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$20USD in Stellar Lumens on Keybase.io for Being a Member


Every month until the money runs out keybase.io will be giving all of its users $20USD in the crypto-currency Stellar.

Please use the Private Messaging system to PM me if you require an invite. (I believe I have 1000 invites).

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    Note to qualify for the XLM airdrop, you'll need to have joined keybase before 9/9/19 OR connect your account to a GitHub or HackerNews account registered before 9/9/19.


      Do you have to use the app to connect the GitHub account, couldnt see where on the account page to add it


      Note to qualify for the XLM airdrop, you'll need to have joined keybase before 9/9/19.


      The OP neglected to mention this very crucial restriction.

      I wish it was easier to reverse a '+' vote. I tend to get excited & click '+' without reading the conditions carefully. :-(

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    oops.. beaten to it above.

    Sucks that we didn't know about this before the deadline. Don't have an account for either GitHub or HackerNews.

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    worth signing up for a github account for hacktoberfest. you can get a free t-shirt and stickers for making 4 github pull requests


    Damn. I wasn't eligble, because I didn't have Keybase on 3 different systems.
    Guess I'll wait for next month…

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      You don't need it on three devices. It can be just your phone and two paper keys


    Um can we have a referral link thing going here, seems kind of unfair for OP to point all sign ups their way without an alternative option…


    UPDATE #2 September 16: HackerNews and GitHub were both under attack by bad actors who hoped to game this by stealing other users' accounts. In cooperation with both of those sites, we've halted Space Drop registration for anyone who wasn't a Keybase user before Sept. 9. SDF and Keybase will discuss, while whining and moaning, how this giveaway can continue. (COME ON PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET, STOP SUCKING SO MUCH!)

    not surprised this happened. people are eternally disappointing with their selfishness and greed.

    this should probably be marked expired since new registrations won't qualify for the time being. hopefully the giveaway won't end so prematurely.

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