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10pm - Uniqlo 30% | 30 Mins Flash Sales - eBay AU $5 Cashback ($1 Min Spend) 9pm | The Iconic 30% 7pm @ ShopBack


5pm - Lululemon 30%
6pm - Groupon 30%
7pm - The Iconic 30%
8pm - Boohoo 30%
9pm - eBay $5 cashback (min $1 spend) T&Cs Via shopback app only
10pm - Uniqlo 30%

Advice from store rep re eBay deal -

you need to do is click via the ShopBack App between 9pm - 9.30pm 10:00pm to be eligible for the offer. If you fill your cart before this you'll need to re-click between 9pm - 9.30pm to activate the offer otherwise you'll just get 1% cashback.

This is limited to one $5 cashback per person.

Just saw this article which has some details about the flash sales that Shopback will be having this evening. Each flash sale will be for 30 minutes.

Those looking to add new electronics to the home can visit online marketplace eBay where shoppers can expect $5 cash back on all purchases.
The cashback offer is in addition to potential savings offered by retailer's on eBay.

18/9: Update regarding eBay tracking, see here

20/9: Further updating regarding tracking, see here. "The issue has now been resolved and you should have received tracking for eBay purchases from the 9th. Those eliglble for the $5 bonus offer will have the bonus credited by end of day 23rd September."

Referral Links

Referral: random (4044)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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      • +1

        Thanks for taking the time to reply

      • Uniqlo getting extended to 11 or nah? Just missed out :(

  • +1 to SB for the ebay deal.

    Dumb that the ebay app would not allow me to add an item to my cart. There was only a "buy now" option as the item was in my purchase history.

  • +1

    No Aliexpress or Amazon. Doh

  • +4

    Would like to say shopback has been almost always on point with tracking my purchases. Even today, my groupon purchase tracked at 30% a few minutes later after I purchased. Also a big thanks to @gotyourback for assisting promptly on the rare occasions my purchases weren't tracked

    • +++++
      Just hope they stay around after giving all this money away

      • Was just in Singapore. Seems like shopback is a part of everyday life there. Can probably assume they’ll stay around, although I saw like 10 different payment methods each with some perk of some sort.

  • is Uniqlo the final flash sale?

    • +1

      Yes, nothing else listed on the website after 10pm.

  • I ended up buying via Iconic, BooHoo & Uniqlo!

    I was tempted to buy the Ultra light jacket for $99, but ended up with a few other items.

    Shopback is KILLING ME!

    Not looking forward to Black Friday sales!

  • Hi rep, my order is stuck on "Submitting order information…" which is the final step of the checkout. If it goes through after 10:30pm, will it still get the 30% cashback?

    It's been sitting like that since 10:28pm.

    • +1

      I had the same problem and then error message eventually came up - could not process transaction. So I assume hasn't gone through and its too late now…

      • Looks like the OzBargain train has shifted its attention to Uniqlo! We're really unwitting server load testers aren't we, fess up Shopback ;)

    • same! But when I check my inbox it had gone through.

    • +1

      On this occason we've set a small buffer in our backend to issue 30% if the order somehow gets through a few minutes after 10.30pm.

      • Much appreciated, thank you

      • Hi Gotyourback, I had confirmed payment of an item in The Iconic around 7:28pm and was stuck on the processing payment screen for a number of minutes. I then got purchase confirmation via email at 7:36PM. Does this (sadly!) mean I miss out on the cashback?

        • Hi Sploots, similar case here, we also set a buffer for THE ICONIC.

  • Thanks for expanding that to 10pm

  • +4

    Couldn't make a purchase at Uniqlo by 10:30 pm, website was extremely slow.

    • Same, paypal took ages to link back to the uniqlo page :(

  • +3

    I made an eBay purchase but it doesn't seem to have been tracked?

    • Tracked the click or track for the purchase? Tracking can take up to 4 days.

  • Got error processing payment and didn't go through. And now past cut off.

  • System stalled in last couple minutes so couldn't finish purchase!

  • Summited order at 10.28 and paypal transition completed at 10.30.23, Can I get cashback?

    • +1

      Yes that's okay.

  • Had some processing delays, bought in the last few minutes but payment went through around 10:33pm. Would I still qualify for cashback, or I should cancel my order?

    • +2

      Small buffer set so you should be all good.

      • The app still says 30%. Can i still buy now or it's over?

        It wouldn't process payment at 10.27pm

        • Unfortunately it's definitely over now so you might need to close and reopen your app to see the correct rate.

          • @gotyourback: Very strange. Even after closing, still let's me click through at 30%. Guess just won't be honoured.

          • @gotyourback: Still showing at 30% Cashback for me too, even after clearing cache. Not going to order though, shopback seems to have regular issues with missing cashbacks and misleading info.

  • Hi gotyourback, I used the app before 10:22 pm and went through the Uniqlo site (the shopback app still showed i30% off) but my transaction was successful after 20 minutes after that due to slowness of the site.
    Do I still eligible for 30% cashback?

    Please advise.


  • Can we expect flash sales of this sort in the near future? Due to poor connection with the site i did not manage to process my purchase on Iconic.

  • Hey gotyourbavk, I did 2 purchases on different Amazon accounts the other day. 1 was tracked and the other hasn't been? Should it be tracked by now?

    • Hi princess_nik_nak,

      Sounds like it should've tracked. After 4 days though, you may wish to use the "Report a Missing Cashback" button in your click history if it still hasn't shown up and then we can follow it up for you.

  • Shopback did a few 30% Cashbacks a month ago, so I assume they'll do more down the line.

    My last one through Iconic took 2 days to show, so I'm not expecting any of these to show for at least 2 days.

    Thanks Shopback!

  • I put my order in at 2302. Managed to get shopback, so all hope is not lost!

  • Made an order through The Iconic @ 7:22pm, haven't received any shopback email.
    Anyone experiencing similar?

    • I also have not received the shopback email.

      • +1

        As mentioned above, last deal took 2 days to arrive.

  • Placed 2 separate orders for lululemon, does anyone know if this means that I'll be able to get the 30% cashback for both orders (with $40 capped each), or will the cashback be capped at $40 regardless?

    • It's capped at $40 as far as I know.

      • Thanks for the reply, I asked because when they did the special Amazon double cashback with cap, they did mention that the cap would be applied separately on different purchases.
        Sent them an email and waiting on the answer still.

        • I got notification for Uniqlo/Boohoo but Iconic can take up to 2 days

  • +2

    Clicked during eBay $5 off, but haven't received any email?

    • +4

      I have been having issues with tracking too. My Amazon order didnt track, similar to this person. And looks like my $5 ebay transaction hasn't either.

      • +1

        Mine has not tracked, but I have faith in ShopBack to eventually pull thru.

        On a number of occasions it’s been slow to track, or credit, but usually it works out.

        So I’m hoping it does again, but I do find SB is slow on tracking and confirming. But just wait.

        Dear sb, hope you don’t prove me wrong!

  • The iconic was tracked but I didn’t receive 30% Cashback

    • Mine hasn't tracked yet, I filed missing cashback! Iconic is always slow, but mine didn't track anything at all so I know it's on their end!

      • +1

        Mine did not get track too. I brought something via ebay. Using Shopback's rep's ebay link.

  • So annoyed about the $5 cashback (no fault of ShopBack) - the merchant I bought from was selling a USB baby bottle warmer for $4 or so (this item appears to be a generic item sold by lots of sellers) which is great, but now they've said they are unable to ship it due to "security issue" and have offered to refund me instead. Damn, I wish I had bought from another seller.

  • Does anyone know how long until I can withdraw my Shopback Iconic funds?

  • +1

    Have anybody got their eBay purchase tracked? ($1 min spend to get $5 cashback)

    I understand it can take upto 4 days but last time I purchased it got tracked on the 2nd day…

    • +3

      Not tracked yet.

      • +1

        Same, mine has not tracked yet.

        • +1

          Not tracked yet

        • Same here, eBay still not tracked as Friday afternoon

    • nope

    • Same here, still have not tracked.

    • In the same boat and boats don't track.

    • Nope

    • My transaction is not yet tracked as well and neither did my wife's :(

    • Just came here to check and nope not tracked either.

    • Not tracked yet for all the order like groupon and ebay on that day

    • Nothing here either whilst other stores have been tracked

    • Not tracked yet

    • You guys realise you can go to your Click throughs in the the app and report missing cashback for the eBay click right?

    • +9

      Hi all,

      We currently give eBay a 5 day window for orders to track but we can confirm that orders for the 9th have not tracked on our end yet either. We've sent a query to eBay on the delay and they've confirmed that the transaction data is there on their side however they need a bit more time to push the data from their systems to our side.

      In the mean time we'd recommend waiting it out a bit longer and there won't be need to submit a missing cashback claim yet. If there's a need for everyone to submit a claim we'll definitely update here/send out an email to all those potentially affected.

      • Just got your email about this! Thanks for the heads up :)

        • I haven't received any email about it?

          so do I continue to wait longer?

          I got a tracked notice for 11/09 ebay purchase but not for 09/09.

      • Thanks good to know

      • +5

        Hi all, wanted to put in a follow up now as we were expecting a resolution on this case by the end of today, however it appears we'll need some more time.

        Just wanted to confirm that transactions have indeed tracked on eBay's side and they have sent us over a list of eligible transactions, however we're missing some information that's required to match it back to individual accounts. We're now following up with our partner network to help pass on that info to us. At this stage, there's still no need to submit a missing cashback claim. We'll update and send out an email if you are required to so.

        Really sorry for the delay with this but we'll keep you posted on this as soon as things progress.

        • +3

          Good news! The issue has now been resolved and you should have received tracking for eBay purchases from the 9th. Those eliglble for the $5 bonus offer will have the bonus credited by end of day 23rd September.

    • Nope, nothing.

  • For ebay, when will the $5 gets credited to the account?

    • +1

      As per gotyourback's comment:

      The $5 cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 23 September 2019.

  • Has anyone had an issue with having their Groupon order tracked? I've had every other order tracked except for this one…and it's the highest value one (~$40). I'm certain that I followed all the requirements (and realistically only bought because of the 30% cashback plus the SB15). My Groupon receipt was within 3 minutes of clicking the link through. I've lodged a query for it, but only started using ShopBack around a week ago, so I'm just not sure what to expect.

  • +2

    Got Groupon and Uniqlo tracked but nothing for eBay and The Iconic.

  • +3

    jumped through all the hoops and timings for the ebay $5 cashback on 9 September, but nothing has tracked at all. It's now been longer than the rep's promised timeframe of 5 days for tracking to appear…

    • +1

      Wait until after Wednesday 18/9. From Shopback e-mail:

      We apologise for any inconvenience and confusion which you have may experienced. We have received communication your eBay cashback will track and appear in your cashback history by Wednesday 18 September. If there are any expected delays, we will update you promptly.

      • +1

        thanks for the reply. i didn't get any such email. good to know they are communicating updates at least. happy to play ball and wait a few days.

    • TBF, SB never said tracking would appear within 5 days. They said….

      We currently give eBay a 5 day window for orders to track but we can confirm that orders for the 9th have not tracked on our end yet either. We've sent a query to eBay on the delay and they've confirmed that the transaction data is there on their side however they need a bit more time to push the data from their systems to our side.

  • +1

    no ebay purchases pending too. should we submit a missing claim?

  • No cashback from The Iconic tracked. Lodge a click but it is still in investigation. What a horrible promo. Now I have to decide if I should return the item. Anybody else have the same issue with The Iconic? Next time I will just stick with Shopback on Hey and Amazon.

    • same here. Most my higher priced purchases didn't get tracked. Start to lose faith in Shopback :(

    • Mine wasn't tracked, but my other 2 were.

      I logged in like 5 times, so I definitely have the history there lol.

      Just waiting for investigation, bit of a dilemma. ;/

  • +3

    well, it's wed 19/Sep 6pm now, and the ebay $5 is still not yet tracked… makes me a bit worry…

    • +2

      We've just put up a follow up comment here.

      • +1

        Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop

  • +1

    My cashback for eBay is now showing….all 1c of it apparently!

  • Submitted a missing cashback claim for the $5 bonus and the claim has disappeared from my account. What gives?

    • +1

      The $5 cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 23 September 2019.

  • +1

    My cashback is now showing… but $0.10! what the hell?

  • eBay cashback now showing, item price $7.99 but got $0.07, 1c less. :P

  • I got an email just now saying my cashback for Ebay has been tracked for $0. Since it's confirmed does that mean it won't be changed to $5 later?

  • Ahhhh I'll come back on the 23rd if it's not in my account.
    The $0.01 cashback "Woohoo!" made for a good screenshot at least 😂

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