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Groupon - 15% off Sitewide (Stack with 15% Cashback @ ShopBack)


15% cashback @ Shopback (was 5%)

Max discount $40. Other terms and conditions apply. You must click through ShopBack first in order for the code to work.

Other deals -

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Referral: random (1320)

Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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  • this is almost the same as 10% sitewide + 20% cashback a week ago

    • With the frequency of groupon sitewide deals appearing, I seriously think the business is gonna be gone soon.

      • It has been like this for last 1 year

        • Yeah, I think the business model is not gonna work any more after all the sellers realise that Groupon won’t do what they expected. It won’t bring customers that keeps coming back, most are just taking advantages of discount and shop somewhere else next time. I have mostly never gone back to any business after using voucher except for some really good ones.

      • which business…the food eateries or the groupon? Food eateries use this as a write of for tax purposes.

  • I guess promo code is not activated yet.

    "Please sign in with the account associated with this code to receive a discount."


    Didn’t work for me

  • I really wish they wouldn’t do this thing where there are surprise discounts every thirty minutes. I’m not interested in continually going back In to see if the discount applies to me. It’s disrespectful of our time. If they wanted us to come back, they’d tell us so we could decide and make a point if it. I am not going to frantically check back, only to find that there is an extra 10% on some product I have no interest in. I upvoted this deal because I appreciate notice that I can get a bit under 30% off Groupon. But I oppose this practice of bullshit surprise discounts that you have to check on every thirty minutes.

    • Yeah, the deal is only really useful if you had something in mind. For me it's a waste of time going in aimlessly and trying to find something decent in such a short time

      The thing that pisses me off most is when they do something like "15% off" in the first half but then "20% off" later in the promo

  • Code Sb15 for 15% off site wide on Groupon not working

    • +1 vote

      Hey Mamajo,

      We’re working on getting this fixed with Groupon this morning. I’ll message back as soon as it’s back up and running.


      • SB15 working now.

        Ok, working for some stuff, not all.

      • Hey I have got cashback missing from Ali express 20%. Tried to get in contact with one of your reps, provided everything that she asked for and no reply whether its been fixed or acknowledgement from last 2 weeks.

      • Hi is there is any limit on cash back .i know groupon discount is max $40.
        Do i get 15% off on a travel voucher via groupon??

  • HeyYou !!!

  • We should not complain if there is discount, otherwise pay full price, voteoften.

    • If ShopBack’s goal is to drive traffic, they’d get more if they announce the deals that will be available. For example, I’m sure some people have already decided what, if anything, they will buy from book depository. I’m not going to sit around all night, hoping that one of these deals will appeal to me. There’s a possibility I might buy something if I know the deals. As i don’t, there is zero chance I will buy something, making them money,. It’s a cynical promotion as they are suggesting we dedicate our time to a sale that may be crap to us. It would be more respectful to simply tell us the deals in advance.

  • $9.99 shipping kills most of the deals for sub $100 physical items.

  • Economy must be bad. It is raining discounts!

  • SB15 Code is working now.

  • Not working for me on a car wash. Offered 10% off instead. Bait and switch meant I said NO to buying.

  • Everyone knows economy is not doing well.

  • Not working for me

  • Is there a limit to how many times the codes can be used? It says I reached the limit?!

  • Code still not working?

  • Unfortunately not working for me at the moment, has hit limit

  • Code now works for me

  • Works now, seems they have changed it to App only.
    "Sorry, this code can’t be applied—it’s only valid while using a specific app. Check the code’s rules."

  • What's the highest discount it has been for Gorupon? Lost track now..

  • Thanks OP!

  • Getting "Sorry, this code can’t be applied—it’s only valid while using a specific app. Check the code’s rules."

  • I purchased a deal through computer website, works for me

    • Me too, I purchased a voucher at 1:03pm via their app with no issues.

      Seems to be working now

  • Discount code can only be used once? anyone else confirm this?

  • If this code can only be used via App…then is stacking with Shopback possible?

  • Could be a silly question, but shopback is still valid even if paid by paypal right?

  • not working for me either

  • Not working.

    You had one job, Groupon…

  • 30% flash sale, why didn't i wait til now… sigh

  • well that was annoying buying at 15% cashback now that its 30% cashback with the flash sale!

  • was that the best groupon deal ever?
    15% + 30% cashback? damn

  • Shame missed the 30% cash back..

  • When does it end?

  • Didn't see this mentioned anywhere but there's a 2 use limit on the code per account, I guess that's what the "other terms and conditions" imply as I even tried looking for this information beforehand. If I knew this I would've bought the more expensive stuff first to get more value out of it :(

    • Weird, a user also mentioned that earlier but I was able to use it once in the morning on the app and then twice on desktop during the flash sale. Stupidly did the more expensive purchase in the morning though 😑

  • EDIT: nvm - they did cashback at 7%, not 15%. Purchase made 11pm last night but tracking email came through at 1am. I’ve contacted them.

    Could someone kindly explain how the cashback figure is calculated?

    I bought a travel deal which came down to $309 after the SB15 15% code was applied. Deal was originally $349 so the max discount of $40 was applied bringing it down to $309.

    I understood cashback is on amount excluding GST? So $309/1.1 is $280.90. 15% cashback on $280.90 should be $42.13, right?

    I got a tracking email earlier saying that $21.63 got tracked. I’m confused.

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