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[eBay Plus] OnePlus 7 Pro 6GB/128GB $798.15 | 8GB/256GB $866.15 | 12GB/256GB $951.15 Delivered @ Oz Digital Online eBay


I think this is the lowest price so far for the 6GB/128GB and 12GB/256GB variants, the 8GB/256GB variants have been slightly lower. Previous listings have suggested that this may ship from Hong Kong

6GB RAM/128GB Storage Colours

$798.15 Grey

8GB RAM/256GB Storage Colours

$866.15 Grey

$866.15 Gold

$866.15 Blue

12GB RAM/256GB Storage Colours

$951.15 Blue

Knowing OnePlus and their trends of releasing phones, we'll likely get a 7T model later this year, though no release/specifications are confirmed.

Also as with previous deals, you can get it here from 7272wil for $785.82 for the 6GB/128GB variant but your experiences may vary with warranty if needed according to several Ozbargainers

Original Coupon Deal: [eBay Plus] 15% off All Eligible eBay Plus Items (Min Spend $120, Max Discount $200) @ eBay

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    this is much cheaper at $805.53 (8gb ram & 256g version)


    • Yep, well aware of this and have pointed that out in the description - however there are several users on an older thread mentioning that this seller may gave you trouble if you have issues with your device down the line…

  • +5

    Warranty is all the same for these 3rd party resellers - ie. it doesn't exist despite their claims.
    Ebay will do nothing to help you.

    You might as well go with the cheapest. I ordered from 7272wil 1 month ago with no issues. Fast delivery which is all you can expect.

    Bear in mind these are probably chinese models (same hardware) reflashed with the international ROM, so may have opened packaging. Some like 7272wil will reseal the packaging. Again not a major deal, just something to be aware of.

    As for the phone itself, its excellent. I got the 8GB/256GB issue and its a major upgrade from the Pixel 3 XL which I had previously. Much faster, smoother, no notch and the camera with GCAM is actually pretty decent. Good enough for day to day shots, but won't be replacing my DSLR for travels.

    • I'm actually considering upgrading from my Note 8 Dual Sim to the OP7Pro given how good the 90hz display is, but not sure if I should give up camera quality for it :(

      • The Pixel is a laggy mess in comparison. Even with 90HZ screen mode forced on all the time, I'm getting 5-6hrs of screen on time, where as the pixel would struggle to make 3.5-4hrs. 30W charging is also amazing.

        I'm a serial phone switcher (average ownership length of 6mths) and for once I feel the OP7 Pro might keep me here for a while. I was tempted by the Note 10+, but can't justify the $500+ difference. The Pixel 4 will be the same story of outdated hardware propped up by software. In time, no doubt the pixel 4 camera will be ported across as well.

        The camera is pretty decent with GCAM. I'm a pixel peeper and am impressed. The sensor is a huge 1/2" and offers a lot for the software to work with.

        • What are you using to get 30W charging? I assume the adapter in the box isn't an Australian one as the phone isn't Australian?

    • Just a FYI for those who want the global version, the variant is GM1913, but not applicable to this deal.

    • Years ago I has an issue where the phone (HTC) had non genuine parts and a geneic imei that was used many times over and therefore phone could not be updated. My 2 cents worth. Maybe they changed their business practices.

    • Thanks for the reply on my other comment, is there any cause for concern when ordering the Chinese model clashed with the international ROM vs ordering the International model?

      • They're the same hardware (including bands). No issues or concerns at all. You could even buy it cheaper directly from china if you knew someone and then just flash the international ROM yourself.

  • After using realme by oppo, I felt known indian chinese brands are really good with pushing security updates and upgrades then global brands like Motorola htc huawei etc.

    After new development on huawei front it may be a long term solution to steer clear from chinese known brands until trump steps down.

    • +1

      ??? OnePlus offers bimonthly security updates and promises 2 years of support. They released their final Android 10 beta this week and rumours are they will release it officially as the same time as google.

  • +1

    also worth mentioning that the Oneplus 7t Pro will be out next month, and thats what I am waiting for…

    • +1

      Leaked specs have the same screen and camera set up, with maybe the slightly upgraded SD855+ and ?larger battery ?wireless charging. Depends on what you're after I suppose.

      September announcement, October release, and then give it a couple of months for prices to drop from grey importers. You're looking at Dec/Jan…
      By which time you're only 4 months out from OP8 Pro…the cycle never ends. OP7 Pro prices might drop a tad more though. But IMO $750 for 8gb/256gb is pretty awesome.
      Meanwhile pixel 4XL will launch at $1200+ for 6GB/64GB probably…

      • Yeah - reckon if I make it to Dec/Jan I'll wait for the OP8

        More than happy with my 6T

      • how much more do you reckon the new 7T pro will be when it is released? thanks

        • +1

          OP7 Pro was $1100 initially on release. Suspect 7T Pro will be similar.

  • +1

    lot of money for no warranty

    • +4

      Australia is not an official launch country for OP. You'll never get warranty.

      Warranty is overrated when the phone delivers flagship specs/features at midrange prices. I have used close to 20 android flag ships in 10 years and have never claimed warranty once. Small issues/repairs can be fixed with spare parts from ebay and labour from your local asian mobile phone repairer.

      • +1

        Warranty is overrated


      • +1

        I totally agree I stick with one phone for max of one month in average and never ever had to claim warranty. Phones are so good now u r likely to incur any problem except physical misuse which warranty does not cover anyway.

        • +1

          Huh? You swap phones every month?

          • -1

            @aja12: I probably sell it online or to friends or relatives……

            • @Cmaz: So you only keep phones for a month? No wonder you've never had to make a warranty claim.

  • +1

    oneplus 3 recently got the pie update. don't think any other non google phone from 2016 got it.

    • Wow. I am surprised with Oneplus support.

  • I'm travelling overseas until the end of the year, does anyone know if I have this phone shipped to Japan or Germany will I have issues claiming Australian Consumer Law? Might be a dumb question, alternative is having it shipped to family in Aus and having them forward it but that's a bigger delay/hassle.

    • I think you'll have trouble enforcing ACL from any of these grey importers who aren't based in Australia… People have reported them in the past with little results. The best you can hope for is credit card charge back.

  • Does it have Band 28?

  • This or the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro? Similar spec, this is a bit more expensive.

    • How much do you care about 90hz vs 60hz?

  • Thanks for this, bought the 8gb from Oz digital. Any recommendations for cases and screen protectors?

    • Spigen Tough Armour is a nice case. Little chunky but offers good protection and has a built in kick stand.

  • do the OnePlus 7 Pro phones from Oz Digital Online come with a case and screen protector? I think I read somewhere online (whirlpool - I think) that they come with a case and screen protector ready to go?

    • the phone comes with a preinstalled plastic screen protector. not sure about the case though.

      • +1

        Comes with a clear plastic case in the box from OP by default. Its ok but doesn't have much lip around the screen so won't provide any fall protection.
        I usually go for a Spigen Rugged armour as my default. Original screen protector is ok too.

        • that'll be a nice bonus!
          What do you think about this one ?
          Trying to decide between the spingen and the Ringke.

          • +1

            @Aussybob: I've owned both Spigen and Ringke cases for my S8+. Spigen are solid and feel nice in hand. Same with Ringke, but I've had issues with quality on Ringke cases where the black paint would eventually wear/peel off. Never had any issues like that with Spigen.

  • Don't forget there are mods you can enable to make the screen run at 90hz all the time - https://www.xda-developers.com/oneplus-7-pro-true-90hz-displ...

  • Been using oneplus devices since the oneplus one, waited ages for an invite. Never used another brand since and never looked back. If you're an android twinkerer then this is by far the best one on the market. There is just so much XDA support. Root, get magisk, and do whatever you want.

  • Got to play with one today- so tempting ! That nebula blue colour is on point too.

    • -1

      Now for a deal on the Taycan to go with it :p

  • When it comes out do we know roughly how much the Oneplus 7T pro will cost? i really want to get this 7 pro now , but if the 7T is not much more i'll wait.
    Also I'm going overseas and wanted to claim the TRS, I won't be eligible right as stores are overseas


  • -1

    Is anyone getting a protective case for their oneplus? Where from? How effective is the soft tpu case that comes for free with it?

    • plasmapuff on 03/09/2019 - 12:00
      Comes with a clear plastic case in the box from OP by default. Its ok but doesn't have much lip around the screen so won't provide any fall protection.
      I usually go for a Spigen Rugged armour as my default. Original screen protector is ok too.

      • -1

        I didn't realise that it also comes with a screen protector. I just bought one :(

  • -1

    Just wondering if the phone came with an australia wall adapter. If not, which one did you get?

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