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[eBay Plus] LG UltraGear 27GL850 27" 144Hz QHD 1ms HDR10 G-Sync Nano IPS Monitor $636.65 Delivered @ Wireless 1 eBay


EDIT: Ozbargained, OOS

Absolute bargain for a brand new 1440p, 144Hz IPS 1ms 27inch monitor. Just bought one. Need eBay Plus, though.

Be quick!

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  • But 34" ultrawide is the new 27"

  • Adaptive Sync (FreeSync) | NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible

    does this have both free sync and g-sync?

  • Thanks OP grabbed one.

  • I've used this monitor and found it to have issues with blur/smearing especially fast moving black areas.

    • Do you have it set to fastest mode? That's one way to get smearing/overcompensation

      • Just to add, the Linus Tech review does not recommend Fastest. Fastest setting causes coronas and in game it looks bad. The setting below it is Fast and the Fast setting according to him is great, snappy with barely any image problems.

  • Says HDR10 but cant reach 1000nits 🤔

  • Just ordered one but ETA is Oct 2nd. a month wait

  • 1ms IPS? Incredible.

    Is Nano IPS a new tech, or just marketing like Apple's "Liquid" retina display on iPhone XR, which just means a notch?

    • Kinda both I think? You can alter it and apparently great at 2-4ms. 1ms seems to have blur issues and was pushed to be able to market the 1ms. The Linus tech video covers it all pretty well

      • I was referring to the "nano" part. Sounds like marketing buzz unless it's a new panel technology.

        • Nano IPS means it uses LG's own tech that increases colour gamut, which is why it supports cinema grade DCI-P3. Its similar to QLED that Samsung has a Quantum dot that some others use.

  • Is this new monitor with 1ms IPS as fast as TN? Have we reached that point? Please reply quick.

  • This monitor's super popular in the US, it's sold out on Amazon the past few restocks.

    Rtings and TFT Central reviews.

    Good option if you've been waiting on 27", 1440p, 144Hz, IPS with new panels :)

    Personally, I'm waiting for 24", 1080p, 144Hz, IPS. Or Asus' new 17", 1080p, 240Hz, IPS portable monitor.

  • Does this have ULMB? Or whatever LG call it? Does this matter?ULMB seems to really help with blur.

    I’m on a 240hz 1080p monitor and I love it. To be honest they say 240hz doesn’t matter, but I defs notice it. Mind you my colour sucks and I’d be keen to try this if it has ULMB as that’s probably more important then 240hz.

  • I ordered it to replace my old Acer X233H thanks for the post

  • Can someone tell me if this is honestly worth it for me.

    I've had a TN 1080p 120hz BENQ monitor for the last 6 years and has died on me. Which I was relatively happy with.
    I run a GTX 1070 play mostly basic games e.g Overwatch, CSGO, League, Apex + occasionally BF1 and maybe Modern warfare when it comes out.
    (don't plan on upgrading the 1070 for the next few years atleast)

    Really didn't want to spend above $500 but would love to know if its really worth it.

    Or the second option is this guy
    ASUS VG279Q 27in 144hz Full HD 1ms FreeSync IPS Monitor $424.15

    or this
    MSI Optix MAG271CQR 27" 1440p 144HZ VA Monitor $475.15


    • This monitor for an IPS panel with a low response time is a (profanity) steal (competitors are $800+). If you're keeping the gtx 1070 then I'd recommend staying at 1080p high refresh rate as it may struggle at 1440p to keep above 70 fps+. I'm probably gonna sell my gtx 1070 if performance is lackluster and get an rx 5700xt AIB for $680ish or rtx 2070 super for $100 more.

      • Running at non native resolution is yuck.

        I would just keep the 70 fps. Won't be as smooth but at least you have g-sync.

        • Most modern games have the option to scale internally outside of native resolution now, so isn't really a problem like it used to be. Text will still be crispy as the UI still renders at native.

          • @BradH13: He's suggesting to run at 1080p for better FPS.

            If the game is still rendering at native, then you're not going to get the higher FPS of 1080p. If my understanding is correct.

            • @lostn: Re-read what I wrote. Particularly the line "internally outside of native resolution".

              Newer games have display resolution and render resolution (sometimes called percentage scaling).

              The idea is your monitor will always have native resolution so your monitor itself doesn't do any gross scaling, but the actual game engine runs at a lower resolution. The result is native UI, text, whatever else; but the game engine is scaled so you get more frames at a cost of a softer image. Pretty similar to how consoles have worked since the Pro and X came about. Works great, and avoids "non-native resolution is yuck".

              Just finished playing through Control on a 4K screen at 1080p internal resolution on my 1080 Ti (that game is a serious graphics card killer). Still looked good as all my maps, text and video was at 4K.

      • where are you seeing 2070 supers for <$800?

    • If you were relatively happy, and you have a tv for movies, tin a 240hz 25" 1080p which I had for around $320 over a year ago, I'm betting you can find similar. I'm assuming that due to the types of games you play you might prefer higher fps to higher resolution.

      Otherwise, second option looks like a good price.

  • Ohhh damn! I was about to pull trigger on this at RRP.

    Thanks so much for sharing <3

    Estimated Delivery 09 SEP - 11 SEP

  • What is the VRR range in g-sync?

    Meaning, from what range of FPS will g-sync be active?

  • Just a FYI:

    You can make your own decisions on your needs. Watch Linus tech tips on this monitor for more information.

  • With 10% off this is an excellent deal.
    Paid RRP for mine, got it from Scorptec today. Loving it so far, upgraded from an old 24" BenQ XL2410T. The noticeable improvements coming from this monitor are:
    - IPS colours worlds better than TN, and especially with the 135% sRGB rating on this screen
    - 1440p resolution so much better for productivity & detail in games
    - Competitive gaming - 24 inch is probably better if you are sitting at a desk at arms distance to your monitor, you will need to rely more on peripheral vision with a 27 inch, will take a bit of getting used to (more eye movement)

    No dead pixels or quality issues i have noticed on arrival

    • I was gonna buy it from scorptec but had uni the whole day :/ , noticed this great deal and decided to order online (free returns if faulty so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

      • The waiting paid off at least :D
        This monitor is highly sought after, stock is hard to find aparrently

        • How accurate are the colours? I saw a reddit post comparing normal to RGB Mode and the colour accuracy is what sold me (wanna do multimedia stuff)

          • @NigerianGirthLord: I'm not too familiar with display calibration and colours unfortunately so i can't comment :(
            But it is pre-calibrated out of the box, and the sRGB mode is very close to spot on according to the TFT Central review, so thats certainly a good feature to have if you plan to do any editing

            All i've done is turn down the brightness (defaults to 100, goodbye retinas), all other settings on the factory default. Not much work required to make it look good!

  • Noob question - Anyone know if QHD has the same pixel density as 4K or UHD?

  • Dafuq, just got mine just a few hours ago.

  • Welp, they've sold close to 50 of these monitors (X to doubt they had 50 in stock), there are ~6 left

  • Any one knows if we can pick up from their warehouse?

  • Since this monitor is new and already discounted, do you think it will be discounted even further later?

    I'm deciding whether to pay using 28D (for price protection claims later) or use my discounted gift cards (10-15% off). I have about $2000 in GCs left, but whenever I'm buying electronics or electricals I've been using 28D, making it hard to use my GCs.

    NVM, OOS now. That's good. Makes my decision for me. I'll wait and see if there's bigger discounts later. If it's a new product, I'm sure there will be.

    • Doubt it tbh, the only reason it is this cheap already is most likely due to it being released quite literally today and they didn't price jack to take into account PEACHY15 eBay code. They left it at RRP of $749. Which is why all 52 sold in a few hours (kinda ridiculous that they put down that many in stock)

      • Well, I don't expect products to stay at RRP for a whole year and never budge unless they're Apple or Bose products.

        You are basically getting 15% off. This not being an Apple product, I expect we'll see that price again or better. I can wait.

        I spent a few hours researching it and measuring the space on my desk (I have a 3 monitor setup already and this would be replacing my existing 25" QHD monitor). I wanted it, but it wasn't an instant buy due to… having 3 monitors already. I still want it. I just hate making tough decisions, and going OOS kind of took away the decision for me.

        • I've been looking at the other 27 inch ips 144hz gsync monitors for over an year and they didn't move in price.

          Unless you are willing to wait 2 years, you would probably only get this price from ebay sales.

          • @exit: We'll see.

            I'm going to wait for it to be listed on ebay at below RRP (LG products often do get discounted, including monitors — the one you were eying likely wasn't LG) at a time when there's a 15-20% discount. As someone with 3 monitors, I'm in no hurry.

            • @lostn: Yeah for LG specifically I do see some at lower prices compared to competitors on ebay, but they could be clearance prices where they are just trying to offload a bunch on ebay quickly without undermining the prices of what retail stores are selling them at. That might not happen if this model is popular enough…

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