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Microsoft Surface Dock $269.00 @ The Good Guys


Not a huge discount, but I've been keeping an eye on Surface Dock prices for a while now and it almost never seems to go on special.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Damm these things are expensive even when their on special.

  • International Product through Amazon Global Store for $224.97 (Free shipping with Prime)

  • +4 votes

    Ridiculously overpriced. Get a USB hub for a tenth of the price which does about the same thing.

    • Overpriced, yes. But the ability to connect to external displays, use Ethernet, have 4 USB 3.0 ports AND charge a Surface device all from one box is incredibly convenient.

      • Still overpriced. Not even USB C, so literally only for the current laptop.

        • Still works for 9 devices, and is clearly a specialised product - that's why it's the Surface Dock and not the Microsoft Dock.

          I've definitely got my money's worth with mine.

          • @igunth27: Yep, and they win, as when they upgrade next surface to USB C, they will release a new dock! And more money!!! I mean I'd hope you got your money's worth, being that most laptops can do this far cheaper right? It's like buying an iPhone and finding it not only doesn't have a 3.5mm socket, but it doesn't even come with an adaptor. Many laptops have these ports built in, and don't require a $300 adaptor, just a usb c hub for multiple monitors.

    • While they do almost the same thing, they don't really. This is also an ethernet and video adapter for two additional screens. While it still might not be considered good value, it definitely is useful to be able to easily plug in and go for all your desk attachments. The Surface has very few ports, so this is almost a must for desk use.

      This is of course coming from someone who got one for free from work!

      • Yeah, I agree with @pdtmathieson. Not really the same thing at all.

      • -2 votes

        Sure it’s handy. But still really overpriced. It’s a product that suits very few people. Most don’t need multiple monitor support or Ethernet.

        What’s lacking for many is multiple USB ports. That’s it.

        • I disagree with that - biggest users of these machines is corporates, no one in their right mind will use one of these at a desk without additional screens. Corporates also don't really care about the price, they want something that is simple for users with no idea to plug into, and this ticks the boxes.

  • I have this at work and if you want to connect 2 monitors, it's an absolute pain… Was keen to get one but Street using at work, I've given up on the surface to be used with multiple screens

    • Have you updated the firmware on the dock?

      I have lots at work all running dual screens fine.

      Surface Pro (5th gen).

    • Out of curiosity, are you trying to connect two 4k monitors through this with a Surface Book?

    • Mine works perfectly fine with two screens, I plug in and out about ten times a day with no issues.

    • Looking at the comments above, it seems I might have older firmware. I'll ask the tech guys if they can update the firmware. A number of us at work hate it as it keeps losing connection.

      • I'm running two displays as well without any issues.

        The biggest thing is to make sure you have active adapters because passive adapters will always be finicky when it comes to (mini)DP > HDMI.

      • I occasionally have one of my screens flick out, but it comes back on. Happens a couple of times a day, but only for a few seconds each time.

  • if i were you i'd wait for the October microsoft event. Im expecting a new Surface Pro with a USB Type-C port

    • Well, that doesn't help you if you already have an existing Surface.

      • yeah my bad, i guess my comment is directed towards those who are on the fence on getting a surface device (like me)

    • All current surfaces dont' have usb c haha.

    • If they do, I'm going to cry having bought an SP6 to replace my old SP4 which bit the dust in May, including splashing for one of those portable Batpower batteries for long flights. That USB-C adapter was ridiculously overpriced and chunky.

      • They did halve the price on the USB-C adapter to $55 AU which seems not too horrible.

        If they cut the dock price in half to $150ish I'll be all over it. Till then I'll just stick to plugging in multiple cables.

  • Not sure if allowed but i have one im looking to sell. $150 if anyone is interested.

  • The Surface Connect to USB-C Adapter (AU$54.99) https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/surface-connect-to-usb-c-a... opens up your options for USB C docks.

    A comparable dock from Dell like the D-6000 is currently discounted to AU$241.41 https://www.dell.com/en-au/work/shop/dell-universal-dock-d60...

    So at $269 the Microsoft Dock looks like good value.

    I've used both with the Surface Pro 4 and while they both work quite well the Surface Dock now seems to have an edge in reliability (docking/undocking not flipping out display and devices), but the Surface Dock Update was a must to get it to a reliable state.


  • I’ve deployed fleets of Microsoft Surface units, and this is the dock I swear by:

    It offers all the features of Microsoft’s docks, it can be bought for far less than Dell’s web price:
    http://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=dell+d3100&... (Normally goes for around $170, but have seen them as low as $140 last year)

    • I have one of those 3100 Dell Docks. I dunno, I always experienced lag while running 1 x 1440p and 2 x 1080p monitors. Almost to the point of it being a unusable….

  • -1 vote

    I have over hundred at work. One word crap
    Surface is good machine let down by crappy dock.
    Google problems in using them with dual screens.
    Also will not charge when Surface totally dead.
    Go for either Dell or toshy docks. they both work well

    • Have they all been through the Surface Dock Update as others have said?

      I dont want to buy one if it still has problems despite the update

  • I recently sold mine, just was a pain with my SB2. Especially waking from sleep, it wouldn't connect to the monitors, or monitor 1/2/SB would all be switched around.
    Was running latest firmware so I don't know what was going on, it would work well for a while then shit itself.
    Bought a Dell D6000 and has been flawless and works with both my SB2 and work MBP.

  • We have these for work. Whilst I haven't had any issues with running dual screens with the latest firmware, my Surface Pro 6 suffers from the CPU throttling bug. Supposedly this is due to a firmware released to the Surface a couple of months ago. The dock signals the Surface to throttle the CPU to 400Mhz as it thinks it's over heating.

    IMHO, the Surface is an overpriced POS.

  • I've had no problems with the Dock (even with outdated firmware) ever since I upgraded to a SP6, but my SP4 was pretty frustrating. I'd often have to disconnect and reconnect it from the dock. Even though it's working fine with my SP6, I just tried to run the firmware updater and the updater failed, so looks like I'll have to bring it in to the MS store - or maybe not tempt fate and just leave it. You'd think MS would have a way of notifying SD owners about the need to upgrade firmware besides WOM from OzBargain.

    As for video power, my curved Samsung 34 inch monitor worked fine via the Dock - but my SP4 often ran hot, with the fan often working over time. After three years (a decent innings, I guess), one day it overheated so much the SP4's screen buckled away from the frame (hence my new SP6!). Yet my SP6 hasn't run its fan at all connected to the exact same hardware. Go figure.

  • You dont actually need this dedicated surface dock, i have a Surface Book 2 connected to a Dell D6000 Dock and it works perfectly fine even on 2 Monitors.
    All you need to do install the software that is used with the Dock and it works like a Dream.

    If you have any other USBC docks laying around im sure they work just as well too.