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NordVPN - 86% Cashback (Was 30%) @ ShopBack


Saw this on the Shopback app but not on website yet. Looks like the highest ever cashback for NordVPN.

Works out to be US$15.05 for a 3 year plan when you stack with promo codes SHOPBACK or 3ynordvpn (US $107.55 before cashback - New customers only).

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  • How is Nord,

    have read mixed reviews with many saying speeds are slow?

    My expressVPN subscription just expired so looking for a new VPN to set up.

    • I'm on NordVPN.
      While the App on the phone is fine, the VPN program for Windows sometimes silently connects automatically.
      Well…speed wise, it's actually pretty good. I would say go for it. I paid about $40+ USD for a 3 year plan after shopback cashback so this deal is definitely a steal.

    • I tried both, expressVPN is definitely faster, but price wise is too much. I am using NordVPN now, and it is not too bad (only used it for netflix). You can try it with 30-day trial.

      • Can you get netflix US without issue?

        • Yes, I am using it on my ipad though. I don’t think it will works with smart tv or those tv box-es.

        • I find using the US one slow sometimes, but it eventually works

        • For me it Works on iOS & Windwows & Linux.
          Fire Stick & Android boxes too if you can remove pre-installed 6.x.x Netflix and "downgrade" to 5.4.1 Netflix. Get US Netflix at 1080p easily, just connect to the best AU Server available.

          • @zizoubka: Zizoubka, how do you get us netflix while connected to AU server?

            • @jecec: Well, You don't need a VPN to watch Aus Netflix while being in Aus. So they give you the best of both worlds. Faster streaming and not requiring to switch and swap for streaming/browsing.

            • @jecec: Really don't know how they make it happens, and not just Australian servers, servers in other countries would do the same, according to NordVPN Netflix Guide. Probably something to do with their DNS that you have to configure manually.

              • @zizoubka: Ok… I'm really confused. I know how VPN works. When you connect to the VPN server in USA and watch netflix, you'll get the US netflix as netflix think you are from US based on your IP.

                However, Zizoubka, you mentioned earlier "Get US Netflix at 1080p easily, just connect to the best AU Server available." When you connect to an AU server, how do you get to watch US Netflix? I would have thought you need to connect to US server to watch US netflix as connecting to AU server will get your AU netflix.

                Am I missing something?

                • @jecec: I just tried this for myself as I wasn't sure what @zizoubka was talking about either… however I literally followed the NordVPN guide that they linked, and when I connect to an Australian server, I'm given access to US Netflix. I need to switch the VPN off to have access to Australian Netflix again.

      • @jecec I used to think that too. I still have a few months sub with ExpressVPN and have to connect to a US server for US Netflix.
        But with NordVPN I can connect to the fastest AU server available at the time, open Netflix app with AU Netflix account and it's switched to US Netflix automatically.
        My IP is changed to Nord's IP (Australian IP), my Internet speed is almost unchanged since server is not 10k miles away. Don't even need to change to Nord's DNS on Windows 10, still using Google DNS.
        When VPN is off I'm switched back to Australian Netflix as expected.
        Just cannot explain how NordVPN can make it work, their Netflix guide even says "Netflix US: You should connect to ANY of our servers in countries other than the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, and Italy."

        • Thanks for the explanation. Appreciate it.

          On a similar note… Can I ask a question on NordVPN and torrents?
          I've got the NordVPN install on my Mac. I launch it and switch to a P2P server. I then launch uTorrent to do my stuff. Am I safe? Or is there something else I need to do?


    • Slow is relative but NordVPN is around 30-35mbps usually which is no problem for surfing the net and streaming some videos. Won't give you full speed for torrents though.

    • ABC iview and ABC news barely usable on their Aus servers.

    • It's the only one that worked for me while I was in China…. so it gets a thumbs up from me.

  • Nord been getting a bit of a bad rap lately.

    Ive signed up for 3 years about 5 months ago, speeds seem to be ok most of the time.

  • Just a friendly heads up to anyone signing up - I’m still waiting for the cash back from the last similar deal back in August. Apparently the ‘click’ wasn't tracked and it’s still under investigation. Typical cash back period is 60 days (could be wrong).

    No problem using NordVPN however and speed was terrific. Just hoping I can get the cash back sooner as I’m still out of pocket $USD100+

    • I got my cash back.

    • My purchase from August is showing so its there at least, but no cashback receievd yet. I'm assuming it will go through? I've been bitten by shopback before (issue was never resolved) so making me somewhat nervous.

      As for NordVPN, been using it heavily over the last month in my travels and yes it can get slow at times, just jump to another server when that happens. Some sites blacklist the VPN IP so again jump to another server (I believe there's around 50,000 or so of them?)

    • I got mine no problem - make sure you disable any adblocker or any other internet security you might have running before you start, as they can prevent the tracking. I had to disable ublock origin as I'm 95% sure that would prevent ShopBack tracking the purchase.

    • My clicks get tracked by ShopBack but I don't get the cashback.

      When I ask them to 'investigate', my request then stays in perpetual investigation mode.

      I signed up to this deal, but I'm not very hopeful of getting anything from ShopBack.

    • Make sure you keep pushing them and escalate it. CashRewards after a year cancelled my Telstra cashback (big) and I had to escalate. I pointed out they were also losing money on this too. Seemed to get them.

  • I have a couple of years left with PIA.
    Is Nord much different/better?

  • Should you choose to change the country to Australia at signup? It charges 10% GST extra … but leaving as United States is 0% extra.

    • I also have this question. Can anyone that have received their cashback in the past confirm if we require switching this to Australia or leaving it on US is ok?

  • +4 votes

    Didn't they leak everyone's info recently?

    • source?

      • -1 vote

        I wouldn’t mind knowing some more details about this claim.

        I had a fraudulent CC charge 3 days after signing up with them. Transaction got blocked and the credit card got cancelled so it’s all good, but wondering how my card details got leaked.

        I really can’t say one way or the other that it was NordVPN and do not want to assume it was related, but my purchase with them was the only out of the ordinary transaction I had done (ie, not the usual Coles/Woolworths/7-11 etc).

    • I made the thread about the 'leak' about a week ago…I'm with NordVPN and i'm signed up with I received a few emails which had links to pastebins that were full of NordVPN accounts (user/email,unencrypted passwords and expiry dates for the accounts), the largest one had around 14,500 accounts. I contacted NordVPN about this and they think that the hacks are from other databases and someone has just tried the same email and password combination on NordVPN since some people use the same password in multiple places. This could be true as I had used that password a few times around the place and i've been in a number of database leaks….

  • Worth a read before signing up for this service. (NY Times)

    We dismissed three VPNs—NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark—for not being public about their ownership or leadership. “Would you put your money in a bank where you don’t know what laws govern it or who owns it or who manages it?” asked security researcher Kenn White. “Would you go to a financial adviser using a fake identity?”

    • Why would those providers want to divulge anything to the New York Times? I certainly wouldnt.

      Dont forget that any provider based in a 5 eyes country means your data is under surveillance.

  • I’m sorry I paid for a 3 year sub a few months ago. Worked fine initially but doesn’t work with Netflix on my Android tv boxes anymore and BBC iPlayer no longer works on my iPad.

    Not sure if they’ll ever fix it.

    • are you changing servers? some slow down with congestion. Netflix generally wont work as it detects VPNs now

      • I've been through all servers, even ones that work on my MBP. I read that there are issues with NordVPN on Android, Android TV and iOS/iPadOS.

        • ah ok. at least it covers you for torrenting haha :(

          • @atrorz: Well, I can always cast to Chromecasts via my PC…although Netflix doesn't allow that. Maybe an HDMI cable?

            I really should invest in a mini-PC and ditch these Android TV boxes.

  • Does Nord allows access to Amazon Prime Video UK?

  • good price but just doesnt work for me - had to go with PIA which ive been fairly happy with,

  • Vat makes the price go up a bunch

  • isn't there a lot of free VPN's out there, why pay? what's the difference?

    • Never tried the free ones. After reading much of the comments on OzB. I just went with PIA.

    • My general rule is… "If something is free, then YOU are the product"

      Free VPNs are getting something out of providing servers and support for your connection, and I would bet that for most of them it's to do with what information is being sent to/from your devices (which includes sensitive information!). Beware.

  • I notice there's always a few comments about slow/unreliable speeds, I think their software doesn't autobalance very well rather than being a lack of servers. I made a little Python script to help with this, it shows servers in a given city and country that have a load below x%. Also shows the Mbps & ping (Linux only) for each server. Hopefully it's useful for some people.

    If I choose the right server and use NordLynx (Wireguard) I can easily hit 800Mbps+ within AU.

    • Nice, Ive been meaning to get around to doing something very similar, thanks for sharing.

      Edit: cool, just took a look, handy. Just a question though, after you've found best server, how do you connect? I'm currently using OpenVPN and manually messing about with .ovpn files.

      Do you do this and substitute the IP within the ovpn file? Or just use the NordVPN Linux App?

      • I personally use the Linux app because it's been more reliable and also for the kill-switch feature. Really easy to specify the server too, just a nordvpn c [country] [number].

    • Do they support Wireguard?

      • So far it's in 'beta' I guess, only available on Linux under their brand name 'NordLynx'. Speed difference is night and day.

  • I find this useless, since ShopBack still hasn’t finalised the cashback on the last deal. So in the end, I just ended up getting charged the full 3 years with no cashback.
    Fyi, Netflix and AmazonPrime don’t work.

    • are you talking about USA Netflix and USA amazon prime? well, then that defeats the whole purpose. :(

      • Netflix works fine, haven't bothered trying Prime yet. But I would be surprised if that didn't work… I'll go check now.

        Doh, anyone know a show or movie that would only be on US prime…?

    • Why is this deal any useless than the last? Mine is showing at 21 October for finalising date. Most cashback offers have some sort of wait period. Should the wait time elapse and no cash back eventuate, I would assume the deal a "dud".

      Not saying SB are perfect, I have a unresolved issue with them from previous purchase however not sure we should be throwing the baby out with the bathwater just yet.

      • Mine never got tracked, even after following the said instructions from Shopback

        • Mine did but you need to be careful with adblockers as they can prevent them from working. Had it happen before but for trivial amounts (20cents cashback etc). Or just use something that tracks your every move in stock form (Stock Android with Chrome browser) for ad companies.

  • Got Nord a few months ago - via Cashback.

    I use it for Netflix - can access UK, US, DE, IT, FR, CA and JP.

    Use a Vodafone TV with Netflix set to factory level, updates turned off and Nord DNS in place. Is flawless.

    • Hi, care to explain in detail how you got it to work? I installed the nord client via google app on the Vodatfone TV but i can only select which country it connects to? I can't select individual servers to swap as Netflix just comes up saying it detects a VPN.

      • Sure. you've got the app from the store and selecting individual countries is right.

        Update the DNS in the VF box to the Nord DNS - should be easy to find on the site

        Go to Apps in the menu, find Netflix and restore to factory settings (or is it delete updates, one of the two). Am pretty sure that updates to the app means that you can't VPN to other countries, these restrictions are not in the app that comes out of the box.

        This should work and get you into other regions - I find I have to change profiles to get it to reload and pull up content of the new region.

        Then turn off the app auto update feature on the box (this will apply to all apps though, you can always updated individual ones manually) - if you don't, you're going back to the netflix app each time to restore factory settings, as it will update to the newer version if NF after a few hours in the background.

        Just remember it's not all regions just those listed above - if you're in another region eg Brazil it defaults to US NF.

        Good luck.

  • Can anyone please advise. This deal or Lifetime FastestVPN deal.

    • I have both, Nord has more servers / countries and more reliable. I kept fastest as backup as its lifetime . However Fastest limited to mostly one or two servers per countries. Once a week their HongKong server goes down and I have to report them each time. I had problem of disconnection every hour with their Singapore server. Each time you have to report them as I believe they dont have auto monitoring system . I dont use fastest vpn for Netflix so no idea about it. Over all speed is average not the fastest though.

  • Any VPN that connects to China?

    • Nord worked in China while I was there early last year. Speed was good and I was impressed.

      • Do you use vpn client on Windows or android/iphone?

      • Were you there for any substantial period of time? I had ExpressVPN on Android but it stops working after a few days (as if it's trying to download a list of servers from a server that's blocked). When I take it out to HK then it connects again but then I take it back into China and again it stops working after a few days. Might be tempted to switch to Nord if it's reliable.

        • I was there for 2 weeks and Nord worked for the whole period I was there. Again that was my experience early last year so I cant tell if it's the same case this year. Best way to get around the firewall in China is to get a Singapore Starhub prepaid sim card for roaming and it does not get blocked as it's a foreign sim card. Plenty discussion in the Starhub threads.

          • @arctan: HK CSL does the same job I think.

            • @Montyjpm: Yep it works well. Depend which stopover city you'll be going. I got 2 starhub prepaid sims and been using them for the past 2 years on overseas trips. It saved me heaps of money and headaches as it covers big list of countries.

  • Even after applying the coupon code it shows $118.30 USD.

    Please help me..

    • Probably GST don't check out under Australia.

      I refuse to pay GST for digital purchases there is usually a way around it and in this case you just need to select a different country

      • @Sammy304 I changed the country to Turkey the GST disappeared but the price is still $107.55 USD after applying the coupon code in the purchase screen

  • This is a crazy price. I got Nord at 82% and thought that was nuts. I always keep it connected on my computer. Definitely recommend it. Australian server speeds are good and there is lots of them. Would be nice if they switched you to a different server automatically when it's populated that would be my only advice to Nord.

  • Hmm, will wait to see how this thread develops further.. with Torguard now and while it's not too bad had some shit experiences with the AU servers while overseas

  • Would the cashback work on a Shopback account that entered a previous NordVPN cashback deal? I previously entered the August cashback deal but it failed since I used an existing NordVPN account, which prompted me to report it only for it to get stuck on 'investigating' and now I've asked NordVPN for a refund.

    I'm planning on making another email just for this deal but I'm concerned I'll have to make another Shopback account and they won't sponsor the deal since they'll recognise my bank account details and get suspicious or something.

  • Does Hotstar work with this?

  • just set it up with openVPN on my Asus router.

    Do people prefer UDP or TCP setup?

    I'm also guessing that the openVPN config counts as one out of the max 6 devices?

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