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½ Price Boost Prepaid $20 SIM Kit for $10 (5GB Data), $40 SIM for $20 (45GB) @ Woolworths


Boost prepaid sims half price at woolies.
Just scanned $20 for $10
And $40 for $20

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  • Can these be stacked and apply the dollar amounts to buy another $150 / 12 months plan?

    • In my experience the credit has been tied to the sim card which is included. Worth asking them though.

      • I wonder if one could buy the $40 for $20. Activate the SIM (45GB) and then add the $150 / 12 month / 80gb after 28 days or so. Seeing as you are recharging $30 or more, the data 'should' rollover.

        Total being $170 for 125GB over 13 months.
        … or … $13.08 for 9.6GB per month.

  • If changing to boost would it be worth using this before commitment to 12 month deal. I assume it is easy to transfer?
    $40 plan looks like 45Gb and $20 5Gb
    Website also shows a $30 plan with 35Gb

  • Do they sell 12 months $150 or $300 vouchers? Would be great if they are half price :)

  • I recently moved to boost. Took 8 data for them to port number.

    They have me a month and $30 credit for inconvenience.

  • My port literally took 5 mins or less. Switched from ALDI.

  • I switched from Optus. My SIM was activated in less than 10 minutes which I did via the Boost website. No chat windows / calls / emails required.

  • Does it has the international call included ???

  • so if i buy the $40 sim for $20
    Can i jump on the $30 plan the month after

  • Buyers beware.
    We've waited for nearly a week for porting, keep being told to call the Telstra porting team (which we didn't buy the service from..), having Boost taking no responsibility for the situation. After numerous calls, each having a very long waiting time (~30-50 minutes), being told that it will be sorted within the next 24 hours (again and again), we just gave up and asked for the porting to be cancelled. If you're willing to take your chances, go for it, otherwise, would not recommend at all, until they become more responsive.

  • Anyone know if this deal is still going?

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