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250GB Mobile Broadband Sim 12 Month Contract Plan for $59.90/Month @ Jeenee Mobile


Plan Details:
- 250GB Data
- $12.37 Setup fee
- Excess data usage charge: $10/GB

Note: Uses the Optus Network

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  • $20 per month cheaper at Exetel (Have never used them)

    Please Note: 12/1 Mbps speed for Exetel. Jeenee Mobile doesn't mention any speeds.

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      Not Cheaper. These plans are not speed limited according to rep:

      these new Mobile Broadband plans are not speed limited in any way and are capable of streaming multiple connections and 4K Netflix too

    • it shows as $69/month for me,how can I get it for $39?

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    This is a seriously good alternative to nbn

    A RSP like AussieBB have a 25/5 250GB plan for $59 no contract. Considering this is Optus, who knows what the speeds will be, at least with AussieBB you can basically be guaranteed that speed 24/7. You’d have to have a very poor FTTN line to not be able to get at least 25/5, but can and does happen I guess.

    Also let’s not forget this great money earner for them:

    Data Data will be counted in kilobytes, and includes both uploads and downloads. Once you’ve used your monthly Data Allowance, you’ll automatically be charged $10.00 for an additional 1GB Top Up (for that month). A maximum of 5 Top Ups per month can be added in any billing month after which you’ll be charged at a rate of $0.02 per MB.

    F**k that. So blow through your 250GB and then it can end up being $109.90 for 255GB!? Not a very good deal now is it?

    Also something else you should be aware of:

    Please note that Jeenee Mobile receives information regarding usage of your included Data Allowance up to 24 hours after you accrue it.
    Therefore we may not be able to immediately warn you about heavy usage.

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      I signed up to the optus 200GB sim plan last year I think and I am getting these type of speeds 24/7:

      This is so much better than 25/5 250GB plan from AussieBB

      To prevent me from going over the limit I use a router with custom firmware called Gargoyle Router Management Utility. It will completely stop or slow down my internet once I hit a predefined bandwidth limit.

      • Impressive! Which router are you using?

        • Linksys WRT AC3200

          • @triviums: I mean for 4G connection.

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              @AUsedname: Oh, Netgear Nighthawk M2

              • @triviums: does setup required for the 4g modem ?

                or just pop in the sim and works straightaway like mobile phone

                • @phunkydude: You can use it in your mobile phone, there is no need for a 4G Modem if you don't want to get one.

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        Well done, for you. Problem with cellular is that it’s all over the place with speeds and coverage based on so many variables. Optus at my place can barely crack 10Mbps, yet my max FTTN sync is 120Mbps.

        And that speed with a 250GB limit that charges $10/GB excess? LOL.


        To prevent me from going over the limit I use a router with custom firmware called Gargoyle Router Management Utility. It will completely stop or slow down my internet once I hit a predefined bandwidth limit.

        So to save yourself from outrageous excess usage charges, you’d rather just go without a home internet connection for day/s at a time? What a time to be alive. Enjoy that whilst the majority of us can use our connections whenever we want to.

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          Congratulations on winning the nbn lotto with getting a really good sync.

          Yes, mobile reception can vary from person to person. Same thing can be said for the nbn experience one will have on fixed wireless nbn, skymuster, fttn, fttb, fttp, fttc and hfc nbn. Not every gets as good of a sync as you do.

          I have never gone over my 200GB limit. The bandwidth limit is just a fail-safe in case I do. If I ever do happen to go over, I will just pick up one of these:

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              If you’re stuck on FW or Skymuster then I’m doubtful you’d be in an area with good Optus speeds, and it’s not like Optus give you any indication of coverage/speeds you’ll get before you sign up

              I set up Optus for my parents who are stuck in a FW location and the speeds are always well in excess of what I can achieve with FTTN and often it exceeds 100Mbs. That is testing it in the evening at what I would consider to be peak time. In fact their speeds destroyed my Telstra phone speed tests. It really is a lottery but for them, going mobile broadband with Optus was the superior option.

          • @triviums: That is rich, talking about an NBN "lotto" when singing the praises of 4G, a technology that has an extremely variable speed due to the fact it is a shared medium.

            • @Namesareapain: Yes, I could have worded it better to say that we both won the internet connection lotto. @Porthos on getting a really good sync and me getting a really good 4G speed and I apologise for that.

  • Can the Sim be used in a phone without buying the modem.

    • Info page says nothing about buying a modem, so I assume it's a sim only plan

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    The excess charges are a concern to me.

  • For those concerned about excess data charges, activate a $4.90 40GB Catch Connect SIM midway through the month and you can use it across 2 billing months. If you still don't think that's enough, maybe this plan's not for you.

    • Can you please explain how this works?

      • they don’t bill for 1/2 month prorata only whole, months , so only bills from the start of a billing cycle ….i’ve found this with some sim services ( telstra cheapie brand) you can get get 27 days free if you start the day after a billing cycle ….and 2 nd month you get full bill.
        found this when getting sim for someone else and activating it and asking online when bill starts…..i,personally am on prepaid as too busy to sim slut.

      • Let's say your Jeenee plan starts on the first of each month. On September 20th, you get close to 250GB. Activate a Catch SIM and you can use it for the rest of September and the beginning of October, then put your Jeenee SIM back in your modem.

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    Some people missing the point in this thread. NBN roll-out isn't finished yet, some people don't have NBN.

    My particular anecdote… I've moved into a new development in an area stuck in HFC NBN hell. No ADSL, no NBN, only option is mobile broadband. Telstra hellishly expensive with limited downloads, so that leaves Optus.

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      Yes, this is good value for full speed Optus 4G. Optus have changed their data and wireless broadband plans for the worst. For comparison, it's now $65 for 200GB.

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      Exactly my situation.

      No nbn or adsl. Only mobile broadband.

      And yes there are excess charges etc but I guess it just means I have to monitor my internet usage. 🤷‍♂️

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