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Telstra $65/pm for 12 Months with 60GB & $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (Port in & New Services) @ JB Hi-Fi


$400 voucher is being advertised but Westfield Chatswood is throwing in an extra $100 and making it $500. Today and tomorrow only I was told.

Mod: Note that the OP is associated with JB Hi-Fi and posted the deal for Westfield Chatswood only, however comments indicate that it's available Australia wide. Check with your local store. Deal updated.

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  • Wow. The kickback they get from Telstra must be insane.

    • They transferred some high level telstra employee to oversee this campaign about 2 years ago along with $21 million to help boost sales.

  • Great deal BTW

  • Good deal, very nice.

  • I wonder if any other JB's will match this

    • Confirmed - called JB HiFi Geelong. Explained this deal, and confirmed twice on the phone call about the $500 GC. He even said "today and tomorrow only".

      • Same at JB galeries Victoria. Just signed up

        • Called jb Ballarat and the girl was adamant that it didn't exist and only mentioned the $45/m $200 gift card combo.

          I'm going to get off work early tomorrow and hopefully try and explain this then. Anything I should be asking for, is it advertised as per the $400 gift card deal that was posted?

          If someone could take a snap or advise of a store rep from an alternate Vic store, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    • Just checked with Brisbane JB store, they are going to match it today

    • Would also like to know - Melbourne stores?

    • I ported 2 today at Roxburgh Park JBHIFI, all good. But to get gift card make sure phone is with you. I left one at home so I have to wait until I get home and activate the SIM before I get one of the gift cards. So today that’s a total of $1000, woo hoo now hunting for a TV.

  • Guess all JB shops match this deal

  • Im sure i saw this at JB hurstville last week

  • Well they make ANOTHER $200 of you when you spend the Gift Card on one of their items :)

  • Net cost - $23.33 per month. Insane compared to normal Telstra pricing.

  • Hmm, how long does it take to port out of Telstra before signing up for this deal?

    • Also curious on this.

      • Lots of threads covering this but in short, try not to make it obvious where you port out and then port in on the same day.

        They did ask me have I recently been with Telstra and the word "recently" is quite relative so feel free to say no.

        But I found that when I said I was with Optus and their service was unacceptable for my business/work needs, they didn't ask me any further.

        • I think they ask you if you’ve been with telstra so they can find your details on the system. The guy asked me that question and my answer was “i am now, my home internet is with telstra”. He was happy i made his job easier.

        • I did this too, but then when it went to Telstra transfer team to keep my number, it failed as they said I was a Telstra customer days ago.

          • @onlinepred: I was never transferred to the Telstra transfer team on this occasion.

            However, 12 months ago, when I first got into JB Hifi deal for the first time, they did transfer me to the transfer team. I was literally on the phone with the lady who explained the T&C and stuff.

            This time, it was nothing. Just straight process at JB and nothing else.

      • Seems to vary so much.
        I ported my phone out to Optus in the morning and was able to port back in to Telstra at lunch no questions asked.

        I think it did help that I had another service still with Telstra so I still had an active account.

        • I did this during the last $500 gift card deal. Even though he knew I was just porting back to get the gift card the guy at JB was happy to help, however when he was trying to put it through he ran into some problems that wouldn't let him proceed. He told me that during the porting process there are multiple steps to port a number and a majority are automated and done immediately on the spot, but one or two require a person to verify so I just came back the next day and completed the deal then.

          • @Elderlymango: This makes sense.

            Usually Porting doesnt happen on a Sunday but with Telstra it just happened within 5 minutes on Sunday.

            Must be some automation in place. Random checks by human may reject those who would have been accepted if it was automatically processed.

    • When I attempted to do this a month ago, 30 days was enforced on me by my local JB Hi-fi. I had 6 days to go apparently, and had to wait the 6 days. I didn't tell them how long I had been ported out of Telstra, so whoever was on the other side of the phone (I assume Telstra) blocked it from happening.

      • Interesting.

      • can confirm that the portal they use to log into telstra specifies the last date a specific number was with Telstra

        so if the JB staff wants to give you a hard time, they can

        But if they don't care then they will just process for you

      • I went to two different stores, both of them pulled up my details on the system and discovered I had porter out yesterday. Said I needed to wait 28 days. If they match your name to your customer profile, they will be able to see all of your past services.

    • Did this recently. Tried to port back in 7 days after porting out and was told I need to wait 28 days.

      • Thanks for the info. I'm not sure if its worth the risk. I could get stuck on some crappy prepaid and miss the deal.

        • The voucher deal comes up all the time. Worst case you have to spend a few months on a different network.

  • Sorry to be this guy - but whats the trick to port out to able to port in?

    • Buy Optus Prepaid sim from Coles ($30 sim card is for $15), Activate it by going to https://www.optus.com.au/activate.

      Use existing Telstra number, it will take 5 to 10 mins.

      Visit JB and get the deal

      Good luck

      • I thought you had to be ported out for one month?

        • Worked for me, i only ported out for 2 hours

          • @Sulpu: Were you on prepaid before signing up this deal? I assume you need to pay out your fees if you were still on a plan with Telstra before porting out?

            • @teeshiu: Of course you have to pay out your early termination fees. These come in the form of a final bill from Telstra when you port out.

            • @teeshiu: I was with Telstra from 8 years, ported to optus and 2 hours later went to local jb and joined Telstra again with Gift card

              • @Sulpu: How long did it take for the port?

                • @theguyrules: WIth optus only 5 mins, dont go for cheaper carriers like Lebara, Boost, Catch etc as porting out is hard and might takes upto 24 hours

                  • @Sulpu: Yeah sorry I meant for Optus to Telstra.
                    Telstra out to Optus was insanely fast! I'm waiting on Optus back to Telstra now, the guys at the store said it may take longer due to the fact I just ported.

                    • @theguyrules: Telstra to Catch was around 5 minutes late at night.
                      Catch to Kogan was around 15 minutes also late at night (this was initially after finding out that Catch doesn't register your DOB properly, so had to call up to get that corrected, after that it was fast).
                      Kogan back to Telstra was at least 3 days for one and 4 days for the other…

    • I just did it last week for the $500 off a handset deal (80gb, $65pm, 24mo contract)

      Bought an Aldi sim for $5 and ported away from Telstra, which took 20min. Then walked straight into JB and ported back

    • Move your number to a prepaid sim then port back into Telstra.

      Note: you will have to wait 30 days to port back in for this deal as the guys at JB will check your port in number when they sign you up for the plan. I asked why and they said they lose out on the commission/profit etc. and get a load of shit from their manager if Telstra finds out the customer has been on the network before the 30 days

    • Thanks all

  • So can i delay the activation date to say December this year?

  • I guess the $500 gift card can be used on the new iPhone when it gets released?

  • Is it unlimited download shaped at 1.5 after 60GB? If it is this might work out to be around $25-$30/m for 60GB. Might be better value than $15/5GB unlimited month to month if you need the faster speed.

    • Jb never have international or pom included. Then you go on online chat be like omg i just realised it doesnt have pom data change to telstras plan cancel after the month.

      Enjoy your fraud.

  • I hardly can't finish my 5 GB a month. What do people do with 60GB?

    • We signed up for the $15/5GB on Sunday and used 2.5GB immediately after a couple of ipad updates. 5GB doesn't get you far.

      • I’ve got those $15/5gb sims in my kids iPads. Works well enough at capped speeds. Netflix/Stan and YouTube in SD is all they need.

        • Exactly the same reason we got it now. We had the 200GB plan for 9 months and it never lasts half a month each month. On some Saturdays the kids and wife would burn 25GB in a day! We literally turn off the modem on weekdays until Friday evening after school. As a bonus we have Telstra Air in full signal in our place.

    • Use USB/wifi tethering to connect your phone to PC as a modem

    • I used 60 gig in 7 days streaming netflix to my tv.

    • I comfortably use 13-15GB a month. I have 20GB and have never reached the cap, so see no reason for more to be honest.

    • Youtube/netflix on the bus to/from work. It's nice not having to worry about data caps.

    • some people don’t have NBN. If you need to tether and upload/download it can save your ass in a lot of situations.

    • Some have kids who watch youtube/netflix. 200-450mb per show drains 60gb quite quickly over 30 days.

      Some use as a hotspot,

      if you have an android device, you can utorrent Bluray copies much quicker than normal internet.

      plenty of reasons.

    • I an only guess they watch a lot of media while being away from home - or not connecting to home internet at all.

    • Watch 3D HD prawns


    Now you are not the only person who know this.

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    How can we prove to other JB Hifi that Chatswood JB give $500 gift card instead of $400 advertised?

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