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CyberPower 8 Way Outlet Surge Protector Power Board $17 + Freight ($0 with Plus) @ Smarthomestoreau eBay


I own 2 of these. Still going strong after 2 years. Good price at $17.00.

Cheaper if you buy 2 or 3.

The CyberPower 8 Port Surge Protector + 2.4A USB Port CPSURGE08USB-ANZ is ideal for safeguarding your home theatre and IT equipment from damage caused by electrical surges.
The outlets with MOV technology and data line protection guard the surge suppressor and connected electronic equipment against power irregularities and lightning strikes, while EMI/RFI noise filtering reduces frequency interference, effectively improving picture and sound quality in audio/video systems.

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Mod Note: Back in Stock - 9th September 2019 ~10:30am

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    Thanks OP.

  • +2

    good deal, they are $30 on amazon… I hate how all surge boards have USB ports these days, they are always on and cant be switched off

  • +3

    Good price. Two for $30.60.

    • How'd you get it for $30.60? Coming up as $34.00 for me with code 'PEGASUS'.

      • No longer cheaper for 2 or 3 (it was crossed out in the OP this morning).

        • Ah too slow… I'll just buy 1 then

  • +1

    Thank you OP!

  • +2

    Nice, Just got one to go with my new PC! Thanks

  • +4

    Was just about to buy then bam! Out of stock. :(

  • +4

    Damn good deal.
    Wish it had individual switches.

    • same here…
      I am still looking these type of powerboard but with individual switches..

      would anyone actually use the one master switch in real life?
      it seems pretty useless to me..

      I have many times needed to individually turn off devices but
      have never needed to switch all devices off at once with a single switch..

      • I got one of these for $10 from COTD probably 5 years ago, and it's still going strong.

        • yeap I also got one of those from COTD and still going as well..

          I want to buy another one but they seem to no longer stock it anymore..
          It is a shame cos I have not seen any similar design with same features like that brand with individual switches..

          there are those cheaper jackson and hpm white powerboards
          but those are not the same black design like these and no lights in the switches or usb etc.

        • That's not the one that was recalled?

          • @nfr: YES IT WAS…..
            I got my money back as I had to cut the cord and send them the photo

            • @shanty: I contacted Product Safety at that time and was told only Connexia55023 (black) marked with date stamp 04/15 was recalled. The one I got has date stamp 09/14, which is fine.

      • Surge specs are turd.

  • Shame it is so bulky and no quick charge.

    • +4

      most people buy this probably only interested in using it for the power plugs
      and usb charge is just a bonus extra..

      for quick charge people would use their own chargers…

      these powerboards were design a long time ago when quick charge was not that mainstream yet..
      and I don't think the manufacturer are too concern about updating the design to include quick charge..

  • +6

    doesnt post to the N.T anyways, my FOMO moment is alleviated.

  • +1

    Thanks OP managed to get 3 before they sold out.

    Worked out to $14.45 each!!

  • still showing stock for me @9:59pm 07/09

  • Yep they are back in stock same deal as before, just picked up 2 thanks OP!

  • Bought 2. Thanks all

  • Back in stock

  • Back in stock

    Edit beaten by above posts :)

  • OOS again!

  • +1

    ozbargained again and again

  • Hi guys, how is this compared to the Belkin?

    • direct from a ebay review: very light plastic feel - not the Belkin standard in that aspect but seems to do the job. single switch is fine as other unit I have with individual switches lights up like an Xmas tree when the lights go off. good long cord.

      • Thanks mate. Ordered the last two as it was back in stock. Still have my Belkin backordered from Amazon. Might keep both.

  • +2

    Back in stock again!
    Looks like there is no longer the discount for buying more than one though.

  • OOS

  • About to buy but out of stock

  • Back in stock but code expired

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