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CLARION FX688A 6.75" Apple Car Play & Android Auto Double DIN Head Unit - $389 + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Autobarn


Thanks to aznow who posted in this deal -

Free click and collect, or postage extra.

6.75" touch panel TFT LCD display (resistive touch screen)
1280 x 720 Resolution
Compatible with Apple CarPlay
Compatible with Android Auto
Built-in Bluetooth for hands-free and A2DP audio streaming
Rear USB Port with CarPlay, Android Auto or iPod direct connect
MP3 / MPEG2 / WMA / AAC / AVC / WMV / RMBD / MOV / AVI / MKV playback support
Rear 3.5mm auxiliary input
AM/FM radio tuner
13-band graphic EQ for precise sound adjustment
Rear vision camera composite video input
4 × 45 W in-built power amplifier
2V/5CH RCA output (front + rear + sub)
OEM steering wheel remote ready

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  • Haven't looked at the Clarion models but the specs are quite good vs the Sony carplay models and it looks like a good deal compared to other stockists!

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    Once you put a carplay or AA capacitive touch screen in one of your cars, it’s hard to go back to resistive. My tip, buy one like this first, or go only with capacitive.

    • Agreed

    • Strangely enough, I actually prefer resistive… I don't know what it is, but having the tactile feedback helps me work out if I've actually tapped something!

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    How can I tell if this can be installed in my car?

    • Check the size of your factory unit, as some can only accommodate single DIN headunits.

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      Go to aerpro ( and put in your car make and model, and the head unit you want, and it will tell you if it can be done, and the fascia and harness kit details required for the fitting.

  • MiraCast? Does that mean I can watch YouTube with it?

    • Mirroring your phone to a device. Not needed since you can use Android Auto or CarPlay.

  • Can I install this on my 2011-12 Nissan X Trail, and use the factory reserve camera?

  • Got one, thanks OP.

  • Can anyone who had this give us a quick review please? Not many reviews for this particular model…

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      I've just installed mine in my 2005 Forester XT, so very quick first impressions.

      The screen is crisp, bright, very responsive to touch. Android Auto worked great. Sounds good with my stock speakers. Not much in the way of audio customisation, balance, fade, equaliser. Backgrounds can be changed to a few built in wallpapers. Button lights are a dark blue and can't be changed. Two usb inputs, top for your phone or usb stick, bottom for usb storage only.

      I had to modify my Clarion Aerpro harness, not sure if it was because it was a few years old. I had a Clarion unit years ago. The handbrake wire was connected to the constant 12v pin, I had to move it to the ground pin. That way the hu thinks the handbrake is engaged and allowed me to setup Android Auto.

      There's a 3.5mm plug on the rear of the unit that isn't mentioned in the manual. I thought it might be aux in but it's not, aux in is provided via the reverse camera input loom. Maybe a microphone input, no external microphone is provided though. I'll contact Clarion and see.

      There are no downloads provided by Clarion Australia, there is a newer firmware available at Clarion MY, but not sure if it's the same as this, again I'll contact Clarion and see.

      • Thank you mate for the feedback, very useful. I'm also looking to install into a forester, but a 2012 XT. Currently on a basic Pioneer unit with lots of colour and some EQ customisation. I found the lack of reviews and documentation on the Clarion a little worrying but sounds like you're happy with it overall so I might give it a shot. At this price, it's close enough to an Android HU.

        Btw my Pioneer also has the handbrake wire grounded, not to 12v. I'm wondering if the 3.5mm may be the SWC input…

        Oh how is the BT call quality with the Clarion? My main issue now is poor call quality, other side says it's very noisy and unclear.

        • I've moved from a full Android unit with custom ROM. I wanted more simplicity and swiftness of Android Auto. So I don't mind less customisation. It would be nice to match the button colour with my dash but I'll live.

          I don't think it's steering wheel control either. There's mention of it being an option, but nothing mentioned in the manual. There's another small multi pin socket that's not mentioned in the quick set-up guide or manual either. Something else for me to query Clarion.

          Edit - might be the SWI now that I've seen the aerpro adapter.

          I haven't tested call quality yet. It's not something I use very much.

          • @303-Acid: I bought the SWC unit for my 08 Forester and connecting it to the 3.5mm jack doesn't make the SWC work..

            And now Check Engine light is on lol


        • The 3.5mm socket on the rear is the SWC input - though it's not mentioned in the manual. It works with the right adapter (eg. a Connects2 CTSTY001.2 with Clarion lead works for my car).

      • Had a check at the local store and found the original price was $649. Also confirmed that touch panel is resistive (NOT capacitive).

        Played around with it for a bit in store. The boot time is amazing (held the power button down for a few seconds to force it to shutdown then switch on again). It took ~2 seconds to be on again and ready to be used. Definitely gave smooth performance (navigating between the menu items, etc..).

        I ended up not buying one as the coast of all the accessories (harness, patch lead, adapters & facia) and installation would cost me additional $580 as quoted by AutoBarn.

        • additional $580 as quoted by AutoBarn

          That's truly a deal breaker :( Do I need to be licensed to do it?

        • I was quoted $315 by AB with all harness etc for my 03 VY.

        • +1

          DIY! I wouldn't pay for installation as it'd be pretty much plug and play.

          This the same as yours?

          At the minimum you should just need Clarion to ISO and ISO to Subaru harnesses. If you want to retain steering wheel buttons then you'd need the wheel control harnesses. Not sure if you need the fascia or not?

        • Add about $40 for your adapters and its basically plug and play. Excl your fascia tho

          I would definitely consider installing yourself.

          • @braxxx: I got quoted around $580 for install including a new fascia, very quickly decided it was going to be a diy job! Ended up getting all the harnesses and fascia for$186.

      • Hi @303-Acid I've just come across this problem with android auto and the handbrake needing to be on. Will it work if I ground the green handbrake wire on my aerpro harness? or will I need a toggle or something like that for it to allow me to setup android auto for the first time? Thanks

        • Yeah I grounded the handbrake wire on the harness.

          • @303-Acid: Thank you 303-acid! I was almost about to give up because of the handbrake wire, nothing was working, but after reading your post I had a look at the included Clarion harness and noticed that the wire labelled handbrake was in a different position to the aeropro harness! Once the right wire was grounded i can pair my phone, setup Android Auto etc.

  • For those who asked about call quality, I've had this unit in my car for about a month now and make regular calls whilst driving. Quality is good, no echo - I can hear them well and they can hear me.
    As said before, this is quite a basic interface. It has output for a sub, but no actual adjustment for the channel, which I thought wierd.
    AA is fantastic too.
    Overall very happy with it

  • FYI the FW from Clarion Malaysia works fine. My head unit was 933 and updated to 934. Upgrading the firmware clears some settings and I had to repair my phone for Android Auto.

    I had an issue in Android Auto where the microphone for Google Assistant resulted in a black screen. Updating to this firmware resolved it. Also, there were some screens that asked you to scan the QR code but the QR code wasn't displayed. This firmware resolved that.

    Link to downloads -

    Extract the ZIP, copy the "update" folder to the root of a USB stick (FAT32), and plug into the top USB port on your head unit. It'll then prompt if you want to update. The head unit will copy the update, apply and reboot a couple of times, then create it's bootloader, then you're ready to go.

    • Thanks for the update, legend! I bought one today, time to update.

    • Awesome info.

      Mines all installed now finally.. are you using Steering Wheel Controls?

      Is there any options in your updated unit for them?


      • Nah I haven't bothered with wheel controls. I don't believe there are any additional menu items, nothing in the user manual about them either.

  • Does anyone know when this deal expires?

    • +1

      It’s in their September catalogue that ends on the 29th.

      • Cheers mate

  • Can someone with this stereo help me identify which plugs are on the back please? My car factory wiring harness was cut off and the 2 x plugs for the Clarion CZ307AU was soldered on. I'm trying to work out if this is the same plugs or if the wiring will have to be cut off again. I know Clarion uses either 1 x 16pin or 2 x 8 pin plugs. Thanks

    • +1

      This unit has a single 16 pin plug for the main harness.

      Here's the Aerpro link -

      • Thank you. So my current one will need cutting off again :( I did see that adapter but I wasn't sure which end was for the Clarion. I wonder if you can get a Clarion -> Clarion adapter!? Probably not

        • +1

          Going by Aerpro I think your current Clarion uses the two ISO plugs. So, if the harness in your car looks like the right side of this plug then you should just be able to get the Clarion to ISO -

          • @303-Acid: Yes I was just pondering the same thing. The 2 plugs on my Clarion look very similar from memory. One had 4 pairs of speaker and the other had power and igniton/park lights or something similar. I'll look for a wiring guide. Awesome if by pure chance I've gotten the iso standard now!

  • Does the Android Auto & Apple CarPlay work wirelessly or must you plug in the USB cable?

    • +1


  • Does anyone else not see the AA option?

    • Assuming you're using the top USB port? The top port is for AA, CarPlay, Firmware Update, etc. Bottom is mass storage only.

      • I spoke to a guy who knew his stuff at clarion, even had a test bench. Turns out it was the cable, absolutely bizarre as both are capable of file transfer which he said is all that should matter.

        The first cable would trigger AA on the phone but nothing on the unit and MobileLink would remain (which becomes AA).

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