plan now, devices have to be paid separately. So the only way to get an iPad at a bargain price on Telstra network is waiting for JB deals.

  • +1

    Deal of the year if it included calls

  • +2

    This would a great plan if Telstra intros eSIM

  • wish they had an even smaller plan for under $10

    • Belong $10?

  • Is this the cheapest 5G plan around?
    “5G Network Access Free and automatically included until 30 June 2020. A 5G compatible device is required”
    (Needs a 5G 3500 MHz band compatible device)

    How long would 5Gb take to burn through on 5G network?
    35 seconds? What to do on 1.5Gbs for the remaining 30 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 25 seconds?

    • +1

      What to do on 1.5Gbs for the remaining 30 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 25 seconds?


    • What to do on 1.5Gbs for the remaining 30 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 25 seconds?

      You could do whatever you wanted.

    • +1

      1.5gbs would be swell.

  • Still waiting to get dual sim e sim for xr… only option I think is Optus on minimum $35 plan or some bs . I just want to recharge once and use 2nd sims for data while having main number with e sim

    This deal is pretty good I’d say. Good for ppl who don’t want nbn despite speeds

  • +1

    so if use non stop, thats more than 474gb a month. real bargain.

    • +1

      Even more of a bargain this month, I've still been getting full speed (250-450Mbps) since hitting my cap about a week ago

      • Hey I know this is an old post but are you still getting full speed after hitting you data cap?

  • This plan was discussed here, though combined with a modem.


  • +1

    What is the cheapest plan WITH calls and SMS?

  • Can this be put in a phone? I just need data for android auto

    • Yes

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