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[eBay Plus] Samsung Galaxy Wireless Buds Black $155.53 Delivered @ Flashforwardtech eBay


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My first post, be gentle guys.

*Samsung Galaxy Wireless Buds - Black $155.53 Delivered
*Samsung Galaxy Wireless Buds - White $150.40 Delivered
AU Stock-12 Months Warranty

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  • +6

    got a pair of the buds, super solid earphones :)

    • +1

      The sound quality is alright. However the microphones could definitely do better

      • +1

        The mics are terrible in my exoerience. If you just listen to music they are fine.

        I ended up returning mine to Telstra as not fit for purpose. They said they got a lot of returns for this and being faulty.

        • the quality of the microphone has improved considerably over the last few months, when they first came out they were shocking to say the least. fairly reasonable now in the feedback i've received from the girlfirend

      • Pretty much every TWS earbuds have that problem, from the cheap $20 ones, to these, to the more expensive Sony/Bose ones

  • I got them for $110 on Facebook marketplace when they were first released. Seems ok at this price but would recommend getting the black one instead of the white ones

    • Any reason curious to hear

      • +2

        Gets dirty duhhh

    • White superior to black. Looks better

      • +7

        That's a bit racist

  • +1

    I have a pair of white ones. I love this wireless buds, best I’ve ever had. Better than cheap ones /copies/clones

    • What other ones have you had to compare them to?

      • +1

        Soundpeats, they are ok but battery not as good. Also they don’t connect automatically on iPhone and I have had to pair multiple times (which is very frustrating).
        The other ones were x8 with 2200mah case. Terrible quality, case broke No time.
        Spend more on the Samsung gear and you won’t regret it.

  • +1

    Does anyone know of anything that comes close to the comfort level of these but at 1/3 the price? I have tried and loved them, but I have a habit of accidentally standing on headphones and am worried I will do the same with these.

    • +1

      QCY T1 1/10 the price

      • Thanks. Ordered the next model up. Great reviews on YouTube.

      • What is the microphone like?
        Good for surveillance.

  • +1

    12 Samsung AU Warranty or seller’s warranty?

  • +1

    Got these with my S10 plus. I'm pretty picky with audio but these sound pretty damn good 👍

  • When were these released?

    • +1

      Same time as s10, march

      • +1

        Thought so, thanks mate!

  • Audio quality, qi, fit and form of the earphones and case are all good. Audio isn't Momentum level of course, but much nicer than buds.
    Very, very happy with these and wouldn't consider trading them with my brother's Momentums as the bud profile is very important day to day for me (fits well in motorbike helmet).

    Highly recommend them to people on the line!
    (Mic still sucks, despite comments)

  • Thanks - ordered. Was hesitant, read quite a few comments/reviews but ultimately decided they were worth it for ~$150.

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